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Chris' Feature In The LA Times

Chris' Feature In The LA Times
"For this album you get a chance to take a journey with me and listen to every dynamic of who I am…it's more of me proving to my fans." Read more of Chris’ interview and review in the Los Angeles Times here!
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  • chris brown love
    by shoudi on 4月 22, 2013 午前30 7:07午前
  • cool!Q!!
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 4月 2, 2013 午前30 12:12午前
  • album will be amazing like all of CB album...looking forward for new album..
    by gre24 on 3月 30, 2013 午後31 3:03午後
  • Chris is so hubmle and passionate and that's why I love him.. I'm so excited to see what you have in store for us. I'm so ready to see you prove all of these haters and negative people wrong. I will always love you and be on your side. Keep your head up and keep God with you. I promise it helps. Love you!
    by MercedezHEARTSBreezy on 3月 30, 2013 午後31 12:12午後
  • love what he had to say. I can not wait for his next album
    by Sherbet30 on 3月 30, 2013 午前31 11:11午前