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Wish Chris A Happy Birthday!

Wish Chris A Happy Birthday!

What would you say if you could wish Breezy a Happy Birthday? Well stop wondering and start writing! Show Breezy some birthday love and send him your very own birthday message today! <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Click here</strong></a> to send yours today. #HAPPYBIRTHDAYBREEZY

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  • Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday my baby chris breezy, happy birthday to you. Love and admire you, enjoy your birthday and may Loves prayers be with you! You are soooo sexy!
    by i_lov3br33zy on 5月 5, 2013 午後31 12:12午後
  • happy birthday chris brown enjoy your day and live it up to the fullest i love you and i wish you many more birthday
    by jazziibby on 5月 5, 2013 午後31 12:12午後
  • # HAPPY BIRTHDAY: 3 LOVE ME: 33 Awwwwwn not believe that his birthday came not even know where to start .. plus: 3 Hj 24 years ago that a beautiful named Christopher Maurice Brown is awwn, Happy Birthday does not believe that nearly 7 years we'll walk you I'm your fan: 3 it's always like that for years eh years Lindo. !, I love you Nigga every passing day continues most beautiful: 3 I have no words to describe what I feel for u .. Happy Birthday to you all boom nigga God bless you, much peace happiness, health, continue always like making their beautiful music here posting all...
    by Patricia Almeida on 5月 5, 2013 午後31 12:12午後
  • Happy birthday chris, many years of life and that short every year who go and am very proud to be a #TeamBreezy !! I've always been his fan since childhood, when you had your first album and hope to see you some years, I love you .
    by Jhown on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • IMPORTANT !!! Salut Chris ! Très bon anniversaire a toi et que du bonheur ! Arrêtes les bêtises, cela ne te vas pas :) tu es malgré tout mon chanteur, rappeur, acteur et surtout, danseur préféré ! j'aime vraiment tout ce que tu fais et j'ai un rêve dans lequel tu es: Je voudrais que tu me fasse monter au sommet comme usher a monté justin. Car je dessine beaucoup, mais mes dessins sont mes je n'ai pas vraiment beaucoup d'amis...voudrais-tu être mon ami, mon sauveur ? Tu me sauverais la vie please :o
    by Krissy_Breezy_75 on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • Happy Bday Sweetheart
    by jo nunes on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • Happy Birthday Chris Brown. I hope u have a wonderful birthday today. I love you!!
    by TeamNyKendra on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • Happy birthday Breezy. Much love and fortune from your #1 fan. Stay blessed and continue with everything you do. I would continue to support you and everything you do in life. Please continue to be the positive image you are. As a #teambreezy, you inspire me to be great. Thank you for everything you've done. I appreciate you for being you. Love you very muchhh <33 . From Justice HAPPYBIRTHDAYBREEZY
    by youngrosebud on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • happyi b day breezy i love you
    by fabiana barbosa on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • happy birthday breezy i luv u with all my heart u r the best at everything you do and im here for u no matter what u do i will always support u so happy birthday christopher maurice brown i hope that u have many many more with love from,jazmine robinson aka:your biggest fan<3 <3 <3
    by jazzy4eva0 on 5月 5, 2013 午前31 11:11午前