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Good vs Evil

The stars of Iuka had finally formed. It was time, the bringing of two polar opposites. A connection set into the engraved spirits of the Kinota’s and the Brunki’s.
An arranged marriage that could make or break the entire human race, which even the gods could not control.
Now in the hands of two stone crossed enemies of war our lives were at stake, may their love be in our favor.

<a href="">Titenious</a>

I was the first to awake in my kingdom, the dark sky still wore a tent over our heads, but sleep was the furthest thing from my mind. The death of my brother Jodietus still stung in my head preventing me from sleep.

The battle, I was right there next to him, fighting alongside my brother slaughtering those bloody serpents, Brunki’s. He was the strongest man I knew fought with the strength of a thousand bulls. They knew that, that’s is why when it came time to killing him those cowards came across him toward his blind side and murdered him with not one but three men, three dreaded men against my brother. And I, I could do nothing but fall to my knees the same time he fell to his. Holding my breath as I knew he no longer could breathe.

Screaming, yelling, shouting to the top of my lungs with the spirit of him and me both making both sides halt the war and freeze watching me. Too afraid to move or even continue to the battle, some out of respect others out of pure fear of what I would possible do if even one gust of wind disturb my mourning of his lost soul.

No other fighting took place that day, but it didn’t matter I lost my soul the moment I went back to my kingdom holding the shield of my blood, and died when I had to place it in front of my mother and father who cried hysterically, until properly being escorted off into the distance.

As the sun slowly made its way over the hill, the stars of the Iuka were now more dominate in the sky. By next week I will be meeting those dirty snakes in person sitting at a table feasting with them as if we are one. And by next month I will join hands with their b**** of a daughter who I know nothing of other than she is blood to the ones who killed my blood.

I was told I had to do this, for the blood of my people. If I didn’t marry her, skies while become of fire and kill us all, but by the gods I was hoping that would happen a long time ago. They took the only thing I loved away from me, so I no longer feared death. I welcomed it.

<a href="">Kitana</a>

The news of the war ending brought tears to my face; I had never truly enjoyed the action of war. I believed in the power of words and writings. But my people would only laugh or look at me strange if I were to bring up the thought.

“If you got your head out of the clouds and out of those books you would see the real world unscripted” my mother would say, but I knew she was wrong I just refused to tell her about it what good would that do me to fight for sound to a deaf man.

Staring out into my kingdom then to the orange and crimson sky, the stars the brightest element to be seen held beauty but meant so much of the opposite. Fate I couldn’t control placed me with people I had no idea why I didn’t like, but I hated them. Weeks from now I will no longer be princess of my land but a submissive queen to someone else’s.

“Kitana darling I brought more of your readings I placed them on your dresser alongside your bed” my house nurse Syria spoke; she was the only one who encouraged my reading, since she could not read herself. We would always stay up late, me reading to her some of my favorites, I promised her one day I would teach her to read but now all seemed to be in vain since little to a few days from now I will be gone.

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When my mother offered her to sit by me I had to clutch my tongue between my teeth. I don’t want to marry the broad be around her or damn near be in the same room as her, so hey how about we let her sit by me. And on top of that her face stayed to the ground her confidence was scarce to none, nothing like Ambry, this girl was afraid of me or uncomfortable either way it goes she was pissing me off. “So Titenious do you have any plans for the wedding” Doratry asked while eating my food at my table, “No” “What about you Kitana any theme or colors you want to go with” My mother spoke up to her but she kept her face to her plate “No.”

I guess they finally caught on to the fact that we didn’t really want to talk to each other so they left us alone to chat amongst themselves as if they once didn’t hate each other. I was becoming sick to my stomach at this moment.

“We have truly come a long way Clydesius; I guess the joining has a lot to do with this” Heldesius spoke while cleaning his face with a napkin “I do agree ‘the evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones’.” “William Shakespeare” the whole table silenced and turned toward Kitana as finally her face left her plate, a type of glow radiated off of her face. “So you read, his work” my father asked a little taking back at the fact that she could read let alone was reading a artist of that level, and honestly so was I. “Oh, yes Kitana taught herself to read years ago along with the help of a neighbor in the kingdom” her mother spoke but you can hear the bitterness in her voice, she could care less.

“Not a lot of young ladies read in our kingdom, well some are not allowed and others our well without knowledge” “As of ours Medina but my daughter, our daughter had to be different” Doratry cut her eyes at Kitana in an angry scowl but for the first time all night a slight smile left Kitana’s lips, she was enjoying this. “I don’t see anything wrong with being different” I spoke up while looking back at all of the surprised faces staring at me. An awkward silence once more spread across the table until my father began talking to Heldesius again while Doratry and my mother began to cackle away. “Thank you” her meek voice was calming but yet something else was behind it, fear maybe. “For what” “I catch a lot of shade for reading, especially from my mother” “I don’t see anything wrong with it, it is actually refreshing” I saw the smile spread across her face but she never looked at me. It was almost cute in a way.
“No” I spoke causing everyone to stop and look at me strange; catching my composer I stood to my feet. “Excuse me, please” “Titenious wait” I heard my mother say but I was damn near to the other room by then, I don’t want to be around that girl or her family. I just feels, so wrong.


“You look beautiful” Syria began to tear up as I stood behind the door, I was moments away from meeting the family and guy that I would forever be connected with. “Syria I don’t think I can do this” “What do you mean love, this isn’t the wedding you are just meeting the family” she began to laugh at me. I had to admit I was probably taking this way over my head but how else can I take in the moment.

“The honorable princess of the Brunki madam Kitana” as my name was called I quickly took in a breath of fresh air and stood with my face to the floor as the doors opened. A random cluster of ooh’s and aah’s floated through the room as I bashfully waltzed through the room never taking my eyes off of the floor, my feet leading the way slowly.

As I made it to the high steps I finally lifted my face to see my father next to me grabbing my hand with a smile helping up. The room still sat in silence as I made my eyes leave the ground and connect with his, his piercing eyes caused me to quickly snap my neck back to the floor, he held the look of a pissed off viper and I wanted nothing to do with that. “Doratry you failed to speak on how lovely this young lady is, hello my name is Medina, this is my Husband and king of the Kinota’s Clydesius and to my left is my son Titenious” she said with a smile brighter than the moon. She truly was a lovely lady herself but I could tell she was the only one truly enjoying this introduction. “Well now that we have the two here shall we begin” my father spoke, as Clydesius nodded his head and held his hand to the air silencing the people as if they could become any more quit. “Let the feast and joining begin” trumpets and cheering bellowed throughout the room. Medina clutched my shoulder and leads everyone toward the side door, where we would have our own private dinner.

Making it to the long table my mouth began to water fiercely a feast was an understatement to what was prepared in front of us. The dark room only lite by candles held a long wooden table with every type of meat fish side dish and dessert your heart could desire. As I made my way to the table I felt a small hand grab a hold of my arm once more. “Uhmm Kitana honey why don’t you sit on the side with Titenious” Titenious’ head quickly shot up and a horrific glare replaced his once smug look. I have never felt this low in my life I could tell when I’m not wanted and by his eyes I was wanted more dead than in his presence. Taking my seat next to him I held my breath and fought to look at him but I couldn’t, I don’t think I would be able to take anymore hate glances from him.

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The music flowed in the background as I sat on my thrown watching the many faces dance their lives away like weeks ago we weren’t trying to kill each other. I was disgusted here we were feasting, laughing hell joining together with these savages, and people, my people dressed in the most expensive gowns and the most lavish suits trying to impress the pigs we once hated.
“Titenious do sit up honey you are slumped over in your chair like… like” “like a Brunki” I said cutting her off. “Please darling try to make the best of this, you look handsome and the festival turned out more than lovely” “Medina stop talking to that boy, Titenious pull yourself together, Now” with that my father grabbed my mother’s hand and pulled her off of the high steps.

“Titenious, hey man” “What’s up” Zeldonis came and sat on the arm of my chair, “I have a surprise for you” “anything would be better than this “That’s what I’m saying so come on” he then nodded his head toward the back behind the curtains, I looked behind me to make sure my father didn’t see me leave then continued forward with Zeldonis.

“Man what is it; you got to hurry up before old man…” I froze in my thoughts and speech as she stood before me. Ambry, the most beautiful person I had seen all night, her dress hugged her body nicely and as ironic as it was it was black and green two of my favorite colors. Her beautiful cooper skin glowed as the focal point of her whole features began with her radiant smile. “Nice to see you again Titenious” she slowly stepped closer to me and opened her arms, pulling her close I hugged her with everything that was in me. “I think I will go wait in the front, you know staying on watch” Zeldonis said to know one in particular being that we both were so caught up in each other.

“You look beautiful” I said pulling her back while still admiring her body “Well this is a special day I had to impress you” “black and green” “How could I forget all the times you fought me over the black and green marbles” silence sprung out as we continued to stare each other down. “This was supposed to be our day” “Titenious, don’t think like that this day was written by fate neither you or I could change that” “I could if you promise to remember me once we are in heaven” she took a step back then looked at me strangely “please do not tell me you are thinking about not marrying her, do you know what that could bring to us” I took a seat on a nearby tub then placed my head into my hands. “I know but it is just so much that comes with marrying her, her family brought death to Jodietus, and you, you were supposed to be my bride not her” she stepped close to me sitting on her knees pulling my face toward her “I would give everything to be with you Titenious” “Then do it be with me in the clouds” she quickly held up her hand to stop me. “But this isn’t our time who knows this might be the woman that is truly meant for you who can truly make you happy even more happy then I could give you” I rolled my eyes at her “Look I am not asking you to forget your love for me cause I will never forget you, but this is bigger than us you lost your brother yes, imagine losing more than just him off a situation you have control over”
She was right I knew she was but I just didn’t want her to be. “I love you Titenious” “I love you more Ambry” with no hesitation I kissed Ambry with the passion I had been holding in all of my life I needed her lips I starved for them and here they were on top of mine and I would take full advantage. “I would hate to break this moment but the trumpets are blowing, it is time” Zeldonis spoke walking back to us. Ambry stood to her feet and I stood to mine kissing Ambry once more I felt Zeldonis pull at my arm. “TITENIOUS, TITENIOUS” I heard my father begin to yell he was getting closer to the curtains so we had to hurry. Quickly Ambry rushed out of the back while I continued to watch in that direction as if she would come back. “What are you boys doing back here” “Oh uhmm just giving him a little pep talking Sr.” Zeldonis quickly spoke up pulling me out of my daze. “Well enough of that it is time”

The crowd separated as flower girls graced the flower with beautiful exotic blossoms. “The honorable King and Queen of the Brunki Nation Sr. Heldesius and Madam Doratry” the crowd quickly bowed in the presence as they walked hand and hand toward us , anger flushed over my face as I still felt the tingle of Ambry’s kiss plus to top it off my people, they hung their heads for these, these… “Medina darling you look more radiant than ever” Doratry spoke to my mother grabbing her into a loving hug, she was a very beautiful woman I had to admit but I still hated her. “Heldesius, we meet again” my father spoke “and not at the butt of my sword” Heldesius joked but I didn’t find it to funny. “Oh my, this must be him, come Heldesius let us meet our daughters fate” Doratry spoke stepping closer to me.

I never took the smug look off of my face I couldn’t fake it if I wanted to. “He holds the demeanor of a young you Clydesius” “Well that is my boy” my father said while giving me a death stare. Just before I could speak up the trumpets blew once more and the crowd parted. “The honorable princess of the Brunki madam Kitana” the doors to the entrance opened.


I sat at the head of the table opposite of my father and mother slowly picking at my food while staring at my brother’s chair. “Titenious please darling eat something” my mother was the calm breeze in our family she would hardly ever get mad or show her emotions. The kingdom admired her for that, but I, I hated her for that. How can you sit and act as if you are ok with the fact that days from now I will be set to marry the savages that killed your first born son.

“I don’t think I’m very much hungry anymore” I spoke but was quickly silenced when my father slammed his wine flute on top of the table. “You will swallow your guilt and continue your life, for Christ sake starving yourself will not take you out of marrying into those, those people” “Clydesius” my mother tried to butt in but I held my hand to silence her. “No it won’t stop me but by gods help it will have me with my brother” “Titenious” my mother spoke up once more “Damn it Medina hold your tongue in a man’s conversation” my father spat toward my mother.

She quickly pulled her face toward the floor out of respect. Our kingdom believed in the high value of women being submissive, I never truly agreed with the thought but wouldn’t argue with it, it was all I was taught. “Now you listen to me Titenious you have all the right of man to be upset hell we are all grieving but you will run this kingdom with power and intelligence, and if you can’t” he paused while looking at my mother who was now staring back at him “and if you can’t we will all die” he continued.

“You really think that I could possible give a damn that lives will be lost if I don’t marry her, not marrying her will bring me to the peace I have been asking for” with that I placed my napkin on top of my plate and excused myself from the table. I had nothing else to say to either of them, the universe didn’t give a damn about my brother’s fate so why the hell would I care about anyone else.


“Kitana honey, please hold yourself up straight so she can get the right measurements” my mother spoke while flipping through fabrics in a book. I was being fitted for the ball this weekend, the bringing of me and my future husband. I had been tugged and pushed into tight fitting gowns all day and officially had enough. I had gorgeous dresses in my closet I could have worn but my mother insisted that I make an impression on these people as if they care how I look.

“What do you think about a pale gold and crimson” “I think I would look like hell” I spat making the tailor chuckle at me. “Really Kitana your only making this hard for yourself” “You know I read a book on this before” “Kitana please you and those hopeless books” “They are not hopeless they carry important information” “Darling please the only important information you will be in need to know is how to continue to make your husband happy, do they have books on that” I froze in thought none of books specifically showed woman trying to make their husband happy it was all natural.

“Love and good nature will make him happy” my mother soon began to laugh hard almost bringing tears to her eyes. “Love, honey please love does not keep you in the door or keep him from running out it is what you can give him that he doesn’t have” “Huh” I asked confused but she just shook her head and continued to flip through pages. “You will find out soon enough, now enough of that hold your back straight you’re not a Kinota, well yet”


“So word around town is you are thinking about not marrying that chick” my right hand man Zeldonis spoke out. After dinner I had to clear my head, my thoughts ran everywhere and I knew that word would go out about me not wanting to marry her even with people’s lives at stake. So I called the one guy I knew wouldn’t judge.

As I slowly picked up a smoothed out rock I threw it out toward the water and watched it skip twice then drop. The sky was dark purple but the stars, those damn stars aligned perfectly shone with the light of 7 suns. “To be honest I don’t but a lot of stuff comes with not marrying her” “Yea like our lives” I stood straight then gave him a glance, he caught on quickly, I could care less. “Look you know I am a firm believer in not having to be forced into loving anyone but this one, this is bigger than all of us” “So do I just wash the blood of my brother off of my hands then connect those same hands to the one who’s family caused the hurt in the first place”

Silence sprung out shortly after then a light chuckle left Zeldonis “You know Ambry is not happy about the marriage either” my head quickly shot up Ambry was his sister I have always had feelings for her. I told Zeldonis years before I would marry her and she would be my queen. We never officially took things to the next level but anyone who knew of us knew our love went unspoken.

“She was supposed to be my bride you know” “Yea man how could I forget, that was the only reason you ever hung out with me” he laughed while taking a seat on the sand. “Whatever decision you make I’m down with you dude, even if that means seeing you in the afterlife” I took one look at him then back toward the sky, my heart or the hearts of my people.


“The rain rushed across the trees painting them with passion as she ran toward his open arms, forcefully kissing his lips with everything she had” I read to my house nurse I sat at the top of my bed as she stood beside me arms clenched to her chest and eyes watering, she was a huge fan of romance novels so I made it my job to read at least a few chapters to her every other night. “That was beautiful, maybe when you marry that young man your story can be just as such” I slowly closed the book then looked out to nothing in particular. “I read about love all day, but never have I truly known the feeling, how will I know” “See that is where it gets tricky, you may know in the first five minutes or you may finally catch on when they roll over and die after 80 years” she stopped and chuckled then continued “But when it hits you only you will know”

“Mother says love isn’t the only thing to keep him, it’s what you can give him that he doesn’t have what does she mean by what he doesn’t have” A nervous face soon came across her face as if that was a topic she was uneasy about telling me “It is uhm, when you uhm, look child I cannot give you that answer because I don’t believe in that value, love is all you need real true love just like in that book” “Just like in the book” I said to myself while pulling the covers over my head, the weekend of our first dinner was only a day away and I was more nervous than ever but more so on how he would take me after the marriage.

Will I have to grow old with someone I never truly ever loved, or worse, give myself away to a person who never looks twice to me as his wife?

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