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ChrisBrown and Rihanna

im chris brown biggest fan which im pretty sure that every =one one here is lol but im im a true fan and i dont think that him and her should be together.Rihanna put him through too much and i understand that everyone should be forgiven but just because you love someone dont means that you should be with them. chris brown does just finee without her i dont think they have much in common besides the love for music. Chris brown needs a girl that loves what he do....who can have time for him someone he can take on the road with him or when he's gone doesnt habe to worry about who hit that! someone who looks like a lady but not afraid to hang up her dress and put away her heels and put on some nikes and basketball shorts and hoop with him. he needs someone who understands his artistic ways and MOST IMPORTANTLY CAN KEEP UP WITH HIM ON THE DANCE FLOOR HE NEEDS A GIRL LIKE ME LOL........
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