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Not What It Apppears

Have you ever looked at yourself seeing the real you. Only you know the truth as everyone on the outside looks in envying you. But you really envied them but only you knew. Hiding the truth as they put you on a pedestal when really deep down you are falling apart. Thinking no one will understand and they can't save you from this pain. The good girl image is what she was known for but that wasn't the truth. <a href="">She</a> had a dark truth that no one ever knew......


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Jesse didn't even acknowledge her presences because she didn't care for her. Still feeling like someone was burning a hole in the side of her face as she glanced over there was Rihanna mugging her.

Kayla was fixing her hair as Toni texted on her phone all feeling the hostile feeling as her sidekick Melanie mugged them not caring.

"b**** I advise you to fix you f***ing face before I rearrange it" Kayla said calmly as she applied another coat of lipstick

Jesse laughed at her as Rihanna washed her hands rolling her eyes. "You thought that was funny"

Jesse took out a tube of lipstick and then out it away once she was done and turned her attention towards Rihanna" I f***ing laughed didn't I" she responded

"Whatever just so you know Chris will always be mines"

"b**** please he don't want your ass loose pussy ass" Toni said finally looking up from her phone and putting it away

"Oh now she talks" Melanie said

"Aw I talk it's just that motherf***ers talk s*** on twitter and instagram but won't do s*** when you see them" Toni said looking Melanie dead in the eye

"Oh shots fired" Kayla said since she was already tipsy which meant she really didn't give a f*** about what she said

"Now see Chris never brings you up in any conversation or about his past since you are not relevant""

"Sweetie I'm relevant everywhere I go ask the industry"

"Oh you mean about your music or about how you f***ing almost everybody cause your pussy get the same play as your songs do on the radio" Jesse replied

"Damn she talking about you forehead I mean Frankenstein" Kayla said

"Why are you still talking?"Melanie tried to say coming at Kayla

"Damn I didn't know you could talk with Frankenstein d*** still in your mouth" Kayla said back causing Jesse and Teyana to crack up laughing

Jesse soon directed her attention back to Rihanna as she was silent now" Oh you can't speak or something"

"I can b****" she said trying to be hard

"First off cut off the thug life s*** cause less be honest your ass is from a f***ing island that is far from being around gangsters, drug dealers, pimps or even a f***ing mafia" she said stepping closer " Secondly you need to grow the f*** up and stop trying to shade people over twitter and Instagram because one day you're gonna get your s*** knocked in for f***ing with the wrong one"

"She already did let's beat they ass now" Toni said

"Hell yeah" Kayla added

"Oh and thirdly don't ever in your life try and come at me over a man that doesn't even want your pot head ass with a f***ing flat ass looking like you smoke rocks with a f***ing 80s mullet" Jesse said staring her down

Rihanna looked over at her and soon backed down"Whatever I don't care about Chris"

"You must do if you're still standing right here"

"Let's go Mel" Rihanna said as they walked to the door

"Oh Rihanna" Jesse called out as she turned around

"Let's me honest you may have more hits right now but me and Toni can sing f***ing circles around you so I expect you to take voice lessons cause you sound like a dying cat. Also your just a petty basic b**** nothing more bye now" she waved as they walked out

Kayla gave Jesse a high five"Yes that's the old J that came out"

"b****es be trying me I swear"

"Her ass was scared got b****es shook" Toni said laughing

"f*** them let's go pour some more" Kayla said opening the door as the all walked back to V.I.P. to continue enjoying their time.

Jesse went back over where Chris was as he wrapped his arms around her.

"What took y'all so long thought I might have to come look for you my damn self" Chris said serious but jokingly

Jesse looked to her left a little down in V.I.P and saw Rihanna eyeing them as she gave her a smile and flipped her off.

Wrapping her arms around Chris neck as he had his hands wrapped around her waist" Just catching up on stuff with the girls we had to handle a little problem" she said kissing him

"Everything alright" he said looking concerned

"Yeah it is now" she said kissing him again as his concerns fade away instantly

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Jesse, Kayla and Toni were all getting ready at Jesse’s place as they played 2 Chainz song feds watching.

Kayla was in the mirror curling her hair, as Jesse was doing her make up as Toni put on her clothes

“You a b****, you a hoe that’s just my philosophy” Kayla said singing along

“Ima be fresh as hell if the feds watching “Jesse rapped along

“Drop top head bobbing “Toni added in

“Aye we finna turn up” Kayla said as she finished curling her last curl as she ran her hands through her hair

“You know this man” Toni said as she looked over herself in the full length mirror by the bed as she bobbed her head to the beat

“Aye” Jesse said as she got up from the mirror and winked at herself satisfied with her look “I look good as hell”

“I missed this” Toni said looking over at her friends as they smiled at her “The trio back, JTK”

“Forever baby” <a href="http://cdn.necoleb****">Kayla</a> said as she hugged <a href="">Toni</a> and Jesse did the same

“Let’s go ya’ll Chris said they outside”

“Tell his high yellow ass we coming” Kayla said as they walked down the stairs and out to the car

As they drove down the road Jesse suddenly felt a bad feeling in her gut as Chris looked over at her.

“You okay?” he asked as only she could hear

“I just have a bad feeling about tonight” she said looking over at him

Wrapping his arm around her tightly as they sat in the car “Don’t worry
I’m here I’m not letting anything happen to you” he said firmly

She nodded as she laid her head on his shoulder as they driver drove to their destination

Kayla heard a bag of chips rattling as she looked over to see <a href="">Trey</a> eating “What the f*** man don’t you ever stop eating”

Trey mugged her as he stuffed his mouth “I got a high metabolism”

“I thought that’s only what people say when they ass f***ing greedy like you for example”

Trey finished eating as he swallowed his last chip and wiping his hands clean “That’s why you don’t have no man now”

Kayla hit him in the arm as he punched her in the breast back “What the f*** nigga and for your information I don’t have a man by choice you little s***” she said rubbing her tit

“That’s what women say that can’t get one , like you for example” he said using her words against her

“Aye you two cut it out before I have to come back there” <a href="">Shad</a> said as he sat up front as Toni laughed sitting by Kayla

“She started it”

“I sure did” she said twisting his nipple in his shirt as he smacked her hand away and rubbing his chest

“a**hole” he said

“But you love it though” she said making kissing sounds at Trey

“Crazy ass” Trey replied

"Little s***"

Soon they arrived at the club as they all got out one after the other.
<a href="">Chris</a> helped <a href="">Jesse</a> out as he locked hands with her as he shielded the paparazzi from getting close with Big Pat by his side. As they entered the club the strange feeling she felt came back even stronger as they entered V.I.P.

Sitting down in their area as they hand bottles sent their way as Jesse began to feel a little faded as she stood at the balcony with Chris behind her as she rocked her hips to the beat of the song Honest by Future.

As Chris wrapped his arms around Jesse she felt her heart began to race as he breathed on her neck. She turned around to face him as she could see his eyes were low as she looked down to his lips and soon felt them connect with hers as she kissed back.

“That’s my b**** get it” Kayla said as she cheered them on while dancing with Trey

“Go head now” Trey said

“Aye” Shad said while holding a bottle as he drink from it

“Bout damn time” Toni said as she laughed while sipping from her glass and dancing

As they kissed everything and everyone around them disappeared as they felt an electric feeling pass through them as cameras flashed around them not paying them any mind. Soon enough they pulled back from the kiss as Chris looked Jesse in the eye and soon smiled.

She wiped his mouth from the lipstick she left behind as he held her tightly towards him moving back and forth not wanting to let her go. Jesse felt like someone was watching her but did not know who.

“I gotta go use the ladies room I’ll be back” she said kissing him again as he released her

Kayla and Toni went with her as she entered the ladies room and suddenly the bad feeling came back over her again that once disappeared as she kissed Chris forgetting all about it until now. When she left the stall she walked over to the sink washing her hands as a toilet flushed and out walked Rihanna.

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⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨⇨NEW READER ⇦⇦⇦⇦⇦⇦⇦ this is really good. Chris .is a sweetheart. Mama J is so nurturing and loving!!! Run it! I wanna know what's going to happen at these club!

RUN IT !!!!!!!!!

(Two Months Later)

It had been two months since everything has happened and the media was still on the subject since it had "leaked" out to the press. Dealing with the matter privately she was glad to have her friends and Chris there for her. Her bruises an broken leg had finally healed fully and she was glad about that cast coming off since it was so itchy.

Jesse was putting away her kitchen items with help from Toni and Kayla
as Chris,Trey and Shad brought in the last boxes.

"Jesse what the hell is in this box" Chris said as he sat down on the couch

"That box was heavy as s*** I thought my arms were gonna break"
Shad said

The girls stopped putting away plates as they came over to where the guys were at.

"Your little ass can't carry s*** I'm surprised it didn't squash you" Toni said as everyone laughed except Shad

"Them boxes was heavy T I don't know what the hell could weigh so much but okay" Trey said

Jesse went over to one of the boxes as she opened it with a box cutter and pulled out a item.

"These are just shoes on here" she said as she held them up as they turned around

All the girls began to laugh as they clowned the boys about the boxes

"Y'all weak asses" Kayla said as she sat down next to Toni.

"Man whatever" Chris waved them off "I should have let you hire movers to do this s***"

Trey punched him in the arm"What the f*** man" he said as Shad hit
him in the other one

"Don't be volunteering our ass for s*** unknowingly" Shad said "And you lied saying we was going to foot locker nigga"

"Man f*** a pair of shoes his ass lied saying we was going to a new pizza place that opened up" Trey said mugging Chris "You want to know what I ate today?"

"Pancakes, bacon, toast, scrambled eggs and some orange juice" Jesse answered

"That was morning J it don't count I'm talking about lunch"

"Two burgers, a fry, two tacos, shrimp and vanilla shake"Chris answered

"Sounds like you ate good" Toni said as everyone nodded agree

Trey ran his hand over his face"That's not the damn point"

"What's the f***ing point than nigga, damn" Kayla said folding her arms

Trey looked over giving her a deathly glare"Shut up Kay" he looked at everyone"The point is a nigga lied about getting food. Never tell me there is good when there isn't because it will be a incident like the time before"

"You mean when you ran into McDonalds and shouted at the cashier" Shad said

"Naw he talking about the time he ran into the back of Pizza Hut and stole some bread sticks and two large pizzas"

"Really Trey" Jesse said looking at him

"If I can't eat no one will" he said making his voice deeper

Trey got up from the couch as he turned looking at Chris pointing a finger at him" You will pay for this lie, I will get my vengeance Christopher not now but when you least expect it" he said leaving out the door

"Crazy ass" Kayla said as everyone got up following Trey out the door so they could get something to eat

Jesse went to go visit Mama J since they have gotten close over these past months. She was like a mother to Jesse as Mama J treated her just like a daughter.

They sat in the kitchen talking when the front door opened and closed.

"Mama" he yelled out

"Boy quit yelled Im in the kitchen" she said

He came around the corner as he smiled looking over at Jesse and his mom. Giving his mom a kiss on the cheek he soon came around to to Jesse as she got up from her seat giving him a hug as he hugged her back tightly planting a kisses on both her cheeks making her giggle.

"Chris" she whined as she pushed him away while Mama J smiled at the little exchange between the two

Chris took a seat next to Jesse as he laid his head on her shoulder"What y'all two talking about"

"Grown woman business"

"Yeah" Jesse said

Chris rose his eyebrow as he looked between the two ladies seeing that they were not telling him anything."Trying to get information out of you two is like a squirrel trying to crack a nut the first time"

His mom laughed"What you doing here Chris I wasn't expecting you til tomorrow" she said

"I wanted to see you that's all" he said

"Awww mama's boy" Jesse said caressing his check they way she always did when he would lay on her shoulder

"So" he said in his baby voice

They shook their heads

Chris lifted his head up to face Jesse"I was going to your house after mama's but since you're hear I will ask now"

"What's up"she said looking at him

"Will you got out to the club with me?"

"I don't know Chris " she said

"Please everyone else is going"

"Toni and Kayla too"

Chris nodded" I need my Jay Bear with me it wouldn't be right" he said pulling her into him

"You should go baby you need to get out being held up in the house is not gonna make your problems go away. Gotta face the music sooner or later"Mama J added

"I pick later"

"Nope it's finale you're coming out tonight with me"


"No buts you're going out and you will have a good time. You deserve it and I won't have it any other way"

"Mama J" she cried

"Sorry his words are finale and that's that"

She folded her arms" Really" she looked at Chris until finally giving in " Fine"

Chris smiled as he kissed her on the cheek "You not facing this alone Jay Im right here with you" he said grabbing her hand intwining it with his

Mama J smirked at the two as she got up from her seat and went to start making dinner.

Jesse had a feeling tonight would be fun but she still felt in her gut that something was going to happen tonight.

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