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Just Another Day .

"ayo christian! you rolling with us tonight to the strip club?" keesis asked coming into my room yelling in my ear while i was trying to study. "nah,man i'm straight. you need to be trying study like i'm doing." "my man christian why study when you can just slip me the answers?" i shook my head and went back to reading this nigga had some nerve. but he has been like this since grade school so i dont pay it much mind. "christian nigga you need to get out always cramped up in this room. i'm starting to suspect you have a little sugar in your tank." "nigga i am not gay!" "s***t! couldnt have fooled me. then give me a good reason who doesnt want to see tits and be around girls who can make all your dreams come true." i kissed my teeth giving in, what harm could tonight do?
"candice they're ready for you." one of the older dancers here at Spectacular. "i need a minute." "a minute? i dont dont care what you need go out there now for i send somebody else out!" i had no choice but to do what she said cause this was my only way for paying for college because the grants sure didnt help. i sighed as they introduced me "bringing to the stage she's sweet,and if you dont be careful deadly. dont let the pretty face and shape fool ya! its candi!" i slowly strutted on stage a little buzzed as pony begin to blast throughout the club as i watched the men throw bills on stage and stick their tongues out at me.
"these b****es bum!" shad said as we walked into Spectacular's . i had to admit minus the b**** part the girls were kinda fugly! gunshot wounds and cigarette buns in their faces they were unattractive. "keeis you brought here for this?" "man... chill! its one shorty man..." hmm.. i'd like to see this shorty for myself . to see it is to believe it.
as the dj came on he introduced somebody named candy but i'm sure she looked like the bottom of my shoe from the looks of these other girls. i watched as the lights were dimmed and i seen her come on stage in a metallic red bra and panties . i laughed they said she was cute then how come i cant see her face. just as i said that the spotlight dropped on her and my jaw dropped. she was beyond beautiful. she looked young though like my age or younger and so innocent. it was something about her, i just felt like i needed to get to know her. "i told you so" keeis said in my ear over the music. and for the frst time in his life he was right.
i grabbed all the crumbled bills not giving any lapdances just counting up my money. 150.00 wtf! i know i did better than that. i looked at my phone and the time read 11:00 which meant my mom would be home soon so i put on my sweats and hoodie i came in with about to leave when nicole came up to me. "what you think youre doing baby girl?" "getting ready to leave." "uh,uh. i dont think so. you have a special customer." "who?" i screamed more than saying. "dont worry about who! just put back on what you had on." i rolled my eyes doing as she said. although this is fast money its not always good money.
i walked to the v.i.p. room knowing my customer was already waiting for me i sighed with my hand on the knob. all that i go through i just thank God for Just Another Day.


i walked into the v.i.p room not knowing who or what waiting for me, sometimes it would a group of friends or maybe two or just a single. i was in shock when a dude who was bright skin, with alot of tattoos and freckles was sitting on the bed playing with his hands he must have gotten lost on the way to school, but he looked looked familiar for some odd reason. i laughed it must be his first time. "what so funny?" "its your first time isnt it?" he just nodded "figures.soo.. um we have an hour together so anything that you want i can do. and after youre done you dont have to pay me cause you payed upfront." i said as i started to take off my bra. "no. you dont have to do anything you dont want to." "isnt that why you came back here? to have a good time?" "uh,i'm for sure. i just wanted to get to know you and talk." never i mean never had i had a customer who only wanted to talk. they wanted to talk dirty or talk about their problems then go into the routine. "what could you possibly talk to me about? and you want to get to know me? we have 45 minutes left and we'll probably never see each other again." "i understand that but, you just dont seem like you belong here." "how do you know where i do and dont belong?" "i can tel youre different for some reason. first is candi even your real name." "why?" well in honesty it wasnt but the old girls always give the new girls new name that they think fit them. "is it?" "my name is hard to pronounce so i'll just spell it for you NOYDB." he scatched his head "i dont understand." he said chuckling. "none of your damn business." "oh, ha you got me with that one." i rolled my eyes he was starting to annoy me like my other customers. "um, i'm sorry. lets start over. i'm christian and you are...?" "TIMES UP!" I HEARD NICOLE YELL FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR. "i can tell you hate this place." "how can you possibly tell that?" "well, when you finished dancing you put back on your street clothes and then got annoyed when you had a customer. and your introducton when you came in told me you dont care for your job." this dude was reading right through me. "look i have to go. our time is up." he nodded leaving out of the room. i went to the room with the other girls grabbing my hoodie and sweats putting them on. "no shower? dont you think mommy is going to suspect something?" i rolled my eyes. "mind your business nicole. for your information we did nothing but talk." "thats a first for you." her sidekick natalie answered. "look i'm leaving. i wont be back til sometime next week.i have have midterms." "alright college girl. you cant juggle both. this life is going to catch up with you." nicole told me "very soon." natalie chimed in.
i wonder why she wasnt letting me in? i know out of all of her customers i was different because of the look she gave me or maybe the look was for how geeked out i looked. "aye,chris come on dawg! tell me how the private room was?" keeis asked me when we got in the truck driving off towards the college. when i seen somebody with a hoodie on . "stop!" "nigga what?" "i know her."

i know short but more later... let me know if i should run iy or dump it?

Sounds good so far!!!