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Zodiac Love

Taurus~~ <a href="">Chris</a>

Underneath their cool, calm and collected exterior, Taureans differ greatly from all the other signs of the zodiac. Taureans manage to discreetly stay apart from the crowd, even though they have a well-earned reputation for being socialisers. They will let others get close, but only so close as they want them. Some claim that trying to get your point across to a Taurean, should they not want to hear you, is rather similar to talking to the trees – they simply won't budge.

Cancer~~ <a href="">Tae</a>

Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the mysterious Moon, are one of the zodiac's enigmas. It is fair to say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions. Compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealous remarks and ever-changing moods. Endearingly eccentric on one hand, and on the other, insecure about how others see them. Like their astrological symbol - the Crab - Cancers can appear hard and insensitive on the outside.

Chris' POV

I hated being in this stuffy ass classroom full of fake ass b****es. When I say fake b****es, I mean fake b****es. They all had fake hair, nails, ass, boobs, and eyes. They all wanted to be the typical pretty girl, the one with the coke bottle shape, perfect looks and body. Long hair don't care, that was their dream. I really didn't give a f*** about these hoes. As long as my d*** got sucked and my pipes stayed unclogged, I'm cool. ”Mr. brown, can you tell me the formula of photosynthesis?” My teacher asked looking up at me. This was some 6th grade s***. ”Of course I can tell you, but I really don't feel like it.” She smiled nicely. ”I really don't give two s***s about whether or not you feel like doing this problem, get ya high yellow ass up and come write this s*** on the board.” I rolled my eyes. ”You didn't say anything about me taking my high yellow ass up there in the first place so it's not coming.” The whole class laughed and some girls were being fake and laughing too damn hard. ”Okay then go to the office, I don't care anymore. I'll just fail you.” I smacked my lips. ”I'll just get you fired, teachers aren't supposed to use profanity, correct?” She just huffed and turned around. ”I swear I can't stand your ass.” She mumbled. I heard the door open and close, but didn't bother to look in that direction. ”Mrs. Bowman, I'm pretty sure no one in this damn class can stand yo uppity ass, so I suggest you stand there like a good teacher and pass me, cause I'm f***ing sleepy and I damn sure ain't bout to take no damn test for the advance class. Got me f***ed.” The whole class eeupted into laughter, I sat up so I could see where the voice came from and was suprised to see a decent looking hoe- I mean chick. ”Natasia Martin and Christopher Brown! Get out of my class now!” Mrs. Bowman yelled at us two. ”Georgina Bowman! No!” I guess the girl named Tae shouted back. ”Fine, after school detention both of you, here.” She said, writing our names on the slips. ”I'll take this, but I'm not gonna show up. I got more important s*** to do.” I huffed and took the note. ”s***, me too.” Tae agreed holding out her fist. I dapped her up and went to take my seat. At this point, I was convinced she was a straight up dike. ”Aye! Tae, when you gon let me hit?” My boy, Mike, asked smiling. Tae turned and bit her lip at Mike and licked her lips slowly. Then she smiled. ”Hit me up in 9th period.” His smile turned into a frown. ”We don't have a 9th period.” She smirked. ”Well I guess you'll never hit.” I laughed first and Mike just glared at me and the whole class. I liked her, she seemed like someone I'd keep around.



Run It

I meant <a href="">she</a> Sorry.

Lol damn run it

Kirko's POV

I was whoopin' ole dude's ass, when I felt a pair of hands whip me off of him onto a desk. I saw one of his boys trying to hold me down so he could get his hits in, but I guess Tae's friend Chris wasn't having that. He hopped over two desk and started whooping Rico's ass. I'm going to guess that's his name cause he had it tattooed on his leg. <a href="">Rico</a> crawled under the teacher's desk to get away from Chris, but he had Rico's leg and pulled him out. "Stop! Stop this now!" The principle yelled, coming into the room. I got off of Miguel and wiped his blood off on some girls jacket. "Nigga really?" She screamed, I just looked at her. "Give me your number and we can talk about me making it up to you." <a href="">she</a> smiled at me and nodded her head. I gave her a flirtatious smile when she handed me the paper. She seemed to melt before me when I winked at her. "Mr. Brown, Mr. Martin, and Ms. Martin, you guys wouldn't mind taking a trip to the office would you?" I smacked my lips and we all began walking to the office.

If you have to know, we got suspended for three days. And yes, Miguel is still at school with a swollen eye and fractured nose. As for Rico, I heard that nigga Chris twisted his ankle when he pulled him from under the table. "Ow grandma damn!" I cursed looking at <a href="">her</a> in the eyes and almost died from her look alone. I looked down at the ground and heard footsteps coming my way. "Dang Ness, you didn't have to hit youngin' like that." I scrunched my face up at <a href="">him</a> and smoke almost came out of my ears. "What the hell is he doing here?" I yelled at her. It was then that I noticed <a href="">Tam</a> sitting in the chair eyeing him. "Justin, what the f*** are you doing here?" I asked him again. He just looked at me and smiled. "I'm here cause mommy sent me." He stuck his tongue out and sat by Tam and put his arm around her. "You missed me?" He whispered in her ear. "Far from it." She said, smiling in his face.

"Hey Gma, what the f*** is he here for?" We all turned to see <a href="">them</a> walking slowly down the stairs. "Don't cuss in my damn house no f***ing more. I don't even know where the hell yall get that s*** from." My grandma yelled. "You don't?" I muttered. "What was that? I'll beat yo light skinned ass Kirk. I will make yo ass look like Emmet Hill, do you want it or not?" I shook my head so hard my brain was whirling around. "Thought so. Now, this was your first day and you get suspended for fighting. You ain't no hoodlum! Yah momma didn't raise you to fight! She raised you to be smart and not in jail like your father, grandfather and uncle. You're next if you keep this s*** up. And if I hear you disrespect that skank b**** Mrs. Bowman again, well, I'll give you a round of applause. Now all yall get the f*** up out my house." She said shooing us all out.

"Man, why are you here? None of us even like you?" Tev said to Justin. "I'm here cause my mom sent me nigga. Now quit being a little b**** and shut the f*** up." When I saw Tev lunge at Justin, I hurried and stopped him. "T, he's obviously not worth it." Tae said. "I got your b****." Tam punched Justin in the back and he fell to the ground. "You f***ing b****." He got up and squared his shoulders like he was about to fight her. "Nigga hit her and see what happens!" Tev yelled. No one liked my, sad to admit, little brother. He was a douche, and he's partially the reason I went to jail. He f***ed around with the wrong gang and they beat him badly, so me as the big brother, went and shot they asses up. The nigga ain't even say sorry or thank you. All he said was, "Man, I had them. You just ruined my chance of being with them." Then I spent two years of my life in prison over this nigga. Everybody wrote me, but him. "Aye, J!" I heard someone calling Justin so I turned to see these <a href="">niggas.</a> I held my arm out in front of him as he started to walk towards them. "What you want with him?" Tae asked before I could. "Aye J, I know I taught you how to keep yo hoes' mouths shut." The guy with the dreads laughed. "I got yo hoe!" Tae started walking up to the group. but they pulled they guns out. "What the f*** yall doing?" I heard the familiar voice, but didn't look. "James?" I heard Tev say.

Tae's POV

So this nigga was still on the streets? Ha, got caught. He looked at me and his mouth dropped. "Are you shocked because I caught yo ass or are you shocked because yo niggas was bout to pull the trigger on me?" I asked getting in his face. "Man James, you want me to kill this b****." James looked at the boy in the middle with disgust written all over his face. "CK, shut the f*** up! This is Tae! My woman! If I ever hear you call her out her name ever again, I will f***ing kill you where you stand! You got that?" My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when James pulled out a gun on CK. Out of instinct, I grabbed his hand and made him look at me. His eyes seemed full of anger. "Baby calm down, it's me. He didn't know. It's okay. Please don't shoot him." I begged. "But he disrespected you." You could hear the softness in his voice. "I know, but he didn't know who I was. And I'm the one that should be mad. You promised me that you wouldn't deal anymore." I said, my anger now rising. "I ain't dealing." He said quickly. "Why you out here then? It better be for Elijah or so help me God-" "It is. He got hungry and so did I. That's why I have a bag of chips in my hand." He cut me off. "You coming to the crib. Yall can come too. Except for your Justin. Nobody likes you." James said with a straight face. We all laughed and Justin just stared him down. "I'm just playing nigga, come on." We all groaned and climbed into his car to go to his house. I couldn't wait to see my little Elijah.


Run it

run it!!!!!

Kirko mad cool thou. CoCo done disappeared lol...Kirko like him some Mannie thou..i see yall...gone on wit yall bad selves...all these thirsty ass females need to get them a sip of water or something...RUN IT

Tae's POV

<a href="">I</a> woke up this morning feeling not so great. I looked at my alarm clock and sighed. "Three hours before school starts." I groaned. I looked over at my cousin, <a href="">Kirko.</a> He had moved in yesterday after my aunt had kicked him out...again. "Move Kirk, I'm not in the mood for your happy ass right now." He smacked his lips and pulled on my arm. "Come on, I'll make you breakfast while you get ready." I looked up at him and smiled a bit. "What about me Kirky?" Tam asked. "Yeah you too." Then Tevin woke up. "Me too?" Kirko looked at him. "Damn, yall niggas hear something about food, you wake the hell up. Fat asses." Tevin looked at him. "Is that a yes or a no?" Kirko shook his head. "Yeah, all of yall can get some." I kissed his cheek and rolled out of bed.

By the time I was <a href="">dressed,</a> <a href="">they</a> were downstairs eating already. "Thanks." I said to Tev as he handed me my plate. I took a bite of the pancakes and my taste bugs began to water. "Oh my gosh! If I wasn't your cousin, I'd marry you." I moaned. Kirk just laughed at me. "I think she's serious." Tam said. "Were you?" Kirko asked me. I nodded slowly. He just oh'd and started doing the dishes. "And he cleans! f*** you family tree!" I cursed. They all just looked at me and shook their heads. "I call shotgun!" I said racing out of the house. As I climbed in Tev's car, Tam's ass came running behind me and sat on me. "I called shotgun in the shower." I dropped my mouth open. "That's not fair!" I whined. "Yeah it is!" She stuck her tongue out at me and I pushed her off and sat in the back with Kirko.

"Oh, he's a cutie." I heard girls from every direction whisper about Kirk. "Man, you got some thirsty b****es at your school Tae." He whispered to me. "You don't know the half of it. When you walk in the bathroom, make sure you lock the door. They'll probably try to rape you." He looked at me with fear in his eyes and Tev, Tam, and I all started laughing. "Oh, I thought you were serious." He chuckled. I looked at him with a confused face. "I was serious." His eyes widened and he immediately put his books over the zipper of his pants. "Don't worry, I know Mannie has your back." He looked down at me. "Who's Mannie?" Tev pointed in front of us. "<a href="">Her."</a> Kirko's mouth dropped and Mannie waved at me. "Hey Triple T!" She ran to me and Tam and hugged us tight. Her and Tev did their little handshake. "This must be the cousin you were telling me about. You said he was hideous, but in reality he is far from it." She flirted. "Aye! That's my cousin. And I refuse to have him at your house cooking and cleaning for you like he does for me." She smiled big. "You cook and clean too, wow. Hi I'm Mannie." She stuck her hand out, but all Kirko did was stare.

Kirko's POV

Holy s***! Mannie was gorgeous as hell. Tae didn't even give me a warning, got me out here getting hard. Good thing I wore gym shorts underneath my pants. "Hello. Earth to Kirk." Tae snapped her fingers in my face. "Oh uh, hi Kirk I'm Kirk- I mean hello, I am Kirko." I wanted to run and hide in the car. "Well Kirko, welcome to our school were nobody's are somebody's and the somebody's look like s***. I'm a nobody." Mannie laughed. I got captivated by her smile and a shock went through my body as she grabbed my hand and shook it. "Woah." I thought to myself. "Well hello Natasia, who's your friend." I looked up to see some girl, standing with her butt poked out. "b**** bye with that bulls***. Kirko, THIS is the Briana I was telling you about." I looked at her in disgust. "b**** you bold." I cursed, forgetting that I was supposed to be nice while I was here. "b****? Who you think you talking to? Nigga I'll fight a dude." She said pulling off her earrings. "I want you to touch him, I'll gut you like a fish." Tam said pulling out a pocket knife. "Oh s***! I ain't know my baby was bout that life." I turned to see <a href="">him</a> walk up to Tam and kiss her on her neck. I sized him up and looked at Tae. "Don't worry, he's cool." She whispered to me. Tae hugged him and he dapped Tev and then me. "Wassup, I'm King." I looked at him and then just decided to be nice. "I'm Kirko, their cousin." He nodded and Tae grabbed my arm. "Come on, I want you to be on time for your class with me."

As we walked in the classroom. I heard a lot of girls whispering things like. "Girl he fine. Oh damn, I wonder if he'll let me get some of that. What is Tae doing with that sexy ass beast?" I just shook my head. Then some fatass cleared her throat and me and Tae mugged her. "Oh God! Another one." She mumbled. "What the f*** is that supposed to mean?" I walked up to her. "Natasia get your homeboy or whatever he is, babydaddy, I don't know just control him." I jerked my head back. "Tae this b**** don't know me! Please, I ain't trying to go back to the pen." The fatass named Mrs. Bowman smiled. "What'd you do steal, kill, or not pay your child support?" I dropped my books and slammed my hand on her desk. "b**** you don't f***ing know me. I will f***ing kill yo ass then bury your body in a f***ing lion's cage. Don't f***ing play me. I don't like seeing dead bodies, but if you are the one I gotta do over, then so be it. Now Mrs. Bowman do your f***ing job and suck a d*** fatass b****!" Tae was cracking up in the background. "I will not stand your barbarism behavior." She eyed me. I flicked her off and walked to the back of the class. "Who the f*** she think she is?" I asked Tae. "I think she's a seal dressed up as a human." We looked at each other and busted out laughing. I was laughing until some <a href="">nigga</a> thought it was cool to throw some paper at me and it hit Tae. "Miguel what the f***!" She stood up and charged at him. "Aye, he ain't worth it." This <a href="">guy</a> stood up. "Move Chris! I'm show this f***er how we handle s*** where I'm from." The nigga, I guess named Miguel, kept laughing. So you know what I did, I hopped up and that nigga tried to run, but I caught his ass.

Run it

run it!!!!!!

Tevin's POV

I sat by the door listening to China whisper to herself/ I heard something about, "I am your only God," or something like that. All of a sudden she screamed, "You killed her Adrian!" I jumped up from the door and busted it open. I looked everywhere, until I found her sobbing in the corner with three different bottle of pills in her hand. I looked at her and then at the pills. Was she really going to leave me like this? Having me think I did something wrong? "China!" I yelled. She quickly jumped up and looked at me like she had no clue what just happened. "Tevin!" She yelled back. "What the hell were you doing?" I asked, looking at her in disbelief. She was starting to put her head down, but I stopped her. "Don't you dare put your beautiful face down." I said softly. I wiped her tears and pulled her in for a nice, big hug. I sat us on the bed and laid back. "Were you really about to- you that?" I asked her. She looked at the pills and back at me. She hung her head low, I knew she felt ashamed. "Please tell me what to do. I'll do anything to keep you here with me, where you belong." I begged. She turned and looked into my eyes. "Will you ever beat me like he did?" She gasped and covered her mouth. I felt my temper rise and my flesh was on fire. "Who beat you China?" She looked at me with a confused face. "Adri- I mean no body. Just protect me." I sighed heavily and held onto her tight. All she needed me to do was hold her and protect her. All I needed her to do was tell me what I was protecting her from. "Chy, I can't protect you from something or someone if I don't know what that thing is or looks like. "You don't understand." She mumbled into my chest. "You're right. I don't understand. All I know is that someone hurt you to the core and I want to kill that someone, but I don't know who they are." She stroked my cheek softly and looked down at the floor and sighed.

I had China leave the house for a while until I calmed down. "f***ing Adrian!" I cursed. I was destroying everything in my room. I didn't know what to do with myself. I was just going in. I burnt photos of him and I. Then something clicked in my head. Adrian was my best friend when him and Chy were dating. Then one night he showed up to my house with blood all over him and holes in his back. He looked awful.


I was on the phone, texting Tam about my next game when I heard the doorbell ring. I thought it was just this thirsty ass hoe trying to get with me from across the street, so I ignored it. But then the knocks got harder. I sighed and huffed and got myself up and walked downstairs to the door. "What Das- Adrian what the hell!" He looked up at me and I hurried and pulled him in. Blood was leaking out of his body from everywhere. "Wait here." I ran upstairs and searched through the cabinet. I got the peroxide and cotton balls. "I seem hella gay right now." I thought to myself. I shook it out of my head, because now was not the time to say s*** like that. I ran down the stairs to see him bleeding on my whole couch. "I killed them." He whispered looking me in my eye. I was in so much shock, I accidently dropped the peroxide, or so I thought, on his body. He screamed loudly in pain and I picked up quickly.

"What the f***! I thought peroxide didn't burn!" He cursed holding his body and crying. "It doesn't. But this is alcohol." I murmured. I mentally kicked my own ass for grabbing the wrong thing. "I'm so sorry." I apologized. "Let me take a shower." He said hopping up and stumbling into the wall. "Not like that. You will really be in pain." He shrugged as more tears came rolling down his face. "Nothing can be more painful then what my baby is going through." That really had me confused. "Nigga did yo crazy ass kill China?!" I was about two seconds from jumping on dude. " I killed something in her. Promise me while I'm in the pin you'll watch out for her. Make sure she falls in love again with a guy not like me." I looked at him like he was crazy. He just left me there.

After a full 45 minutes passed, I could hear sirens. "The pigs here for me. Have a good life man. Remember no one can kill us, but us, suicide nigga." He chanted the thing we came up with in middle school. I don't know why, but tears fell down my eyes. He was like a little brother to me. I hugged him tight and then there was a loud knock on the door. "Adrian! We know you're in there! Come out with your hands behind your head!" I wasn't going to let him go. They were going to have to come get him. I hugged tighter and when I pulled away he was crying. "We're hella gay aren't we?" I nodded and chuckled. "Don't drop the soap." I said trying to make light of the situation. "Don't worry, I got strings." I laughed and he hugged me one last time, the door busting down caused both of us to jump. The police came in and huddled us both up. I knew they were going to say some s*** about me keeping him up in here, but I didn't even know why this visit was different in the first place.


My best friend, was beating on the love of my life, while I was f***ing other girls and having fun. While I was sleeping in and skipping school just for the heck of it. She was knocked out cold or was all beat up and her appearance showed it. I shook my head and began to cry. "Hold up." I called China and I heard sniffling in the background. "Hello." She answered in a fragile voice. "Baby, I need you to come home." I heard her sigh and laugh a bit. "I'll be there before you can say Ramen noodles." I knew she was exaggerating so just to play along I said it. "Ramen Nood-" I stopped when I heard the doorbell ring. "Damn." I said. "She wasn't playing." I walked to the door and opened it and hugged her tight. Not giving her a chance to walk in herself. I kissed her face repeatedly and she just giggled. "I'm so sorry for what he put you through. "Even though he got you pregnant before me, I still love you more." She smiled and kissed my lips. "Don't do that, that's gone get you in trouble." I whispered in her ear and tapped her butt. "I like getting into trouble with you. It always ends with me on top of you and us under sweat-filled sheets." I laughed and picked her up. "Well let your punishment begin." I knew she wasn't fully recovered, but I was going to stop at nothing to make her feel happy, even if that meant putting her to bed on the regular. I was mighty fine with that.


I am sad now...I just wanna hug China..i hate of Dude..he can die..RUN IT...I hope Tevin go beat his ass

OMG!! poor china!!!
Run it!!!!!!!

Run it

I just now realized that in one of the adds I put Christina as Tev's girlfriend. Well scratch that because I meant to put Chin, but typed Christina, sorry for the confusion!!

I just now realized that in one of the adds I put Christina as Tev's girlfriend. Well scratch that because I meant to put Chin, but typed Christina, sorry for the confusion!!

Tevin's POV

<a href="">I</a> sat on China's couch, finishing up on a group project me and her did. Well, a group project that I did, she just happened to be here. "Babe, my finger hurt." <a href="">She</a> whined. "From what?" I asked in a nonchalant tone. "See, I could've cut my finger off and you wouldn't know because you don't care." I continued to type on my laptop and when I finished the last thing, I looked at her. "Let me see it." I took her finger and it had a small cut on it. "What'd you do?" She looked down at the floor then back at me. "Well you see.." She started, "I tried to cut the orange by myself, but it wouldn't cut. So I got mad and slammed it down. Then I got a text from Tae, and when I went to pick up my phone, the vibration made it shake. So before it fell I tried to hurry up and grab it, but the knife had fell and cut me." I just looked at her. "All you had to say was that you tried to cut the orange and it cut you." She looked up at the ceiling. "True. But that isn't what happen. The text caused the phone to vibrate-" "Shh." I said putting my finger over her lips. "Sorry." She apologized looking down at the floor. I lifted her head up and she looked me in my eyes. "Why do you always do that?" I asked, looking into hers. "Do what?" I smiled. Did she really not know what I was talking about? "Why do you always put your head down when you talk to me?" Her once calm, beautiful, painless eyes turned into painful, dark ones.

China's POV

It all happened so quickly. I didn't want him to know the reason why I did that. It was a habit I couldn't break. He didn't understand, and the last thing I wanted to do was keep a secret from him. But this secret was meant to be kept. Not a single soul could know. Only me, God, and <a href="">Adrian</a> can ever know. You see before God gave me Tevin, he gave me Adrian. The devil himself. I absent mindedly began rubbing the old scars on my arms. "Baby, what's wrong? Talk to me China." Tevin sounded just like him. "Leave me alone Adrian! You will not beat me again! I refuse to let it happen!" I screamed at him. His mouth just dropped to the floor. I realized what I just did and tears began to fall. "I'm so sorry." I wept and ran to my room. I walked straight to the corner, just how Adrian made me wait before I got a beating. That night was terrible, I never knew it could have lead to something like that. A miscarriage, three months in ICU, and a death sentence on the man I once loved.


"This is the s*** I'm talking about Adrian! Always on the f***ing phone with other f***ing girls asking them whens the next time you're gonna f***!" I yelled at him. I could barely see him, because the swollen eye he had cause from the other night. I had had it. I deserved better. Or that's what the angel of my mother told me in my dream last night. He stared at me with a cold stare. "Alright, something came up I'll see you tomorrow." He said into the phone. He hung up and set his phone down slowly and got up and started walking to me even slower. I took that as a hint to run, but he caught me by my hair and I fell down in mid-air. "b**** who the f*** you think you talking to? I own you! Without me, you aren't worth a bum's s***!" He yelled. I knew I was in for a good one this time. Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut. "Huh? Oh, you can't talk? So why use a good mouth when you got one?" He raised his fist and brought it down on my lip. I let go of my hair and held onto my mouth for dear life. "Now go wait in the corner!" I shook my head no so hard, I started to feel dizzy after a couple more shakes. "What, did you just shake yo head no at me?" I nodded slowly. "Why are you doing this? You listen any other time. Why get some pride now?" He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders and he laughed loudly. "Please don't hurt me." I begged grabbing onto his feet. "Baby, what's wrong? Talk to me China." I looked into his eyes and they were his natural color. Brown and full of love, he usually made me hold my head down when he talked to me, I just thought maybe he had changed. I reached out to touch his face and he grabbed my hand and caressed it. "Come on." He grabbed my hand and pulled me up to lead me to his room. When he locked the door and turned around, I saw his eyes. They turned black as the night sky with no stars or moon. I dropped to my knees and began to pray. I screeched as I felt his foot collide into my back.

"Are you praying to another God? I am your one and only God China! You are mine! I control everything you have!" He screamed in my ear. I then heard his footsteps getting further and further away. Then I heard metal hitting each other. "Oh no, please not the spike belt." I thought to myself. "Ah!" I screamed loudly as the bullet hit my neck. It poked holes through my skin on my back as he whipped harder. "Turn over and look at me!" I tried to turn over, I really did. But I was so weak. The floor being slippery from my blood didn't help at all. "Why?" I asked God, but my human God heard me. "Why what? Why don't you listen to me? I don't know. Why don't you ask your God that question? Tell me his f***ing answer!" He screamed kicking me over and over again. The holes poured out blood, so I was going in and out. I guarded my stomach as I felt my child kick. I hoped he or she would have to live with a man like this. "Mommy will do better. She'll leave and everything for you." I whispered, glad he didn't hear me. The belt hit my head hard and I let go of my stomach to hold it. Then he kicked me there. Where my, I mean OUR precious child's head lay. All of the kicking stopped. I felt blood pour down my legs. Same thing happened to this girl last year, she had a miscarriage in history class.

I screamed a shrill scream and with this new found energy. I got up and started wailing on him. He hit me back like I was a dude, so I grabbed the belt and started beating him. He crawled into the corner and it made my adrenaline rise. His skin tore as the belt landed on him with force. "How does it feel, huh? How does it f***ing feel?" I asked, yelling at him. I soon began to feel tired and dizzy. I stopped whooping him and stared at his bruised body, almost identical to mine. "You killed them." He looked up at me, and for the first time in my life, I saw his eyes full of tears. "Are you crying? This is what I have to go through every f***ing time I walk through that damn door!" I yelled at him. "Who did I kill?" He asked in a shaky voice. "The first thing you killed was my soul, the second thing is-" I stopped not wanting to say it. Instead I walked to my purse and grabbed the test. "You killed this too." I said throwing it at him. His eyes were now full of sorrow.

"Please Chy, please forgive me. I want to try again. Tell me what you want, I'll do anything." I smiled at him "First I want you to pour gasoline on yourself, light yourself on fire. and burn in hell." He looked at me one last time before I punched him in his mouth, just like he had punched me. I felt myself still getting woozy. So I did what I had never did after Adrian had beaten me, I called the cops. "Hello 911?" The lady had answered in a loud voice making my head hurt. "This is 0911, what's the emergency?" I looked at Adrian's sleeping body. "I have a victim that has committed suicide." She seemed a bit thrown off, but asked me anyway. "Do you know the victim's name?" I looked at the prescription pills for my pregnancy and the Advil by it. "Yes, it is China Eastwood." The officer still hadn't caught on. "It says this phone belongs to China Eastwood, are you China?" I laughed with hate, and depression evident in my voice. "Yes, yes I am." She gasped and I heard the line click. "Well, I guess I'll meet you halfway." I said to his body. I wiped the tears and grabbed the medicine. I locked the bathroom door and opened the caps. "Here's to life!" I cheered aloud. I downed the pills and within minutes I started to feel it all and then I went numb. Then everything went black.

*Flashback Over*

Run it

Run It!!


okay i really don't like Kae at all she so needy and a b**ch. Tae and James are pretty funny...but uh she gone keep teasing him and he gone take it. Chris is mad funny don't like James but he won't say nothing..i guess...RUN IT

James' POV

<a href="">We</a> were walking down the stairs from my apartment to my <a href="">car.</a> "Let me get that for you." I said opening her door for her. "Thanks babe." She smiled at me. I pecked her lips. "No problem." I jogged back around to the driver's seat and hopped in. As I was about to pull off Tae rested her hand on the wheel and stopped me. "What's wrong?" I asked looking at her. "Um, you. Put your seat belt on." I looked at her like she was crazy. "Tae, we're going to be there in like 10 minutes, there's no need for me to put it on." She then put her hand on my thigh and started rubbing it. "If you love, you'd put the seat belt on." I sighed and started to put the seat belt on. "Hold on, if you love me you'll give me a kiss after." She nodded and I hurried and put the set belt on. "Thirsty ass." She k=joked. "Only for you." She laughed and I puckered up my lips. She grabbed my face and kissed me and then she pried my lips apart with her tongue and attacked mine. I was shocked a bit, and a moan came out of my mouth. She pulled out and looked at me with lustful eyes. "I say that we shouldn't go to the carnival. What about you?" She turned to me. "I say, put that thought behind you because we are going to this carnival. I would hate to have to pay you back $15 and we didn't even go." I smacked my lips. "I told you Tae, you don't have to pay me back, this is something for us to do and as your man, I should pay for it." She sighed and I held onto her hand and kissed it. "I like the way your lips feel on my body." She whispered. I winked at her and she winked back. My baby was such a freak.

"No! James I refuse to get on that <a href="">ride!"</a> Tae said. She was ready to get on every ride but this one. "Babe, it's not that scary. Plus I'll be here to hold you, so don't be scared. I promise I won't let you go." She looked me in my eyes then heavily sighed. "You promise?" I nodded my head. "With all my heart." She looked up at the ride then back at me. "The things I do for you. Jesus give me strength." She quickly prayed. "Your dramatic ass." She glared up at me and I stopped laughing. "You two are so cute." An elderly couple smiled at us. "Thank you ma'am." They nodded and walked on. "See baby, we're cute." I pinched her cheeks. "Nigga you're cute. I'm beautiful." I smiled at her. "You sure are baby." She smiled back at me and showed the lady her wristband to get on the ride. She squeezed my hand and I rubbed her arm. "It'll be okay, I'm right here."

I laughed as I held Tae close to me. "Baby, I thought your voice was gonna be lost, you screamed so loud." She pushed me. "Your body is about to be lost in an ocean if you don't shut up talking about me." She threatened. "You ain't gon do s***." She looked up at me and stopped walking. "Bet." I looked down at her and pecked her lips. "Bet." She groaned and walked to the nearest bench. "I hate that you know me so well." I wrapped my arm around her neck and she rested her head on my shoulder. "Well we've been going out for two years and known each other for 12 years, I hope I do know you well enough to tell that your a wimp." I joked. "I got your wimp nigga." I laughed hard as she thought she was about that life. Just then my <a href="">song</a> came on and I looked at her. She smiled at me. "Please don't sin-" "She got me up all night, all I'm singing is love songs. Got me up all night, constant drinking and love songs." I sung to her. "Would you believe me if I said I'm in love?" She jumped in. "That's my baby!" She shook her head and kissed my lips. "Baby, we sexy as f***." She grazed her hand down my face. "Yup, we bad." She laughed and stood up stretching. "Come on, let's go ride some more rides." She suggested. I stood up and grabbed her hand.

Chris' POV

"Really Kae? Why won't you get on this <a href="">one?"</a> She pointed to the ride, but looked at me. "You see that right there Chris, I am afraid of heights, so therefore I will not go on anything that is higher than five inches." She crossed her arms and turned her back against me. I wrapped my arms around her and she just looked straight ahead. "You get on this d*** though." She gasped and hit my chest. "Really Chris?" It was so obvious she wanted to smile. I laughed and nodded, she looked at me then up at the ride one more time. "Fine, but when you come off this ride deaf, don't blame me." I rolled my eyes. "Your dramatic ass." I mumbled.

I rubbed my ear roughly as I could still hear Kae's screams, but nothing else. "Damn Kae, you f***ed me up. A nigga can't hear s***." She crossed her arms. "I told yo ass." She mumbled. "I can still hear you though." She looked at me with wide eyes, but not because I had caught what she said. "Chris, your ear is red as hell!" She screamed. "Let me go get you some ice." She ran off in the opposite direction leaving me here dumbfounded, now I know how she feels sometimes. I heard a familiar voice call my name, but it seemed distant so I didn't pay attention. "Christopher! Christopher I know you hear me!" I looked behind me to see Tae walking my way. I smiled until I saw James come from behind her. I didn't want to be suspicious so I just kept on smiling. "Hey Tae." I bent down to hug her. "Man, why you gotta embarrass me like that?" I looked at her completely baffled. "What do you mean?" She laughed. "I mean everytime we hug you gotta bend down like I'm a child or something." I laughed. "You're not a child. You're just a short ass girl." She mugged me and I took my attention off of her. "Wassup James." I dapped him up. "s***, nothing but life." I nodded and we all just began to talk and laugh until I heard Kae's voice call my name. "All fun ends." Tae mumbled.

Tae's POV

I didn't know Kae like that, but I didn't like her at all. She just came off slutty and rude as f*** to me. She had "b****" tattooed all over her. "Hey James, here you go Chris." She said handing him ice. I laughed and just shook my head. "If you got something to say, say it." I looked up at her and smiled. "I didn't want to be rude, but since you asked me to, I will. First of all-" I was cut off by James putting his hand over my mouth. "Yeah James, control your dog." I raised my eyebrow and looked up at James. "One hit, not two. One." I nodded my head and Kae just laughed. "Come on- Ahh!" She screamed as her nose squirted out blood. I wasn't the talking type, I was the "b**** if you don't see my fist coming at your face, its your fault" type. She held onto her nose and started jumping, stomping, and running all at one time. A lot of people began looking at us and James grabbed my hand to pull me along. I jerked back, I had one more thing to say. "Bye Chris. Make sure you keep that thing on a leash." He looked at Kae then at me, then back at Kae.

I ran my hands over my face as I took a hot shower. You better believe James let me have it. He was very disappointed, he says I was acting hella ratchet. But didn't this nigga say I could get one hit? So why is he mad? I don't even know. He was acting hella bent. I shook my head began washing myself, scrubbing my arm. Some of Kae's blood got on me and I demanded James to take us to his house immediately. I heard the bathroom door open and close. I pulled back the shower curtain and looked at James. <a href="">He</a> was staring at the floor, looking as if his thoughts were so deep you could drown in them. I cleared my throat and he looked up at me. "You okay?" I asked, he nodded and stood up. "Okay, lie to me. But when I get out of this shower, you are going to tell me the truth." He chuckled. "How do you know I'm not telling you the truth now?" I looked him dead in his eyes and watched as he looked everywhere but into mine. "Because I know you." I said softly. He finally looked me into my eyes and walked over to me. He took my face into his hands and attacked my lips. I grabbed onto his neck and moaned into his mouth, hiding my body behind the curtain. I didn't want him to see me naked, he never has and probably won't anytime soon.

Our tongues wrestled and then pinned each other down. I felt a tingle between my legs and a shock go through my body. James pulled out of the kiss and stared at me, catching his breath. "You are so beautiful. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside." I blushed and pulled the curtain back to hide my face. He pushed it back again and I covered my body. "Your the most beautiful woman in the universe, but you are also the most insecure one." I hid my face, ashamed of myself. "Ow!" I screeched. The stinging pain on my butt lasted for a long 15 seconds.

I glared at James and he smiled hard showing his dimples. I couldn't resist it, I began smiling too. "I knew you couldn't stay mad at me for a full minute." He teased. "f*** you." I spat. "I got condoms in the dresser." He joked. "Go away James." I grabbed for my towel and couldn't feel it. I looked down at James' hands and saw it there. "I hate you. Now give me my towel." I ordered. "I can be your towel." He said, beginning to undress. "So can my towel. And its less touchy so I prefer it." He smacked his lips. "I guess you don't want your towel then." I sighed and rolled my eyes and just walked out the shower butt naked. He was getting on my nerves, I know what I had said, but f*** that now. His mouth dropped to the floor as he stared at me. "Stop that." I said shyly. I tried to cover myself up, but he stopped me. "Don't take this the wrong way, but you are even more beautiful naked." I smiled and looked straight ahead at his bare chest. I was that short, I only came up to this nigga chin. "Here you go." He said handing me the towel. "Junior is getting a little too excited looking at you." I giggled and he looked at me with pure lust in his eyes. "Nah, I think I'll air dry." I declined, strutting into his room. I knew that I was killing him right now. "Man T, that's f***ed up." I stopped in my tracks and turned to blow him a kiss. "I love you." I cooed. He caught it and pretended to crush it in his hands. "Fine then, be that way.He pushed it far enough to see bent over reaching for the soap. "Don't you- Ow!" I screeched. The stinging pain on my butt lasted for a long 15 seconds.

I glared at James and he smiled hard showing his dimples. I couldn't resist it, I began smiling too. "I knew you couldn't stay mad at me for a full minute." He teased. "f*** you." I spat. "I got condoms in the dresser." He joked. "Go away James." I grabbed for my towel and couldn't feel it. I looked down at James' hands and saw it there. "I hate you. Now give me my towel." I ordered. "I can be your towel." He said, beginning to undress. "So can my towel. And its less touchy so I prefer it." He smacked his lips. "I guess you don't want your towel then." I sighed and rolled my eyes and just walked out the shower butt naked. He was getting on my nerves, I know what I had said, but f*** that now. His mouth dropped to the floor as he stared at me." I loved making him mad, he was the cutest when he was.

oh and like brother like sister :)

bi-sexual? that's new lol...and who is the friend? RUN IT

Run it

Aquarius~ <a href="">Coco</a>

You were fortunate enough to be born under the humanitarian zodiac sign of Aquarius. You are therefore ruled by electric and progressive Uranus making you forward thinking and self-directed. You’re a born revolutionary so no one can tell you how to live your life. Your clear-cut approach makes it perfectly clear just how differently you wish to experience life.

I sat with my legs on Chris' lap, warning him about all the things I would rather do than go visit his dumbass girlfriend. I don't understand why he is with her. He tells me it's because her pussy is Grade A, but it really isn't. Yeah, I tapped that. Kae was a straight up lesbian, but when no girl wanted her, she went to d***. I was her first and last girl f***. Then I had to cut it off once I heard she was sleeping with b****es who were playing both sides. That's that s*** I don't like! Aye! I laughed at myself and opened my eyes to see <a href="">Chris</a> staring at me like I was crazy. When I was little, I had MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). I never let that stop me because I had Chris to worry about. My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was thirteen. So as an Aquarius, I was the boss up in this b**** and what I say goes. "Coco, please don't tell me that you on your meds again." I looked at him and decided to play a trick on him. "Shh, don't tell the whole world." I giggled. He rolled his eyes. "Coco, its only me and you no one else." I looked to my left and then to my right. "Don't forget Helen and Francisco!" I shouted. "No you shut up Helen! Go to hell Francisco! Shut up Coco!" I pretended argued with myself. "Coco! Coco come back!" He began shaking me and I smacked the hell out of him. "Nigga I was just playing!" He held his cheek. "Well I ain't know. You had me thinking you were back on them pills. You've been doing great without them, now is not the time to turn back." I put my arm around his neck. "I'm the leader, so you follow what I do." He mumbled something under his breath, but I didn't understand anything.

Chris' POV

Damn my cheek hurt. I was about to hit her back, but my phone had rung. I picked it up and answered it. "Who this?" I answered. "This is your mother, Christopher." I almost dropped the phone. "Oh, Ma my bad. What's going on? You okay?" She laughed a bit. "Look at you worrying about me, I'm fine Christopher. This case is just going to take a little bit longer than the usual ones." I sighed heavily. "How much longer?" She sighed just as heavy. "Two more weeks." I got up off the floor and put the phone on speaker. "Two damn weeks! What type of case takes a whole damn month?" I heard foot tapping in the background. "First don't raise your damn voice at me, second its none of your damn business. Now I gotta go, I love you." Before I could say it back she hung up. "What the f*** is she talking about two more weeks?" I looked at Coco and just walked out the house and called the one person I knew wouldn't neglect me, Kae.

<a href="">She</a> collapsed on the bed hard after climaxing for the umpteenth time. "Damn." She whispered. She had lost her voice about 6 rounds ago. I really didn't care I didn't feel like talking, I felt like getting attention. "Babe, we should go to the fair tomorrow." Kae suggested between breaths. "I don't like crowds Kae, you know that." I replied, starting to get dressed. "So you don't like me?" She asked. I just looked at her and turned away. "Get the f*** out Chris!" She yelled at me. "Bye hoe!" I walked out and jumped after hearing glass crash against the door. "It's her s*** she breaking, not mine." I laughed at myself. I am such an a**hole. I walked out of her house and hopped in my car and drove back to the house.

I saw my nigga's car parked in the driveway. Oh, he must be f***ing my sister. I waited about 30 minutes before he came outside. "Bye." Coco cooed. "Bey baby, tell Chris I stopped by." I chuckled. "You don't have to tell me s***." They both jumped and looked in my direction. "When the hell did you get here?" Coco asked. "Doesn't matter, when did he get here?" She smiled at him. "About 7 o'clock." I looked at my watch it was 11 right now. I shook my head. "Move freaks." I pushed passed them and ran upstairs to my room. I scrolled threw instagram and noticed a picture of James with some girl in her bra and panties. They were on the bed kissing, the caption read: "I love her kisses, because she's my Mrs." I looked at the picture closely and damn sure it was Tae. I felt salty as f***. I closed out and called Kae. She answered the phone on the third ring. "What Christopher?" I smacked my lips. "Chill with all that s***. I just wanted to apologize for calling you out of your name. Oh and I'd love to go to the fair with you." I could hear her squeal. "Really? Oh my gosh! Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight Chris." She sung into the phone. "Night Kae." She blew me a kiss and we hung up. She may not be wifey material, but she was girlfriend material. I guess, I never really had a girlfriend. But that's another story for another time.

They all some nasties lol RUN IT