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You First. (Finished!!!) 4-9-13

"This s*** is unbelievable, we can't be late on the first day." I vented to my best friend, <a href="">Breana.</a> "If we don't get to campus on time, we will be, and that's gonna be our asses." She really didn't make things better. As soon as our feet touched campus ground we sprinted towards the building, in mid-stride we both bumped into some niggas that were probably late too. <a href="">They</a> dropped their books and so did we. "My bad." <a href="">I</a> apologized, picking up my books. Bre did the same and then stopped when she noticed them not helping. "Well damn, I don't believe we were the only ones that dropped our books." She huffed. "I just gathered my things and stood up to be blocked by them. Bre stood up and looked at them the same way they were looking at us. "May I help you?" I asked them. "Nah, my bad, I'm Chris this Trey." The light-skinned one introduced himself. "I'm Clarissa, that's Breana. Nice to meet you." I stuck my hand out and they both shook it firmly. "Well uh, we gotta get to class, see you around." Bre grabbed my hand and pulled me to class.

When we walked in all eyes were on us. "Holy s***." Bre and I cursed. "Umm ladies, profanity is not allowed in class. You must be Clarissa and Breana. Please join us." The <a href="">professor</a> said. Just as we took our seats the two guys from earlier walked in. "Sorry I'm late Ms. O, we had some stuff to do." Trey explained. "More like hangovers to get rid of so you can listen in class. Now back to class. Or do we have anymore late students?" Just as she said that the door flew open and these <a href="">people.</a> "Sorry, you know we get caught up in practice." The Hispanic one said, "You need to get caught up in your work because how your grade looks I can tell you aren't giving it any attention. So sit down." The class of course ohh'd and the girl walked up to me.

"Out of my seat hoe." I chuckled. "b****. Swerve to the left and out of my face. Thank you." I focused back on the teacher as the whole class focused on us. "I don't think you heard her." The black girl said. "No, I don't think she heard HER." Bre interfered. "Do we have a problem?" Mrs. O asked, noticing none of us really paying attention. "Yes, this girl is in my seat." I rolled my eyes. "I don't see your name." She pointed to the top left corner. "It's right there. Its in marker." I rubbed it off then put my name on it. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said with a smile on my face, then Mrs. O tapped the ruler on her desk causing us all to jump up. "I have had it with you interrupting my class, everyone that came in late, you now have an extra assignment." We all groaned and threw our hands up.


Lol awww chris wrong lol run it

Rissa's POV

<a href="">I</a> woke up to see <a href="">Chris</a> still sleeping. I smiled and pecked his cheek before getting up to pee and brush my teeth. When I walked into the bathroom and saw my reflection I smiled. ”I can't wait to meet you Nick.” I whispered rubbing my stomach, thinking about my nonexistent son. I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room to see everybody laid out all over the place. Bj, Phantom, Nate, Trey, and Bre were on the couch. Jorge, George, Daki, Kebo, and Pachino were on the floor. ”What the f***!” I yelled. They all jumped up in a fighting stance and smacked their lips when they saw it was just me. ”Aye, get yall liquor smelling asses up.” I smacked all of them until I got to Bre. ”b**** wake the f*** up and help me cook breakfast.” She grumbled something and slowly got up and walked to the kitchen at a glacial pace. ”Daki you too.” Dakota got up and removed Pachino's hand out her shorts. I pretended to gag, and she turned back to me. I threw my hands up in defeat. I wasn't scared of Daki unless she had just woken up. She had the attitude of the devil himself. ”Shut the f*** up and hand me the damn mix for this whack ass waffle.” Dakota cursed, me and Bre raced to the spoon and picked it up at the same time. ”One of yall muthaf***as gon bring me the damn spoon in two seconds.” She warned, I snatched it out Bre's hand and ran it over to Daki.

”Is breakfast ready?!” Chris asked walking up behind me and kissing my neck. ”Yeah almost bae.” I replied with a smirk on my face. ”Mmk, thanks.” I nodded my head and he walked back in the living room. All the guys were up and joking now. They had cleaned up and I was completely grateful for Pachino talking to Daki. I thought she was gonna kill me when I accidentally spilled some water on her leg, but she shrugged it off. ”Bipolar b****.” I mumbled. ”What was that?” She asked. ”Nothing.” I said and turned to walk away. ”You wrong for that.” Bre giggled. I laughed and began flipping the waffles and bacon. I finished putting the glaze on the waffles and turned off the TV. The guys all groaned and Chris poked his lip out. ”Stop acting like little b****es, the <a href="">food</a> done.” Kebo was the first to jump up and all the others followed suit. ”Greedy ass niggas.”

The <a href="">guys</a> had all finished eating by the time I had got done cleaning. "Damn Ri, if you cook like that everyday I would give you the world." Pachino joked, but was half serious. "Sorry, somebody already did that." I replied smiling at Chris. He smiled back then nodded towards the room, "Meet me in there in 5 minutes." I smirked, "Make it two." He jumped up and walked into the room. "Yall are nasty." Daki smiled at me. "I have no idea what your talking about." I said putting down the plate I was washing and walking back into the room.

I walked into the room and saw the TV on, but no Chris. Just then I was tackled on the bed and I screamed. "Shh! Baby it's just me." I turned my head to see Chris' dumbass laughing. "That's not funny. You almost gave me a heart attack." He rolled his eyes, "So damn dramatic." He gently pushed me back on the bed and kissed my neck softly. I moaned, which I could tell turned him on. He then looked me in my eyes and kissed me, his tongue began to bully mines so I pushed back. He wrapped it around mine and began sucking on it causing me to go nuts. My moans filled the room and he pulled out. Our breathing was heavy and fast. "Damn." I said looking at the bulge in his pants. II knew he wasn't his hardest, but he was still hard. "s*** babe, I'm gonna take a shower." With that he left me on the bed dumbfounded. "Chris!" I yelled sexually frustrated. "That's okay, payback is a b****." I thought to myself. "Rissa, mommy is calling you!" I heard Gina yell. "s***." I promised I would call her first thing when I woke up. I gotta get this s*** together.


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Awwwww, RUN IT!

Lol chris crazy run it

awww I feel bad she had that dream. But i'm glad Chris was there to comfort her. He would flipped that dream to him getting to have sex without a condom lol smh

Rissa's POV


"Mommy, mommy wake up, please." I felt something shake me and crying. I shot up and realized my house was on fire. I looked to my left to see my son, Nick. "Oh my gosh! Baby where's daddy?" He shrugged his shoulders and began to cry harder. I knew I had to move fast. I touched the knob and jumped back. "s***!" I cursed out loud. The smoke was getting thicker and it became hard for me to see Nick. "Nick! Nick! Baby follow mommy's voice!" I began to cry as I saw his body laid out by the bed. I grabbed him and wrapped him in a blanket. Just then, the roof came falling down. I moved out of the way and ran to the dresser to grab his inhaler. I wasn't going to let my baby die, not on my watch. I hugged him closer to me as I whipped around to see Chris standing outside crying, he was being held back by fireman. "Chris! I love you!" I shouted one last time. "I'm so sorry baby, mommy didn't mean to hurt you." I took the blanket with Nick in it and threw it out the window. He didn't hit the ground hard and I smiled one last time. "Take care of my boy." I calmly said to Chris. "No! No!" He tried to rush to me, but then the house burst into flames, and I went with it.

*Dream Over*

I shot up in bed and started crying. "Babe? What's wrong?" <a href="">Chris</a> asked. Hearing his voice slowed my heart beat down and my breathing did too. "I had a bad dream." He jumped up and came to my side of the bed. "It's okay. Babe, don't cry. You wanna talk about it?" I shook my head no. "Come on you can tell me anything." I sighed and took a deep breath as I began to tell him about the nightmare. "That's awful, you know I would've went in there for you. Fire or not. I love you okay." I smiled and nodded my head. "You know were going to last for a long ass time right?" I scrunched my face up. "How do you know?" He smiled at me. "You had a dream about us having a son, that could talk and comprehend what you were saying. So he had to be about 4 or 5 years old, counting how long it took for him to get her. "Yup, we got a good 6 years for us. Oh! And I got some without a rubber, oh hell yeah I can't wait." I smacked my lips and he leaned in and kissed them. "I love you Chris." He pecked my lips one last time. "I love you too, now go to sleep big head." I smiled as he wrapped his arms around my waist and fell asleep, Hearing his lights snores made me feel secure and I fell asleep right there with him.

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Crazy memories, RUN IT!

Damn 15 years old smoking, f***ing, and carrying guns? Sound like some bad ass kids lmao..but I love Rissa :) Run IT

Rissa's POV

"No way! Why the hell would you climb up a tree to get away from a cat?" Chris asked Jorge, we all had came back to the room and were just chilling. "Because, I wasn't thinking at the moment then here come Rissa tough ass threating the little girl that she was gonna kill the cat if it hurt me." They all started laughing. "I remember that day like it was yesterday.


<a href="">Me and Jorge,</a> my bestfriend since diapers, were walking out of the corner store down the street from his house. "Man, Rissa you gotta handle that crazy b****, Nina, I've been f***in wit. She keep telling me she pregnate, I know she was f***ing the whole neighborhood before I got some, now she threating that she gon let her cat out on me. I'm allergic to cats! She's tryna kill me RiRi!" I busted out laughing. "That's what yo dumbass get. But if she let that cat out on you, don't run up trees there good at climbing." I warned him. "Man Rissa please." I took the blunt out of his hand and smacked my lips. "Fine, but yo ass gotta be more careful. You 15 already gettin pregnancy scares." He nodded his head and hugged me. "Thanks." I pushed him off of me. "Uh uh! I'm not tryna get cum and stank pussy on me, you need to back back." I joked he smacked his lips and kissed my forehead. "Whatever." He said like a white girl. "Aye Jorge! Look what I got!" I turned to see <a href="">Nina</a> smiling devishily with her bestfriend holding her big ass <a href="">cat</a>

I dropped everything and screamed. "Oh s***! Run Jorge!" He took off running and the girl dropped the cat. Not only was that thing big as hell, he was fast too. Jorge's stupid ass climbed a tree and was screaming for help. "Aye b****!" I yelled, Nina turend towards. "What hoe?" I mugged her. "Shut the f*** up, yo legs are like Taylor Swift's song, they are never getting back together. Now get your f***ing cat before I get something to put all three of yall to sleep, PERMENTALY." I threatened pulling out my <a href="">gun</a> and pointing it at them. "Okay okay! Come here Nino! Bring your fatass on!" She screamed at the cat. The cat took one more swipe at Jorge and ran over to Nina. "Now if I hear about you bothering Jorge anymore, Imma use this. Now go!" I ordered putting the gun down. "Yeah take yo ole stank pussy asses somewhere else!" Jorge joined in. "Nigga you the one that was f***ing her." He laughed. "And, that don't mean that a nigga went down on that b****." We busted out laughing.

*Flashback Over*

"We were some crazy ass kids back then." Bre giggled. "Hell yeah. We had everybody scared of us. I remember when we scared Daki's friend off." Bre said looking over at me.


<a href="">Me,Bre, and Daki</a> were waiting for some nigga to come pick her up to go hang out somewhere. As Bre and I were planning on scaring the boy, the doorbell rung. Daki's head shot up from my lap and she ran to the door, but turned to us before opening it. "Don't you dare scare him." She warned us. We both nodded, but had our fingers crossed behind our backs. "We promise." We said in unison. When she opened the door, <a href="">he</a> stood there smiling. "Hey Dakota, you look great." He complimented her, licking his lips. Me and Bre rolled our eyes and we both pushed Daki to the side. "Look nigga, we don't play that you look good s***." I said. "Don't be licking yo lips, are you hungry? Cause if you are you need to eat and then come pick her up." Bre continued. "If I here you was pushin up on my sister you finito! I'll come looking for yo ass, skin you in front of yo moms, then through yo ass to my albino, Okay?" I warned clasping my hands together. "That's cute, now come on Dakota." He rushed, reaching for Daki, then you heard a low growl, we turned to see my dog, <a href="">Chico,</a> standing by the door. "Damn!" The boy exclaimed. Then he took off running with Chico behind him. I looked back at Bre. "Why did you let Chico go?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Damn, well lets go save this pussy ass nigga." Daki huffed and started walking. "She the one that liked him." I said in a confused tone. "I know right." And with that we went to go save whatever his name was.

*Flashback Over*

"Wow. I'm glad I ain't get the same thing." Pachino whispered but everybody heard him. "RiRi, you know mom and dad are mad at you for not visiting them over the break right?" I facepalmed myself and sighed heavily. "I totally forgot, with midterms and all that s***. I've been slackin on family time." I mentally kicked my own ass for forgetting the two most important people in my life. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here. "Aye! I wanna see Ma and Pa, I miss those old freaks. They f***ed everywhere in the damn house." We all laughed at Phantom's dumbass. "Uh uh! Don't put my folks buisness out there like that! I'll put yo ass on full blast! Yee'n bout that life homeboy!" I playfully warned. He squared up and I jumped on him. For the rest of the night we joked, smoked, and slept.
Sorry for the wait you guys!!


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Rissa's POV

I watched as all the girls talked and laughed like one big happy family. "I finally have girls as my friends." I thought to myself, laughing after. "What's so funny boo?" Bre asked, sitting down next to me. "You remember the old crew back in Compton, there was us three with the six boys." Bre smiled and nodded her head. "Hell yeah! There was George, Jorge, Nate, Kebo, BJ, and Phantom. I miss those guys." Before I could agree with her, Dakota jumped into the conversation. "Your talking about the old crew! You know they live here! They all got together and moved down here after Kebo's grandma died." Me and Bre's mouth dropped open. "Really? We gotta meet up with them before we leave! That's our mission now." I stated, finishing up my makeup. "Babe! You ready yet?" I heard Chris yell from outside of the door. "Yeah! We're coming out now!" I yelled back. "Damn! Why yall yellin?" Gina asked coming out my bathroom. All the girls stared at her in awe. "Ohh s***! Motherf***a goddamn!" I cursed. "What? Does it look bad?" She worried. We all shook our heads. "You look absolutely beautiful." Barbie complimented her. She smiled a heart-warming smile. "Thank you." After staring at her for a few more minutes we made our way down the hall. "Whoo! Lebron dunking on yo b**** ass! That's what the f*** they- Damn!!" Pachino exclaimed. All the <a href="">guys</a> stared at us, as <a href="">we</a> stared at them. Their look was full of lust, ours were full of sexual fear. "You ready?" Chris asked in a low sexual tone. "Yeah- I mean yes we are ready." He had a huge grin on my face and I felt him sniff me as I walked past to get to the door. "Damn. You look good enough to eat." He whispered in my ear. "Maybe you should." I whispered back. He had a huge grin on his face.

Trey's POV

”Stop Trey!” Bre said a little above a whisper. ”Why? You know you like it.” She turned around quickly and smiled as I gripped her butt one more time. ”You're not gonna stop are you?” I shook my head no. ”Come on baby lets dance.” I grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. <a href="">Freaks</a> began to play and Bre grabbed my hand and she turned around and began to grind on my pelvic area. I gripped her hips. ”s*** girl.” I grunted as she grinded harder. ”Why do yall always f*** each other when yall dance?” Josh asked coming up to us. Me and Bre looked at each other and started smiling. ”You know what? I don't wanna know anymore.” He walked away and we erupted in laughter. ”Lets take a break and meet back up here.” I suggested. ”Ok, I'll go talk to the girls.” She kissed me on my lips and switched her way to the girls. She knew what she was doing. ”Trey! I saw you dude! Humpin my little sister like that.” Chris laughed. ”Yeah! Buddy was gettin it.” Chino said, humping the air. ”Stop that s***, I didn't look anything like that.” They all laughed. ”Yes the hell you did!” Nick exclaimed. ”Okay so maybe I did.” I finally agreed.

Bre's POV

Me and the girls were talking when we I heard my name. I turned to see six guys walking towards us. ”Holy s***! That's the old crew!” Dakota was right. Rissa was the first one up and she hugged BJ so tight, I swear he almost turned purple. ”Damn RiRi, you got thick as hell!” She hit him in his chest and he hugged her. We missed <a href="">you</a> guys!” Dakota cooed. ”We missed yall too.” Kebo hugged us. ”Damn! Who are these beautiful young women?” BJ asked referring to Barbie and Gina. ”Thats GiGi and Barbie!” Nate looked at me confused. ”That can't possibly be GiGi.” All the guys nodded in agreement. ”Nigga shut the f*** up! You know I'm Gina! Stop acting like that. Only thing different is my body and my face.” Barbie gasped, she had never heard Gina cuss before. ”Oh no Barbs! It gets worse.” Her mouth dropped. ”GiGi! You still Nick girlfriend?” BJ asked biting on his lip. ”Nah.” She smirked at him. ”Well you know he here right?” She nodded her head. ”Yeah, I came with him.” He scrunched up his face. ”Thats my husband dumbass.” BJ oh'd and all the boys started cracking up. ”Oh wow! What about you shawty you got a name?” George asked Barbie. ”Yeah, its Barbie.” George smiled his flirty smile. ”Uh uh! Nope! Thats Josh's lady.” All of their eyes widened. ”Bruh! Josh got that? Damn.” Phantom said. ”Kebo, wassup with you? Where's my little man at?” I asked him, he began to smile. ”With his aunt being a smartass. He get that s*** from you and Rissa smart asses.” He joked, but was serious at the same time. ”f*** you Kebo.” Rissa flicked him off. ”Okay okay! Lets go see wassup with Nick and Josh.” We all made our way towards the guys.

RUN IT!!!!!

Run it

Pachino's POV

”Chino stop! I saod stop Gregory!” I laughed as I tickled Dakota. ”Then don't do what you keep doing.” She kept teasing me by <a href="">licking</a> her lips at me. She did it one more time and I tickled her again. ”Okay okay! I'm sorry!” She shrieked. <a href="">I</a> stopped now out of breath. ”Why am I the one out of breath?” She laid her head down on my chest. ”Because your out of shape.” She laughed. ”Never! All the times we f***ed, I should be good until I'm about 80.” I joked. She hit me in my chest and I held onto her hand. ”I done told you about hittin me.” I playfully warned her. ”Man! I think I forgot what you said. I think it was something about you f***ing me or something like that. I don't know, remind me.” I smirked. ”Nah, you'll remember once I do it.” She smiled at me and hit me in my chest. ”Oh Iremember, you were gonna f*** me nonstop until you fell asleep in the middle of making love to me.” I nodded my head. ”Good job babe. Now get in the bed in face down ass up position. I'll be there in 10 minutes.” With that she rushed to the bedroom. I swear I love that girl, she is my life.

Josh's POV

Me and Barbie were lying down on the beach staring into the sunset. ”If you had a child, what would their names be?” Barbie randomly asked me. ”If its a girl Esperanza if its a boy Esteban.” I looked at her for a second. ”Why?” she looked at me and sighed heavily. ”You know last night while you were hanging with the guys and I was with the girls. I was sleeping a lot and throwing up. They took me to the drug store and the lady there said I was glowing, Daki and Bre gave me a pregnancy test, and they both came out....” Tears started rolling down her face. ”What, what happened were they positive or negative?” I asked getting impatient. ”They were positive.” She looked up at me to see my reaction. ”Are you sure its mine?” I questioned. She gasped and slapped the s*** out of me. ”Oww! Babe Iwas just kidding! I guess that confirms it.” She began toaugh. ”That's what you get for playing too much.” I hugged her tight and kissed her temple. ”I will be the best babbydaddy out there and I will never leave ypu or abandon you no matter what, I promise.” I raised my right pinky and she raised her left pinky. ”Pinky swear.” We both said in unison. We both took pinky swears seriously. ”I love you and you already baby girl.” I smiled as I rubbed her stomach. ”No! Nigga, I'm having a boy and if its a girl, sex change when it turns two. I'm not dealing with drama, sex, and you going off on one of her boyfriends.” She joked, but I took that seriously. ”Barbs, my daughter ain't gon be walkin around with a d*** attached to her, not happenin. And who the hell said she was gonna have a boyfriend?” Barbie just laughed. ”Comme the f*** down.” She whispered rubbing my cheek. ”Stop copying off of beanies you see online.” She giggled and kissed me. ”I love you drama queen.” I looked up at her. ”Aye, I got a d*** so therefore I'm a drama king. And I love you too, so damn much.” She smiled and we sat in a peaceful silence.

Chris' POV

”I'm hungry babe.” I said as <a href="">Rissa</a> looked back at me like I was crazy. ”Nigga, you got two legs, use them b****es and get yo ass up got me f***ed.” She looked at me and smiled telling me she was just kidding. She got up and made her way to the kitchen. ”Thanks boo. Imma pay you back tonight.” <a href="">I</a> bit my lip as she bit hers. I noticed how big her ass really was as she bent over to get something out the refrigerator. ”Room service.” I heard somebody say as they knocked on the door. ”Really Chris.” Rissa sighed as she went to open the door. I cheesed hard as she began to open the door.

Rissa's POV

I opened the door to see <a href="">Nick</a> standing there with some food from the Bahamian food place down the street. ”Oh my gosh!” I gasped. ”Wassup!” He exclaimed. ”What is all that- Nick!” <a href="">Bre</a> yelled. ”Babydoll!” Nick opened up his arms and Bre ran into them. ”Wassup Chris. Ah. You must be the famous Nick. The girls have told me a lot about you.” <a href="">Trey</a> walked up to Nick holding out his hand. ”Good things I hope.” Nick laughed shaking his hand. ”Theres only good things to say. He once walked 2 miles to the nearest mall to buy me and Rissa new shoes for school. Momma couldn't take us because she was at work and his car broke down.” Trey and Chris mouths dropped.

”So you tellin me, you spent your last 300 that you saved up, on Daki, Bre, AND Rissa for some clothes.” Chris shook his head at Pachino. ”Yes nigga! These my babies I gotta take care of them.” Nick answered hugging and kissing my forehead. ”He was at every single basketball game we had too.” Josh added. ”Damn. That's wassup.” Chris dapped up Nick ”Where are my beauties at?” We all turned to see <a href="">Gina</a> standing at the door. All the girls screamed and raced to her. ”GiGi!” I screamed hugging her first. ”RiRi!” She screamed back. ”Look at all of my beauties. Barbie you're glowing!” <a href="">Barbie</a> blushed a little and looked down. ”So are you!” She said back. ”So I'm always glowing when around Nick.” Gina defended. ”Okay then, I glow when I'm around Josh.” Gina looked at her. ”Mhmm. I know that look. It looks good on you.” Barbie sighed of relief, so did Joah. What was up with that. ”All I know is that I'm ready to party!” Bre yelled. ”Hell yeah!” Pachino got up and started doing some dance. ”The later it is the better the club. Okay, its 10 now, how bout we all meat up at 12:30? ” I suggested. ”See my babygirl is smart. We'll see yall later. Bye.” They all walked out to their rooms and we all started getting dressed.

lol, wow Trey. RUN IT!

haha they nasty lol my kinda ppl lmao run this

Lol they sum freaks lol run it

Trey's POV

I watched as she danced around the house, winding and grinding on the stove or refrigerator. <a href="">I</a> looked at her and she turned and <a href=" ">smiled</a> at me. ”Too Much?” She questioned. ”Just a little bit.” I said, measuring with my thumb and index finger. People didn't know that when we aren't too busy trying to get each other out of their clothes, we are a normal couple. We have had more up and downs than some can imagine and still love each other just as much as we did before that happened. I remember one of our worst breakups, it was terrible. But the makeup sex was great. I never knew I could love someone so much after two months of dating.


I was sitting there thinking about Bre and our argument today. We've been dating for about two months now and she has turned me into a softie. Anyways, this morning I went to pick her up from class and one of my main hoes decided to try to talk to me. I didn't wanna be mean, plus <a href="">she</a> was bangin so I decided to give her some of my time. Bre didn't get out of class until 10:45, I had ten minutes to waste on her. ”So Trey, you haven't been stopping by lately. Wassup with that?” She asked, touching on my abdomen. ”I got a girl now Nia, I don't want to jeopardize what I have with her by stopping by your place.” I explained, moving her hands away from me. ”What she doesn't know won't hurt her.” She whispered in my ear. ”But what I know will hurt her. And you if you don't get to steppin.” I warned her. ”Trey f*** her! I've been the best you had and you gon give me up for some fresh meat.” I laughed. ”Nia you are the only one in this hall that is not a freshman. So get your s*** together and quit tryna get my d***, I swear b****es like you make my balls itch.” Just as I said that she pushed me causing me to trip and fall on my back. Nia took advantage of the situation and straddled me and began grinding on me. My eyes rolled back, ”s***.” I cursed as I got harder. Part of me was saying, ”What about Bre, don't do this.” But the majority of me was saying, ”f*** her brains out and leave her alone.” Me being the dumbass I was went with the majority. I let her take full control. She helped me up and pulled me into the bathroom.

”She ain't got s*** on my head game.” I looked down at her as she kneeled down. ”Shut the f*** up and suck my d*** b****.” She didn't hesitate and she took it and shoved it down her throat. ”Ahh, f***.” I groaned as she licked, sucked, and swallowed my d***. As soon as I was about to nut my phone went off. ”Hello. s***.” I moaned into the phone I should've looked at the caller ID because it was Bre's voice I heard. ”Trey where the hell are you? Don't you know its 11:00 o'clock right now.” I mentally kicked my ass as I pulled away from Nia and came all over her face causing me to loudly grunt. ”What the f*** was that?” Bre yelled. I quietly apologized to Nia and grabbed her some paper towels. ”s***, babe I'm sorry. I had to go to the restroom. I'm on my way. Bye.” As I hung up Nia and I walked out the bathroom into an empty hall or so I thought. ”Bye daddy, don't make me have to wait for the d***.” Nia smirked looking behind me. I turned to be met by Bre's hand slapping the s*** out of me. ” Really Trey! Really? I trusted you, you bastard! I've been nothing but good to your dumbass. You know what f*** you and the f***ing fluzzie. I hope you know she got gingivitis.” I finally looked up at her to see tears falling down her face. It killed me knowing I was the cause of her pain, I then realized that I was in love with Bre. ”Baby I'm so sorry. I didnt know it was gonna go that far.” She quickly wiped her tears away and gave me cold stare. ”Well I see we didn't go that far, and I'm glad we didn't. Goodbye Trey, have a nice f***ing life.” With that she turned and walked away. Now usually when my girls breakup with me I'm happy as f***, but this time my heart felt like it was stabbed over and over again.

That night~

I sat on my couch crying and crying over Bre. I didn't know what to do with myself. I had a major headache from crying so much. I never cried this hard before in my life. There was a knock on the door, I wasn't going to open it until I heard her voice. ”Trey, are you in there? Baby its me Bre.” I hopped up and dashed to the door and swung it open causing her to jump. When she relaxed she gave me a small smile. ”Hi.” She waved at me. ”Hi.” I couldn't help it, but I grabbed her and held her tight as I cried. ”I'm so sorry Bre. Please don't walk out on me. I will do anything. I will give you anything and everything you ask for. Just don't leave me.” I begged now on my knees. She finally hugged me back. ”I forgive you.” She softly said. I stood up and kissed her like never before. I put all the passion and pain I had in me into that kiss. When I pulled away I let Bre go she sort of stumbled back, but I caught her. She looked me in my eyes and grabbed onto me and began tonguing me down. I picked her up and closed and locked the door without separating from her kiss. I had her against the wall and she pulled away while taking off her jacket.

45 Minutes Later ~~

”Ahh. Trey!” Bre moaned as I took deep strokes in her. She had already came two times and was about to again. I felt her nails dig in my back as I went deeper with each stroke. On my last stroke, I went as deep as I could go and began to grind in her. ”f***!” She screamed as I began to pick up my pace just as I was getting into it she flipped us over. I was amazed at how much strength she still had. I can put it down too. I've met my match. She sat herself on my d*** and slid down. She began to bounce and my eyes rolled back. Nia had, nothing on Bre. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. ”s*** bae.” I grunted as she grinded her hips on me. ”Quit teasing, ride my d*** Breana.” She chuckled a bit, but did as she was told taking me back into Sex Heaven. I finally made love to my baby.

*Flashback Over*

I looked at Bre as she ate and watched cartoons. ”Aye baby.” I called out. ”Yes?” She answered not taking her eyes off the TV. ”I feel like going swimming, and not in a pool.” She quickly turned towards me with a huge smile on her face. ”I feel like riding, but not on a horse.” I laughed at her as she ran into the room and jumped on the bed. Well that's my cue, deuces!


Run it

lmfao! run it

lmao, RUN IT!!!

One Week Later~~

Rissa's POV

<a href="">We</a> all walked into the hotel sleepy as f***. "Chrissy Pooh, I tired." I pouted. "Girl we about to be in our room in less than five minutes, come on." I started to fake cry. "Carry me." I whined to him. He sighed and picked me up. "Pussy whipped and he ain't even getting the pussy yet. ”Shame." Pachino mumbled. "Okay Gregory, you'll get yours after yall check into your room." I joked. Dakota smacked her lips. "Hell no! I'm too tired for all that. I don't wanna be riding and next thing you know I fall asleep. Oh no! Not me." We all laughed because we knew she was dead serious. "Well bye yall sleep tight, don't keep the neighbors up Bre and Trey." Barbie joked as we all reached our destination. Bre pulled away from their makeout session and gave her the evil eye. "Mhmm, I should tell you the same thing. Plus yall niggas are our only neighbor, so I hope yall got some NightQuil. Deuces." They walked into their rooms and so did everybody else. I walked in the bedroom to see Chris lying down on the bed. I smirked to myself as I walked passed him and felt his eyes burn holes into my ass. "Bruh, wassup with you and booties?" He laughed. "I like big butts and I cannot lie." Out of instinct I started singing the song, "These other brothas can't deny, when a girl walks in with a itty bitty waist and shakes it in yo face you get BUCKED!" I yelled the last part because somebody smacked my butt in the middle of my groove. I turned to see Chris laughing his ass off. "It ain't funny nigga." He looked at me and bit his lip. " Its funny and sexy as f*** tho." I smiled a little and rolled my eyes. "Don't wait up boo, I gotta take a shower." Before he could say anything I closed the door in his face.

When I walked out the shower I pulled my shirt up and took it off. Ever since I started wearing bras, I stopped wearing shirts to sleep. As I laid down I felt the bed lean farther to my side and I could see Chris in the moonlight through my window. "Wassup babe?" I asked him as he straddled me. "I don't know wassup with you closing doors in a nigga's face?" I shrugged my shoulders. "Oh, that's cool now, don't talk." Just as I was going to say something, his lips were pressed against mine. I felt the world stop and my heart beat quicken. His lips were the lips of angels. They were soft and plump. He sat us up still straddling me and pulled my hair back causing me to moan. "Ahh." I bit my lip as he attacked my neck and nibbled on it. My moans were starting to get out of control and I didn't want to go to sleep sexually frustrated. I slowly pulled away in a daze. I opened my eyes to see Chris smiling at me. "I'm glad you stopped that, because littl buddy was becoming a rock." I laughed and blushed at the same time. "Lets get some sleep." I nodded and laid down. He pulled me closer to him and he let his hands travel up my stomach to my bra. I giggled as he squeezed my boobs. He began to pull his hands down, but I stopped him and rested them in my bra. I felt his situation jump and I smiled to myself as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

In The Morning~~

Chris' POV

I woke up to feel my hands on soft pillows. When I opened my eyes I noticed my hands were still in Rissa's bra. I felt myself and I was still hard. "Damn." I whispered to myself. I heard my phone ring and I picked it up without seeing who it was. "Hello." I heard snoring in the background. "Aye nigga, I put Bre to sleep." I took the phone from my ear. Rissa started to stir in her sleep, probably because of Bre. "Chrissy stop snoring." She whined as she took one of my hands and stuffed it back in her bra. I was cheesing hard. "Aiight bruh, we can meet around 12:30 in the lobby, then we can head to the beach." I heard Pachino on the other line. "Pachino what did you do last night, you got some?" I asked him, already knowing the answer. "Yeah, you already know. Mine knocked the f*** out." I'm guessing he put the phone to her mouth because you could hear snoring. "Man yall just nasty. I'll see yall soon. Don't knock up my sisters lil niggas." I hung up laughing at the smile that was on Rissa's face. She started to moan and her had slowly made its way inside of her shorts and she moaned aloud. "Chris, f*** me." She moaned. She started puckering up her lips and moaning louder. I just fell asleep because her moans are music to my ears.

"Wake up sleepyhead." <a href="">I</a> felt someone kissing my chest. Their lips were soft as hell. "Chris come on. We're gonna be late to the beach." I opened my eyes to see <a href="">Rissa</a> looking at my face. I quickly covered it up and I could hear her laugh. "Why cover up your dimples when I already know their there? Its cute. But I won't talk about them if you don't want me to." She turned to walk away, but I stopped her by pulling on the hem of her shorts. "Bring yo fine ass back to bed." I began massaging her shoulders and a low moan escaped from her lips. "Damn that feels good." Her head began to fall back and she laid it on my shoulder causing her butt to brush past my manhood. I stopped before I could get any harder. She turned back towards me and smiled that smile I loved. "Thanks." She leaned in and pecked my lips but I grabbed her by the hair to pull her hand back gently and began tonguing her down. "Mmm babe, we gotta go." She said between moans. I pulled away and saw that her eyes were still closed. "Alrighty lets go."

Dakota's POV

"Trey stop f***ing playin' cause if yo ass drop me in this water I will go ham on you." Bre yelled. <a href="">We</a> were waiting on Chris and Rissa to get here so to kill tome we just played around. ”Babe!” I turned to see Greg or as other people call him, Pachino, running towards me. It looked like he had something on his hand so I began to run towards him to meet him halfway. ”What is it boo?” I asked looking at his hand. ”One of them damn fish stung me and it was funny looking.” He made a nasty face, it was beyond cute. ”Okay, was it a jellyfish?” He shook his head. ”No! This was spiky and it was at the bottom of the ocean.” He explained to me.,”Oh! A sea urchin. Only way I know is to pee on it.” I answered truthfully. His face was priceless. "Hell f***ing no. I refuse to let you pee on my leg. Nope! Not happening! I can die from poisoning for all I care." He ranted on and on until I stopped him. "Babe, you know I love you. And I would do anything to keep you happy. But this time, you're just going to have to forgive me." I said holding down his leg and motioning for Trey to come get it done. "Aye! The f***! Tell him to stop Daki!" He yelled as Trey pissed on his foot. Bre and I started cracking up. "The f***? Trey quit pissing on my nigga! This ain't no f***ing R. Kelly concert!" We turned to see <a href="">Rissa and Chris</a> walking towards us. "Thank you Rissa." Pachino yelled trying to move his foot, but stopped once he realized he wasn't getting away from my grip.

"Man! I'm all sticky." I whined as Trey finished up. "Bruh, you have no aim." Bre laughed. "That's not what you said when I was aiming this tongue in yo pussy." Trey joked. "Of course I didn't say anything, the head was to good to say anything about your aim. s***, but I can say this aiming to pee and aiming to eat are two very diffrent things." Bre defended. "s***! Preach!" Rissa and Bre high-fived each other and I just shook my head. "Where the hell is Josh and Barbie?" We all looked around the beach to see no sign of Barbie and Josh. "Aye! What's that?" Pachino pointed to a brown blanket. "I don't know. But I wanna be first to find out." Rissa, Bre, and I took off running towards the blanket, but regreted it when we got there. When we approached the figure, Barbie's bottom half was under the covers. She couldn't here us because she was moaning too loud. "Ah! f***! Eat it Josh. s***!" She moaned. Me and Rissa's mouths dropped to the ground. We heard the rest of the guys approaching and decided to save them from the trauma we just experienced. "No! Go back! Go back!" We whispered and pushed them back.

"Are you three okay?" Trey asked, touching Rissa's shoulder. She shuddered and nodded her head yes. "I'm j-j-j-just f-f-fine." She answered. "No they ain't. Rissa babe, what happened?" Chris questioned. "Baby, you do not want to know what I've witnessed. Trust me." Chris laughed. "Come on tell me. I bet I've witnessed it too." He assured her. I shook my head to tell Rissa not to say anything, but Bre was saying. "Let his nosey ass know." Rissa opened her mouth, but looked around to see if Josh and Barbie were around. "You know when we saw that blanket?" The guys all shook their heads. "Yeah, you mean about 4 hours ago?" Pachino asked. "Yeah that one. Well when we walked up to it, we saw Josh giving Barbie h-h-h-head." Her voice began to shake. The boys sat there with a blank face. "Say something." Bre said softly to Trey. "Ugh! That s*** nasty as f***! They had the audacity to f*** on a public beach. Freaks!" Trey said laughing. "That ain't funny." Bre yelled. "What's not funny?" We turned to see Josh and Barbs coming from out of the house. "Nothing." We all said. "Okay...well I just came to tell my other three favorite girls goodnight." Josh said kissing all of our cheeks. Me, not wanting to be rude just fake smiled, Bre and Rissa wiped theirs off when he turned away. "I saw that s*** Clarissa!" Josh yelled walking back into the house. "Bye babes." Barbie gave us all a hug. But gave me the longest and whispered something in my ear. "Sorry for what you three witnessed today." She walked back in the house and left me there stunned. "I think she saw us earlier." All the girls just gasped. "Why didn't she say s***?" Rissa asked me like I knew. "I don't know."

Run it

so both Don and Barbie died?
not barbie but the ex?
and geez for a second i thought Chris got shot
run it

run it run it