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Vote For "Fine China" On PopCrush

Vote For "Fine China" On PopCrush
Shouts to Team Breezy, you guys are on a roll! Let’s keep dominating PopCrush’s Pop Clash! Vote for Chris’ new single “Fine China” here and don’t forget to spread the word.
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  • Chris
    by Joseni v Souza on 5月 18, 2013 午後31 9:09午後
  • when it comes to music there ain't competition so the debate pop crush breezy wins the election
    by Dashawn X on 4月 20, 2013 午後30 10:10午後
  • Chris brown
    by eraldo de la cruz on 4月 19, 2013 午後30 6:06午後
  • Voted For Chris know :)
    by Summer_Blues on 4月 19, 2013 午後30 1:01午後
  • i'm voting EVERY hour :) and yeah he will win it! and next time 2 and theeeeen ---> Pop Clash Hall of Fame
    by Lisa BreeZy on 4月 19, 2013 午前30 9:09午前
  • i voted for hime like 16 times! i have been counting hahahaa :) <3
    by melissabrown01 on 4月 19, 2013 午前30 8:08午前
  • Breezy is winning! :D
    by ¢няιѕвяσωиωσяℓ∂ on 4月 18, 2013 午後30 7:07午後
  • fine china
    by rafaelcanllem on 4月 18, 2013 午前30 10:10午前
  • Fine China is an amazing song. Chris is just great period at what he does. #TEAMREEZY
    by Sherbet on 4月 17, 2013 午後30 3:03午後