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Chris’ New Track “Fine China”

Chris’ New Track “Fine China”
Team Breezy get an exclusive look at the official behind the scenes photos and single artwork for Chris Brown’s new track “Fine China” here! New music coming your way on 4/1!
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  • lovecd it!!!!! #teambreezy
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 4月 2, 2013 午前30 12:12午前
    by rachaelbreezyy on 3月 30, 2013 午後31 7:07午後
  • TEEMBREEZY...Amazing music...can't wait to it comes out...
    by gre24 on 3月 30, 2013 午後31 3:03午後
  • I must say that with every track/ album that u put out..i get more and more excited because i just know how talented you are and what you are capable of is just out of this world. Keep up the goodwork and I am so looking forward to seeing the "finechina" video and the much anticipated release of "X"... much luv..#teambreezy and out!
    by DaBreeziestCB on 3月 29, 2013 午後31 7:07午後
  • I can't wait until this comes out... better yet X. I'm so excited to hear Breezy's new material and what is about to bring to the table. I'm so proud of him and what he's doing. After hearing and seeing some of his interviews that he's done, I know that this is going to be good and that he is really moving on and finding his true self. That's what I like to hear and see from him. But keep doing your thing! Love you!
    by MercedezHEARTSBreezy on 3月 27, 2013 午後31 2:02午後
  • I Love song! I Love you Chris
    by spaska.angelova.79 on 3月 27, 2013 午前31 4:04午前
  • Oh yes...I can't wait till it comes out!! :) #TeamBreezy
    by Summer_Blues on 3月 26, 2013 午後31 7:07午後