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A Special Client

Clients come and go all day. It's either day or night. Some are cheap,some are poor. But they all have one goal: to get a girl and have sex. I am a prostitute, my name is Kat but my girls call me Kit-Kat. I've been out in the streets for two years now and in three months it will be my third. All day is the same for me, I get at least four to six clients a day because i'm young and I got a good body. But one day there came a client who changed my entire life around. If I tell you would YOU believe me? Well it was Chris Brown.


Lol I hope she doesn't faint but I'm glad Chris saved her.
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Oh, thank you to the people who are actually liking this story. But start commenting some things I should change or some thing you guys really like. Thank you!"

Chapter 4:
"Thank you sir." I said paying the taxi driver.
"No problem gorgeous." replied the taxi driver.
I walked through the door and there was Maddy eating a salad. She swears she's on a diet.
"Where have you been?" she asked.
"With a client, a very special client." I said.
"OOO, who was it?" she got up from her chair and started walking towards me.
"You lucky b****!" she hit me in the shoulder.
"It was the best thing EVER!" I fell back on the bed.
"Did you get to meet Chris?"
"Don't f*** with me Kat! Did you?"
"Man,no. I wish."
"I hope he comes by again but this time he's mine!"
"Yeah, yeah. Whatever loser."
I explained everything to Maddy then I changed to my PJ'S and fell asleep.
I woke up happy. I dreamed about me and Chris the whole night. I didn't hear my alarm ring so I was ten minutes late. I quickly showered and put on a tube top and some booty shorts. I put my hair into a fishtail braid, got a cup of juice and left. Maddy didn't want to work the morning shift today. I was 5:20 A.M. I was walking along the lonely dark streets when a car came up. The car's window went down and stopped.
"Get in!" said the guy.
I usually don't judge my clients but this one I wasn't so excited for.
"Don't just stand there get the f*** in!" he screamed.
"Aye, look I don't know who you think you are talking to but don't you dare raise your tone at me becau-"
He cut me off by unbuckling his seat belt and opening the car door. As he came closer I noticed this guy was drunk asf'.
"Look here hoe" he said "Get in the car I'll give you some money."
"Some? How much you got?" I replied.
"About 200."
I laughed at his response. "Hahaha, I don't do my job for 200 bucks!"
"Oh you think you some classy hoe now?" he started walking up to me.
I backed up as he walked up to me.
"No, but I just don't do my job for-" I bumped into a bush. As I fell to the ground the guy took advantage and attacked me.
"Back off!" I screamed.
He pinned my arms to the floor and started kissing my neck. I screamed and tried to escape. Suddenly a black beautiful Lamborghini drove up. The man ran up to us and got the guy who was attacking me and threw his to the floor. He punched his a couple times until he threw the guy towards his car.
"f*** you hoe!" the guy said with a bloody mouth. He got in his car and drove off.
I got up and saw the guy who saved me.
"Thank you so much."
"No problem, that guy was being an a**hole."
He turned towards me and right when I saw him my heart stopped. I felt like I was going to faint.



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Chapter 3:
It was a very awkward car ride, Mijo tried making conversation with me the whole time. After a while I got cold, so I put on my hoodie. Apparently he noticed the back of my sweater.
"You like Black Pyramid?" he asked.
"Yeah, the clothes there are amazing." I replied.
"You know the celebrity that represents Black-"
"Chris Brown? Yeah I know." I said cutting him off.
"Me and him are tight we're like brothers."
"Yeah I know."
"You know a lot of things don't you?" he laughed.
We finally stopped in the parking lot of a motel. It wasn't just a ordinary motel though, it looked like a beautiful mansion.
"C'mon." he said.
I quickly got off the car and walked in back of him. In the office he booked up a room and we arrived there. The inside was so beautiful. There was slow R&B music playing, there was a disco light machine on the roof, under the bed were pink bright lights. On the bed the roof, one side and the back were mirrors. There was a counter with wine bottles and candles.
"Let's go." he said.
I woke up feeling great. One thing I could tell you about Mijo is that he's good in bed. I got up and went to the bathroom. The clock read 4:56, Maddy must be pissed! I got out the bathroom and Mijo was already up.
"How much?" he asked.
Before I could answer he placed 3 thousand on the counter.
"You deserve it." he said.
He kissed my cheek, put his clothes on, got his car keys and left. He left me speechless. I usually get 800 or 1,000 thousand or more, but never 3,000.
"I hope Mijo stops again someday." I said to myself.

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Chapter 2:
It was 12:03 P.M and I already got one client, Maddy on the other hand was on her third client right now. I was just walking around when I see a 7/11.
"Damn, I need a Slurpee" I said.
I entered and the cashier gave me a stank look, I rolled my eyes and walked towards the Slurpee machine. I paid for my Slurpee and left. I put on my hoodie, I needed a break. I walked around a bit until I finished my Slurpee. I threw it away and took off my hoodie. Later on, I got two more clients.
"That was terrible." I said to myself.
"Bye baby." Said my client.
"Bye boo." I replied.
He left and I rolled my eyes. Maddy was already waiting there for me.
"I wanna go to the hotel already i'm tired." She said.
"What? It's only 2:36 we leave at 3, chill." I said.
"Whatever imma leave your ass i'm gone."
Then she left. If I didn't get a client before 3 i'm leaving. Minutes went by like seconds it was already 2:57. I was getting ready to leave when a black beautiful Lamborghini stopped right in front of me.
"Hey what's your name gorgeous?" asked the man.
"Kat. Can I help you?" I replied.
"You got a couple minutes girl?"
"Well then you could help me by getting in the car."
Obviously, I wasn't going to refuse, this guy looked rich! Plus he was handsome.
"So if I may ask, what's your name?"
I froze and thought. I think I know who this man is...


I'm liking this

*Well, this is my first fan fiction, like ever. So just comment what you think about it. I want you guys to comment the negative and positive things you think about this story. I'll update once a week, and I hope you guys enjoy it! Thank you! :)*

Chapter 1:
"Good morning sleeping ugly." said Maddy.
Maddy's real name is Madison but I call her Maddy. She is my best friend,we've known each other since High School. She's also been out in the streets but she's always renting hotel rooms because she doesn't like the idea of sleeping in the street.
"Good morning." I said.
"What do you want for breakfast?"
"Get me some pancakes from McDonald's or something,please?"
As Maddy left, I entered the bathroom. I brushed my hair and took off my clothes to take a shower. Before I went into the shower I saw myself in the mirror. I was seeing a girl with long brown hair, it was wavy. A long face, with big pink lips and light brown eyes. She had medium sized breasts with long arms and nice curves. Her butt was pretty big, but she had nice legs. The only thing wrong were her feet, they were way to big for her whole body. I never really liked my feet... I got in the shower. I was almost done dressing up when Maddy came with our breakfast. I quickly put on a shirt and my favorite hoodie. It was a plain blue hoodie but in the back it read "Black Pyramid". I got my pancakes and sat down on the bed and started eating.
"Man I love these pancakes yo." I said.
"Yeah? Well hurry up we got to go to work." She said.
Right when I finished my breakfast we were off. Before I started walking to my spot I had to take off my hoodie, with a hoodie on I won't get much clients.