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Be A Part Of Chris’ BET Award Performance

Be A Part Of Chris’ BET Award Performance
Calling all the ladies! Are you Chris’ biggest fan? Well, here’s your chance to PROVE IT! All you have to do is upload a video of you dancing to “Fine China” and let us know why YOU are Chris’ biggest fan. The winners will get to be a part of Chris’ BET Awards performance. What are you waiting for? Click here to sign up!
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  • I dream u day and night i also wish dat i can meat u in person when i get famous
    by chasity23dancer on 7月 12, 2013 午前31 4:04午前
    by Valerieyebra2013 on 7月 10, 2013 午後31 6:06午後
  • I wish I can fly there all over from Philippines. It's so far. :(
    by BrownMars on 7月 4, 2013 午後31 8:08午後
  • I would really like to meet you r my favorite artist. MY wish is to meet u and take a picture with u that is my wish.So if u r reading this please write me back chris brown!(: #teambreezy
    by ayyo_caria on 7月 2, 2013 午後31 1:01午後
  • If you are reading this Chris Brown I want you to know that It would be great if I could meet you one they and that would make my wish come true #Teambreezy
    by Jolecialovesbreezy on 7月 1, 2013 午後31 4:04午後
  • my idol ... Christopher Maurice Brown
    by Chupetinha Chris on 6月 29, 2013 午後30 2:02午後
  • ,,I can say that Chris Brown is a great outstanding performer. I loved his voice so much ,very seductive. So , not surprisingly many girls would love to be with him on stage.. <a href="">need more twitter follower</a>
    by natura on 6月 26, 2013 午後30 1:01午後
  • Eres unico chris brown soy de PERU te esperamos
    by Angelí Boza on 6月 25, 2013 午後30 3:03午後
  • i cant wait to see him perform he will tear the stage down like always
    by Hopefully13 on 6月 23, 2013 午後30 7:07午後
  • Imy big bro...- Miindey I wish i could get back in contact w you somehow.
    by I CAN be Chris ... on 6月 22, 2013 午後30 12:12午後