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My Soul Mate

<a href="">I</a> sat in the livingroom of my new <a href="">home</a> playing NBA2K13. I was eating my snack while concentrating on the game more than helping my siblings unload the truck. ”Mulan! Mulan!” My mom yelled in her thick Vietnamese accent, calling me by my middle name. ”Yeah ma!” I yelled, pausing the game. ”Come down heyah and help you brotha and sista. They don't need to be carrying you boxes!” I facepalmed myself and stood to my feet. I dragged my tired body downstairs and looked over at my <a href="">mom</a> holding that stupid ass dog. ”Ma. I told you. It's your. Y-O-U-R.” I slowly spelled. She smacked her lips. ”Mulan get damn boxes! No correct matha!” I turned and rolled my eyes. This lady needs to work on her english. ”She was ugly as hell!” I heard my sister yell. ”So? Her pussy don't got a face! So I'm f***ing that!” I heard her huff and then open the door. ”But pussy carries dieseases and I'm going to laugh when ya ass catch one.” I smirked at the <a href="">two.</a> They were a real comedy show once you get used to them. ”Mayleen! Tell your brother that he is being a dumbass. Foo' keep thinking with his d*** and not his mind.” I shook my head and grabbed the box from her. ”My mind and d*** think alike so either way, imma be thinking about getting pussy.” I rolled my eyes and took my stuff back upstairs. ”You ready for that ass whooping?” Michael asked coming into my room. ”You must be talking about yourself, because I'm going to wax that ass from beginning to end boy!” He waved me off, sat down, and picked up a controller. I was so busy picking my team, that I didn't notice him munching on my hot fries. ”Nigga! The f*** you doing dude?!” He smirked and took another hand full. ”I'll buy you some more May, chill.” I glared at him and finally settled on my team. The Miami Heat. Been a fan way before Bron got there. ”You picking them just because they won the championship. f*** heat, I'm going with the bulls!” I chuckled and shook my head. ”Dude! I've been picking the Heat since Vietnam got the Playstation. I miss that s*** hole of a place already.” I admitted. ”Why? We stayed getting left out of s***. We were outcast. Nobody wanted to hang with us, all because we had more money and a whole lotta swag. Man f*** Vietnam! I'm glad America won the damn war!” I busted out laughing. He stayed saying f*** something. ”Her highness has entered please no photos.” Sochitta said walking in and posing. ”Chitta! Walk yah ass in my room right!” I yelled, throwing a pillow at her. She huffed and walked out my room. She knocked on the door and I smirked at Michael. ”Who is it?” I sung. ”Sochitta......b****!” She exclaimed. ”Come in......hoe!” I yelled back. She ran in and jumped on my bed. ”I call controller from whoever loses.” I started the game and looked at Michael. ”You might as well say your goodbyes now.” He shook his head and bit his lip as he concentrated on the game.

”You were cheating!” Michael yelled. I shook my head as I collected my 50 bucks and smiled. ”Thank you for investing in my new shoes.” He flicked me off and Chitta got the remote. ”I want yall to start calling me Honey.” She randomly said. ”I wanna be called Tyga then.” They both looked at me and I looked back at them. ”What?!” I said, getting annoyed. ”What's your name gonna be?” She asked. ”Hmmm.....May to the muhf***in Leen b****!” I exclaimed. ”No cussing in ma house! God no like ugly!” My mom lectured us. ”Get ready fo' skoo gon be late tomorrow.” I huffed and rubbed at my eyes. ”Yeah okay.” Michael mumbled, brushing her off. ”Ma! I'm hungry!” I whined. ”Go eat Taco Bell!” She yelled, walking away from me. ”Yall wanna go to Taco Bell?” I asked, looking at them. ”I'm with it if you with.” Michael said nudging Chitta. ”Yeah. I could eat. Gotta get used to this American food someday, right?” Me and Michael nodded and got up. We walked out the house and went to get in the car, but I remembered my car wouldn't be here until next week. ”f***!” I yelled in frustration. ”Guess we'll walk.” Michael said. We began to walk to Taco Bell and on the way we passed a party. ”Yall wanna check it out?” He asked. ”No way! Mom would kill us if she knew we went there. No paty! You lady, not child! Why you lie to me?!” Chitta said, acting like our mom. We all laughed and I looked at the <a href="">house.</a> ”I wonder what the inside looks like.” I thought aloud. ”Come on. It can't hurt to at least check it out.” Michael urged. ”Fine. I'm in. But if ma finds out. I'm blaming you. What about you May?” I stood there for a second and then inhaled the magnificent scent of  American food. ”Hell yeah.” Michael smiled and wrapped his arms around ours. ”Shall we?” I smirked and laughed. ”We shall.” We began to walk into the party and it was packed! I mean wall to wall, hoes, niggas, ugly b****es, bad b****es, everybody and they damn mom was in this party. ”Damn. Shawty looking good.” Ty whispered in my ear looking at some <a href="">chick.</a> ”Ass fat, check. Boobs big, check. Face good, check. She's a winner.” I said. He looked over at Chitta and she nodded. He smiled and unwrapped his hands and made his way over to her. ”Ooo! They got barbecue wings!” Chitta dragged me over to the kitchen. We grabbed plates and started to pile up food. When we were finished me sat down and grabbed a cup of punch. I drunk it and instantly my throat burned. ”Somebody spiked that.” Chitta lifted her cup to her nose and shrugged. ”Now I can go to sleep faster.” I smirked and we started to chug and eat. It was like cycle. ”Whew! I'm feeling it noooowwwww!” She slurred. ”Yo. You see them two over there staring at us?” I turned to see who she was talking about and for sure two <a href="">dudes</a> were staring. ”I wonder if they know we don't belong.” She whispered in my ear. ”I don't know, but we're about to find out.” I whispered back as they made their way over.

I pretended like somebody had called me so I wouldn't have to talk. ”Hey mama!” I said as they approached us. ”Oh Honey, she's right here.” I glanced over at Chitta to see her staring at the two dudes. The darker one took my phone from my ear and showed it to the light one. ”Wow. Oldest trick in the book. Nobody talks to their mom like that when they at a party. Especially when they know they not supposed to be here.” I shrugged and reached for my phone, but he snatched it back. ”Give me my damn phone.” He smiled and looked at the other guy. ”Look Chris. She wants me to give her phone back. Not before me giving you my number though.” I rolled my eyes and finally snatched my phone out his hand. ”Thank you.” I huffed. I sat down and continued to eat until the light one, I think his name was Chris, snatched my plate. ”Nigga the f***?!” Chitta exclaimed. ”Who you calling nigga b****?” The darker one spat. ”She ain't even mean it like that. But who the f*** you calling b****?” I snapped. ”You.” Chris stepped up to me and I laughed. ”You cute. But I suggest you step the f*** back before I blow ya brains out.” I knew at the time I wasn't packing but Chitta was and I could pull a gun, kill a nigga, and blame it on somebody else in ten seconds. ”Chris and Trey stop! I'm sorry. They always pick with people. I'm Heather.” <a href="">She</a> smiled at us. ”I'm May. That's Honey.” Chitta smiled back and then mugged the hell out of this Trey character. ”You want these dirty ass chinese b****es at yo party?” I slammed my hand down on the table and they all jumped. ”First of f***ing all. I'm Vietnamese. Not Chinese, get that s*** straight. Second, you will not disrespect me or my sister. Third, I'm about two damn seconds from killing a b**** nigga right now.” Chris smirked. ”Try it.” I reached back in Chitta's pocket, c**ked the gun, and pointed right between his eyes. ”I expect an apology. You don't even have to mean it. I just want to hear you say it.” He quickly wiped that stupid ass smirk off his face and looked over to Trey. He pulled a gun out on me and I laughed. ”So we gonna play this game? Chitta.” She pulled her gun and aimed it at him. ”I just want an apology.” I said, still smiling. It was amusing they thought I wouldn't just blow their heads be honest, it was pretty cute. ”Whoa! What is going on?” Michael said walking towards us with that chick. ”These pussies disrepected us! And I'm not putting s*** down until I get an apology.” Michael sighed and stepped between the gun and Chris. ”Just put the gun down. I'm sure they were just joking.” Trey chuckled. ”I meant every word.” Michael looked back at him. ”You acting real ignorant right now. These girls were trained to be killers. I'm trying to save you, so will you please just stop talking.” Trey clenched his jaws and Michael looked at me. ”Put it down.” He gritted through his teeth. I looked at him then glared at everybody who was looking at us. I smirked at Chris. ”Until next time cutie.” I bent down and grabbed his face. I pecked his lips and at first he tensed up, but he started to kiss me back. I pulled back biting his lip. ”Until next time.” I patted his cheek and put the gun away. ”Okay nothing to see here! Move along! The party ain't over!” Heather yelled. ”I like you two. Here's my number. I hate being the only female in this circle.” I smiled and took her number. Chitta finally put her gun down and smirked. ”Your cute too. Here's my number.” She wrote her number in pen on Trey's arm and pecked his cheek. ”Hit me up.” She said before all three of us walked out the house getting stares. ”Yall always gotta start s*** man.” Ty mumbled. ”They started. They called us b****es, hoes. They called us Chinese Michael! I don't look f***ing Chinese!” Us Vietnamese people took that s*** serious. We became highly offended if you called us Chinese. ”Whatever. Let's just hurry home before ma come looking for us.” I sighed and we trudged home.

Chris' POV

”I like 'em.” My little sister Heather squealed. ”I don't want to see you around them. Right Chris?” I was still stuck in a trance. Those lips and smile had my heart beating fast. ”Chris?!” I snapped out of it and looked over at Trey. ”Huh? Oh yeah. Yeah. Don't hang with them.” I mumbled. ”Yall can't tell me what to do. I run my own damn self. Get it. Got it. Good.” She said rolling her neck. I shook my head and turned to see my <a href="">girl</a> staring at me. ”s***.” I cursed. ”s*** is right Chris! What the hell is wrong with you?! We letting b****es kiss on us now?” I rolled my eyes and looked her. ”SHE kissed ME baby-” ”You couldn't stop her?!” I heavily sighed and rubbed my neck. ”Chill. It caught me off gaurd.” That wasn't the right answer because she threw an empty cup at me and started to yell. ”No Chris! It didn't catch you offgaurd! I bet you liked that s*** huh?! You just a damn dog! Just like your father!” She spat. ”You know what? I did like it! It felt good as hell too. At least her breath don't taste like cigarettes and bitter b****.” I spat back. Her eyes widened and she looked at me. ”f*** you Chris.” She ran out the front door and Trey got down on his knees. ”Finally! The leach is gone! Please lawd don't let her ass come back!” I chuckled and shook my head. Chaos was my girlfriend. We've been on and off for the past five years. I was starting my senior year and she was the last person that I would let ruin it. ”Soooo, you ready to rule the school this year. Or you think somebody is going to take your spot?” Trey asked. I glared at him. ”Now nigga. You know ain't no damn body about to take our places at the top of the throne.” Heather smacked her lips. ”I hope May and Honey do. Yall niggas starting to bug me with this royalty s***. It's stupid just like you two.” She spat. ”Shut up.” Trey said, mushing her face. ”I'm about to go twerk my ass for one of these niggas see you after the party.” Heather said, walking off. ”Your sister is a hoe.” Trey said. ”Nigga what?!” I exclaimed. ”I'm just saying. She need to slow her ass down before her ass get pregnant by one of these deadbeat niggas.” I just looked forward and continued to bob my head to the music. I touched my lips and smiled a bit. She was a good kisser. Too bad shawty got on my bad side. Can't believe she pulled a gun on me.....on me! I run these damn streets! Ask every f***ing nigga in the city who run L.A and bet me or Trey's name is the first thing they'll say. No hesitation. ”Can't believe she did that.” I thought aloud. ”Me neither. Her sister was bad as hell though. I might need to hit and quit it one good time.” I shook my head. ”Nah. They f***ed with the wrong niggas. Don't associate with them. They might think we weak.” He nodded and turned on his heels to get another beer. ”Well. I might as well f*** a few before school start tomorrow.” I stretched and walked up to some hoes that were easy. They better be worth my damn time too.

Mayleen's POV

I finally stopped texting my friends back home and looked at the clock. ”Two f***ing a.m.” I sighed and put my head under tthe covers. ”I miss you daddy.” I cooed as I looked down at my newest tattoo. It was my dad's name Charles Michael Stevenson. I was what most called blasian. Back home, it was very uncommon to see a Vietnamese woman with a black man. Hell, if you loved an American they hated you. I only had three REAL friends. <a href="">They</a> all went throigh the same thing. They were Black, Vietnamese, rich, and hated just like me. ”I wish you were here with us. I'm sorry we left you.” Tears started to build up in my eyes as I saw flashbacks of that night. The night that changed my life, killed my soul, and ruined my trust. I hugged the pillow tight as I cried myself to sleep once again. That night was the main reason we had to move. It wasn't safe anymore. My friends had to leave too, but they are somewhere else in this country. I believe Lin and Ying are somewhere here in California, but I have yet to find out where Lien was. ”I hate my life.” I mumbled. I closed my eyes and replayed that night over and over.


I was sleeping peacefully until I heard my door open. ”May....Mulan.” I turned to see my <a href="">dad</a> walking to my bed with Michael and Sochitta behind him. ”What's going on?” I asked, worried that the moment we've been preparing for had arrived. ”It's time.” Was all he said before we heard our front door bust open. I got up and ran to my drawer. I was only in a shirt with underwear so felt kind of exposed, but now wasn't the time to worry about that. ”Mayleen! Run!” I heard Ying's voice. ”Shut up! Charles! Come out right now!” My dad hugged all three of us and pecked our cheeks. ”I love you guys so much.” He turned to my mom who had tears in her eyes. ”Be strong for them baby. I love you.” He pecked her lips and put her forehead against hers. ”I love you too.” I began to cry as Chitta held onto him. ”Daddy no.” I cried. He hugged me and then took Michael by the shoulders. ”Your the man now. Please take care of your mother and sisters. I need you to come thrpugh for me on this one.” Michael nodded as a tear slid down his cheek. My dad blew us kisses and turned off the light. ”I'm coming!” He yelled from up the stairs. I placed my shoes on my feet and got the luggage for all of us out. I looked out the window to see the truck, that was going to get us out of here, pulling up. I took a deep breath and stood at the top of the stairs where I would be unseen. My dad slowly made his way down the stairs. ”Well well well. Charles has finally given up. I know yu kids up tere. We kill them after yu.” Just like that. One gun shot went off. ”You b****!” Yelled my dad's nemesis. Next thing you know hundreds of gun shots filled the house. I looked down to see my dad lying on the ground. He had bullets everywhere. ”No!” I screamed as I ran to his already dead body. ”Cha no!” I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> laughing. ”Bastard!” I pulled my gun out and shot him in between the eyes. All his men started to fire at me and I took off running. I ran to my room locked it and saw my mom putting the timer on the bomb. I saw Ying had gotten away when they started to firw at me, so I'm sure he was in the truck by now. I started to help Chitta and Michael drench everything in gasoline. ”We got ten seconds!” My mom yelled. We all started to climb out the window. By the time I got to the window. There was two seconds left. ”I love you.” I said. The men had bust the door down and started to shoot at me again. I jumped down and landed on the matress that was placed below the window the night before. ”Go!” Michael yelled. The driver stepped on the gas pedal and we raced down the street. ”M-Ma-Ma-MayLeen? Are you hurt?” Chitta questioned. I shook my head and hid my arm. I couldn't be the reason my family didn't make it out alive. ”She's lying! May look at your arm!” Michael yelled. ”Oh my God! Pull over!” My mom ordered. ”You better not stop Ying! I'll be fine! Just keep on going!” I yelled. I looked back at the house and saw something on fire. I squinted my eyes and gasped. It dad's head.

*Flashback Over*

I woke up drenched in sweat. ”Let me go!” I screamed. ”It's me Mulan! Just me!” I opened my eyes to see Michael holding onto me. ”I miss him so much.” I cried in his chest. ”I-i-i wi-w-wish that w-wa-was me!” I stammered. He rubbed my back as my body shook and twitched. ”Don't say that Mulan. Dad did what a real man would. Gave up his life his family. I promise you that nobody else in this family will have to do the same. Not as long as I live.” I started to calm down. ”I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you. He probably would've been here now if I did.” He shh'd me and kissed my sweaty forehead. ”I don't want you to think about that right now. Okay. He loves you so much. Just know that.” I nodded softly and then my door opened. I jumped up to see Chitta with her head in her hands as she cried hardly. ”I can't get it out of my head!” I opened up my arms and she ran into them. Michael held us both like mommy and daddy would when we were younger. ”It's gonna be okay. Just make daddy proud and I promise you'll be happy.” I felt something wet on my hair and I looked up to see him crying. I didn't comment on it, knowing he probably would've stopped holding us. Michael was far from the emotional type nigga. I've only witnessed him cry three times in my LIFE. I hugged them tighter and he kissed my cheeks and laid back. ”Sleep it off.” He said the words that made my whole body shivered. Those were my dad's words for everything. When we were in trouble, mad, sad, confused, or just plain bored. He told us to sleep it off. I listened to his heartbeat and began to fall asleep. I tried to force myself to stay awake. But I couldn't. My body and mind were tired. I needed to rest.