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Chris Nominated For 2013 BET Award!

Chris Nominated For 2013 BET Award!
TEAM BREEZY!! Chris has been nominated for the 2013 BET Award for Best Male R&B/Pop Artist! Are you as excited as we are?! Catch the 106 & Park highlights from yesterday’s press conference below!

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  • GO BREEZZY.. we love u
    by noami haruna on 6月 26, 2013 午後30 3:03午後
  • team breezy baby...we got this.
    by clymaxie on 6月 16, 2013 午後30 3:03午後
  • cant wait to see him sooooo fine but y the blonde hair.still fine though.want him and rih rih back together soo bad
    by msfiyah on 6月 7, 2013 午後30 6:06午後
  • Can't wait for the BET Award... BEST wishes to you CHRIS BROWN I Know you will WIN!!!! : )
    by Brittany19 on 6月 5, 2013 午前30 12:12午前
    by bernard09 on 5月 27, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • He Really Deserves It Anyways . I Hope He Is Really HAppy .. <3 You Chris !
    by MizzBrezzy_17 on 5月 24, 2013 午前31 11:11午前
  • Deserves!!! <3
    by kougou on 5月 22, 2013 午前31 10:10午前
  • Yeah hope he wins!!!!!!
    by Chrisbrownepicfan on 5月 21, 2013 午後31 7:07午後
  • by mrs.brown0 on 5月 21, 2013 午後31 1:01午後
  • i would put money he win #TEAMBREEZY
    by mrs.brown0 on 5月 21, 2013 午後31 1:01午後