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~Unlikely Love~

ok so this was a dream a friend of my told me if you like it I may extend it so please give me some details about what yall think.....

she got all dressed up wearing a long sleeved black Armani formed fitting dress with a gold chain around her waist and her black gold bottom Armani 5inch heels. she was excited that she won tickets to the BET Awards tonight her friend ended up canceling on her at the last minute and she wasn't gonna miss this so she decided to go without her.
when she got there they messed up her seating arrangement so she was seated in the second row right in between lil wayne and nicki minaj. she was beyond excited and nervous. it was almost time for the show to start and out the corner of her eye she noticed wayne has yet to take his eyes off her. she was really into lil twist sexy ass and maybe if she played her cards right she could get a piece of that and maybe more. hell she'll do anything to get with him and if that means using weezy's thirsty ways to get it then so be it.
"aye who are you.?" weezy asked interrupting her thoughts.
"uh im the contest winner. they gave my seats away and this was the only other open one left."
"oh that's whats up. whats yo name baby.?"
"well miss Carmen you are a very beautiful woman."
"I thought you only liked red bones." she said tryna see where he was going with this.
"aw girl that's just the media blowing my words out of proportion. I love my chocolate sistas too."
"yea ok." just then the show began and kevin hart was out there stepping with them kids looking hilarious.
"aye can we go somewhere real quick.?" wayne asked.
"but the show just started."
"girl he don't care. he got you in his sights so just go with it." nicki spoke up saying.
"but i actually wanna see the show."
"chill baby your still gonna be able to see the show. just come on." he took her hand and lead her out and they went to his trailer. immediately he tried to kiss her but she stopped him.
"whoa now.! i hope your not about to get the idea that im some groupie cause im not and if you think imma have sex with you and all yo homies at this award show you got another thing coming because i don't get down like that." she said ready to walk back to her seat but he stopped her.
"relax baby it aint even that type of party, plus do you think i would be out here with you right now if i thought you were just another groupie that got lucky and seated next to me.? i know your different i can tell my your ora and that's why i wanna enjoy you in my presence while i can."
"look that's all cool and everything but i actually have a crush on twist and i would rather be doing this with him."
"oh really.? how about this let me do something and after im done if you still feel the same way i will personally hook yall up."
"im not fuxking you dude."
"i don't want you to just relax and let me do me." she knew she shouldnt do this but shyt she aint got nothing to lose and its not like anybody would find out about this.
she agreed and allowed hom to feast on her from head to toe and when he began to eat her out it seemed like he never wanted to come up. and he was doing it right and when she tried to moved cuz she couldn't take no more his grip on her thighs got tighter. he sucked and played with her clit with his tongue like no other sending shock waves up her spin and when she climaxed it was actually the first time she had ever squirted.
"damn baby you taste delicious." he said licking every bit of her juices and kissing her inner thigh.
she couldn't even speak she was trying to catch her breath. while she was out of it he slid himself in her and began hitting it from the back. surprised she tried to push him off but as he got deeper she began moaning its like he knew her body and how it should be done. after about 20 minutes he busted inside her and she squirted again even harder and collapsed on her back.
"so do you still feel the same way you did when you walked in.?" he said. all she could do was shake her head.
"yea i thought so." wayne noticed it was almost time for his performance so they hurried and washed up and he changed his outfit and picked her out a new outfit as well. they got back in just in time for him to enter on his part of 'Miss Me'.
"i want you to stand right here imma have a surprise for you in a minute." he said with a kiss then went on stage. after the song was over he gave a little speech.
"iight so i heard i won two awards tonight that i missed accepting well truth be told i was in my trailer eating and fuxking the best puccy i have ever had. this girl might jus become the new mrs. dewayne michael carter, jr. come here baby." he said as the crowd began to laugh and clap. for a while she was frozen in place so wayne walked over to her and pulled her out on stage so everybody could see her and she put a fake smile on her face and began to feel her phone vibrating against her left titty. he kissed he ran dshe walked back off stage and he finished his performance.
he got off stage and they went back to his trailer so he could change again.
"that was a great performance." she told him.
"aw thanks baby it was crazy hype."
"im talking about all that shyt you said about me."
"that was real shyt."
"yea ok."
"real talk Carmen everything i said out there about you was true."
"yea whatever im gonna head on home. thanks for the ass and head. deuces." without another word she left. she knew she enjoyed every moment of what took place here tonight but she at the same time she knew nothing could come of this and she was ok with that.
as she left she checked her phone and noticed all the tweets and text messages from her friends about what wayne said it was a real surreal night and although she didnt want it to end she knew it had to.

tell me what yall think...