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Chris & Will I Am’s “Let’s Go”

Chris & Will I Am’s “Let’s Go”
Check out Chris featured in Will I Am’s new track “Let’s Go” on VEVO below.

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  • i'm so exited to see this music video!!
    by stevemaking on 7月 3, 2013 午前31 8:08午前
  • I thought there was gonna be a video....
    by Summer_Blues on 4月 27, 2013 午後30 7:07午後
  • Chris Baby, your Voice!! Miraculously Beautiful!! Make me yours.. <3
    by kougou on 4月 26, 2013 午前30 9:09午前
  • its very good
    by tookieallday on 4月 20, 2013 午後30 1:01午後
  • where is the music video
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 4月 18, 2013 午後30 7:07午後
  • I love this song
    by Sherbet on 4月 17, 2013 午後30 3:03午後