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Chris Brown the GREATEST!

yes indeed he is!!!! Chris Brown is one of the best to do it at a early age. His first album "Chris Brown" dropped back in '05 where he had 5 singles reach the BillBoard Hot 100 and his album was certified platinum. ALL facts! His second album "Exclusive" was released back in '07 had 4 singles that reached the BillBoard Hot 100 again, not only that but he also came out with a deluxe edition to his second album "Exclusive" and had 2 more singles reach the BillBoard Hot 100. His second album was certified DOUBLE PLATINUM, thats insane i know!!! Such great talent but lets move forward. His third album "Graffiti" came out in '09 , the same time his incident with Rihanna the famous Barbadian artist happened. 2 singles from his third album "Graffiti" hit the BillBoard Hot 100. On his fourth album "F.A.M.E" dropped back in '11 is his first album to reach number ' 1 ' on the BillBoard Hot 200!! The album was certified GOLD.

'06 Chris received 23 nominations and won 9 of them
'08 Chris received 41 nominations and won 16 of them
'10 Chris won AOL Fandemonium award at the BET Awards.
Overall Chris has 52 Awards from 147 nominations. Incredibly Talented Soul

All to know about Chris Browns career. Hope this information helped you out learn a bit more of Chris if you don't know much. Thank You for your time reading.

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he cant dance the king can

you know chris brown is a f***ing plagiarizer. Ain't got nothin. Tryin to mimic the king of pop. needs to go some ware with all that foolishness, just a skinny b****. Where the hell are them packs he supposedly claims he has.He's more of a f***in women them me.Dying his hair blond like a f***in lady. so stop talking about he the best.

Chris is an awesome performer who shows so much energy and enthusiasm no matter the performance! I just love watching him dance. What a talent!

Don't forget he got his first Grammy for F.A.M.E.!!!!!