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Chris’ “Fine China” Take 1 Video Premiere

Chris’ “Fine China” Take 1 Video Premiere
Want more of Breezy’s “Fine China” dance moves? Check out this special bonus video of Chris on set dancing away in all one take! Click here to get your copy of “Fine China” today.

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  • Chris ua amaizing
    by Daibreezy Diva on 8月 6, 2013 午後31 4:04午後
  • Omg !!!! I love this video so much. Its a very creative video.
    by MissChrisBrezzy19 on 4月 4, 2013 午前30 10:10午前
  • I love this so much. Chris is just amazing
    by Sherbet on 4月 2, 2013 午後30 5:05午後