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You First. (Finished!!!) 4-9-13

"This s*** is unbelievable, we can't be late on the first day." I vented to my best friend, <a href="">Breana.</a> "If we don't get to campus on time, we will be, and that's gonna be our asses." She really didn't make things better. As soon as our feet touched campus ground we sprinted towards the building, in mid-stride we both bumped into some niggas that were probably late too. <a href="">They</a> dropped their books and so did we. "My bad." <a href="">I</a> apologized, picking up my books. Bre did the same and then stopped when she noticed them not helping. "Well damn, I don't believe we were the only ones that dropped our books." She huffed. "I just gathered my things and stood up to be blocked by them. Bre stood up and looked at them the same way they were looking at us. "May I help you?" I asked them. "Nah, my bad, I'm Chris this Trey." The light-skinned one introduced himself. "I'm Clarissa, that's Breana. Nice to meet you." I stuck my hand out and they both shook it firmly. "Well uh, we gotta get to class, see you around." Bre grabbed my hand and pulled me to class.

When we walked in all eyes were on us. "Holy s***." Bre and I cursed. "Umm ladies, profanity is not allowed in class. You must be Clarissa and Breana. Please join us." The <a href="">professor</a> said. Just as we took our seats the two guys from earlier walked in. "Sorry I'm late Ms. O, we had some stuff to do." Trey explained. "More like hangovers to get rid of so you can listen in class. Now back to class. Or do we have anymore late students?" Just as she said that the door flew open and these <a href="">people.</a> "Sorry, you know we get caught up in practice." The Hispanic one said, "You need to get caught up in your work because how your grade looks I can tell you aren't giving it any attention. So sit down." The class of course ohh'd and the girl walked up to me.

"Out of my seat hoe." I chuckled. "b****. Swerve to the left and out of my face. Thank you." I focused back on the teacher as the whole class focused on us. "I don't think you heard her." The black girl said. "No, I don't think she heard HER." Bre interfered. "Do we have a problem?" Mrs. O asked, noticing none of us really paying attention. "Yes, this girl is in my seat." I rolled my eyes. "I don't see your name." She pointed to the top left corner. "It's right there. Its in marker." I rubbed it off then put my name on it. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said with a smile on my face, then Mrs. O tapped the ruler on her desk causing us all to jump up. "I have had it with you interrupting my class, everyone that came in late, you now have an extra assignment." We all groaned and threw our hands up.