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quick question. a little help needed.

hello, i'm bree & i've recently just got back into fanfics out of curiosity and wanted to start writing again. the question i have is can someone show me how to do the link pictures? it's been so long i can't even remember.

i remember it's something similar to this: [img]link[/img]

i would really appreciate the help (:


oh okay! i see now.


where would i put 'chris' in the code?
like: [img]chris[img]photolink[/img]

sorry if i sound slow lol.

Ugh. I messed up...

You could go to

<strong>More information about formatting options</strong> at the bottom of this 'Post New Reply' box. Click the link and it will show you exactly how to do it.

<a href="LINK">NAME OF LINK</a> <em>Like for example if it was a picture of Chris, you would put Chris name right here or the name of the character or place.</em>