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Chris & Romero Britto’s Art Collaboration

Chris & Romero Britto’s Art Collaboration
Breezy met up with artist Romero Britto in Miami for an exclusive Best Buddies and Symphonic Love collaboration! Check out their artwork and more below.

Chris Brown x Romero Britto from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

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  • Chris's art work is AMAZING LOVE it he truly have an AMAZING TALENT!!!!!!! Keep on doing your thing.
    by Brittany19 on 6月 5, 2013 午前30 1:01午前
  • man that s*** was crazy like the art yeah love blakkey
    by blakkey on 5月 7, 2013 午前31 3:03午前
  • it's so fun watching chris paint. :)
    by i_lov3br33zy on 5月 5, 2013 午後31 12:12午後
  • i would love a personal painting from chris brown! lol!!
    by daughter_breezy1 on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 10:10午前
  • His art is hot. I wish I was there. I want some Chris Brown art shoes. <3
    by Summer_Blues on 4月 27, 2013 午後30 8:08午後
  • Oh God! Chris Brown Please Be Mine!
    by kougou on 4月 26, 2013 午前30 9:09午前
  • I love Chris Brown artwork. He is truly amazing
    by Sherbet on 4月 24, 2013 午前30 10:10午前
  • BREEZY BROWN ... u r osmm man
    by zayidu on 4月 24, 2013 午前30 10:10午前
  • Was he designing shoes....where can I get a painting by chris borwn I would pay anythng; for it ...
    by haevenj97 on 4月 24, 2013 午前30 12:12午前