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*Freshman Yr (College)*

"Look who coming over here Dani!" Lorane elbowed Danielle as Ree and Tev were walking up to them. "Oh man, but why they walking like that?" Danielle egged on with a silly grin plastered across her face. "Hahaha. They are bonified examples of irrelevance!" Lorane and Danielle were laughing hysterically as Ree and Tev finally made it over to the table. "Sooo, what the hell is so funny?" Tev asked. Lorane and Danielle continued to laugh. "Yo wtf I know damn well yall heard my boy ask yall a question! Aint not s*** that damn funny!" Ree said as he slapped the table..adding rediculous dramatic effect. "Aint not s***?" Danielle repeated Ree's incorrect grammar. "Ummm when you pass the distant learning year round class on BACK HALL, that's when you come back and converse with us!! hahahaha" Lorane said as she and Dani continued to laugh. "Man f*** yall!" Tev uttered. "Yeah we out!" Ree chimed in. "BYE!" Dani and Lorane stated in unison. Just as Tev and Ree were about to try and say something else Lorane spotted <a href="">him</a> . Him being none other than Maurice. Maurice and Lorane locked eyes and normally Maurice was the first person over at the table talking and sitting with Lorane during lunch. Lately he was acting distant ever since the first day <a href="">Tev and Ree</a> started coming over. Lorane was happy to see him but as he did weeks up until now he kept walking past the table and sat with the immature females that she didn't like behind her. Danielle looked up in time to catch what had happened and looked at Lorane. "Aite yall we gone catch yall later tho." Ree and Tev announced as they decided to leave. Hugs were exchanged and they departed.

As soon as they left <a href="">Danielle</a> opened her mouth. "SOOO...What the f***? This the umteemth time he done did that. You gone say something to him or what, because quite frankly I wanna know why he acting so distant all of a sudden!" "Girl I don't know he gets in his little funks every now and again. Lorane replied trying to brush it off. Danielle gave her the oh please look and spat back "f*** No. This nigga didn't start this until <a href="Ree and Tev ass started coming over. He acting jealous if you ask me." "Dani that's bestie. He is not jealous!" "Oh really? Okay then have you confronted him about it yet?" "Umm No." "Mhmm, and why not? ..I'll tell you why, because you're scared. It's obvious that yall have something else going on other than this 'bestie' s*** yall keep dishin out to people! I say, talk to him about your feelings and get the s*** over with!" Dani said practically yelling. Maurice just so happened to be walking by and he wasn't about to make any attempt to speak or acknowledge Lorane or Dani for that matter. So Dani yelled. "Well f*** is up to you to nigga! I KNOW you see us." Maurice turned slightly and simply said "Oh wat up." Lorane just sat there flabbergasted at the way Maurice was acting. Wtf was his problem she asked herself. She knew damn well she hadn't done anything to him. Was he really jealous that other dudes were coming to the table? But why? Oh f*** no. He didn't have any right as many girls he was f***ing and considering the current girlfriend he had! "f*** NO! Jealous, CHECK HIM!" Danielle blurted interrupting Lorane's thoughts. She shook her head and decided that she would...SOON....


Run it!

Run it

Abt damn time cuz that shiid was getting ridiculous. Keesha don't wanna see Rane frfr Hopefully it goes just like that and they get together
Run It!!!

<a href="">Dani</a>, <a href="">Derick</a>, <a href="">Cole</a>, <a href="">Maurice</a>, and Lorane strolled back to their building. All laughing and joking about small time stuff. "Maurice!!" someone called from afar. Maurice couldn't hear from all the laughter. "MAURICE!" someone called again. Everybody looked around in alarm. "Bruh is somebody calling you?" Cole asked looking back. "you heard it too right? " Maurice said, also looking back.

Trailing behind them was <a href="">Keesha</a>. Dani and Lorane gave eachother a look only they knew. Maurice glanced over at Lorane but she didn't look at him.

They weren't walking too fast so Keesha finally caught up to them. Although Maurice was the only one lagging behind. She fell into step with him as she bumped him with her body. "Hey baby. Damn!" she said half jokingly. SHE was loud enough for everyone to hear, so when Dani and Lorane heard her they nudged eachother. Maurice could see everything. "Hellooo!" Keesha waved her hands in his face. Maurice turned his attention to her. "Wassup with you? You been off alot lately." she said. "nothing, nothing I'm cool. Where you coming from?" He asked, not really interested but wanting to change the subject. "Just left the library, had to print something off. What about you, well y'all actually." she said remembering there was a group of them. "Hey y'all." she spoke to the four in front of them. "Oh wat up, Hey, sup" Cole, Derrick, and Dani greeted. Lorane looked back and nodded, glancing quickly at Maurice, who caught it. Keesha also caught it and raised her eyebrow. "Sooo...what was that about?" she asked Maurice. "What was what Keesha?" He countered. "Don't play me Maurice. that little exchange between you and her." Keeshas voice elevated.

By now they had reached their building and Lorane turned around upon hearing Keesha. Maurice gave Lorane a stern look that read not to say anything. Everybody stood watching what could possibly turn into a altercation. "It's nothing Keesha. Has nothing to do with you. Damn baby are you on ya menstrual? " Maurice said trying to switch it around. "Nah." she said eying Lorane and then looking back at him. Lorane chuckled lightly. "See you inside man." she said. Everybody else followed behind Lorane. "Yeah that b**** gone damn sure see me around. " Keesha said as the crew was departing.

Maurice didnt have a chance to intervene, Lorane had heard her. Within seconds Lorane was back outside in Keesha face. "Nah, I see you now. Wassup?" Lorane said. "Lorane, no." Maurice said. <a href="">Danielle</a> was standing behind Lorane at this point. "Lorane No? Nah, 1st off I don't walk on all fours, damn sure not a dog. 2Nd off ya lil honey dip wanna pop off at the mouth, let's see where ya hands at baby." Lorane explained. "Maurice you better get ya secret admirer, but then again It's not a secret, because Everybody knows she wanna be riding MY d***!" Keesha spat. Lorane drew her head back and looked back at Danielle. Cole and Derick both looked to the ground as they shook their heads. "Keesha, you outta line. let's go." Maurice demanded pulling her arm. Keesha yanked her arm away. Lorane looked back infront of her. With no further delay Lorane stole Keesha with a left hook, and Keesha fell back immediately. Daaaaaamnnnnnn!" Cole and Derick both sang in unison. "Uh huh, getcho ass up. wanna talk s***, please be able to go to work when you do!" Lorane spat putting her guard up. Keesha sat holding her bloody nose. Maurice looked at Lorane and then Danielle. He gave Danielle the get her look and Danielle rolled her eyes. "Dani! Take her inside." Maurice yelled. "Nah, pick your lil girlfriend up so she at least fight back Maurice!" Lorane spat still standing with her guard up. Cole stepped up and picked Lorane up by the waist and headed towards the door. Maurice rubbed the back of his head and kneeled down to pick Keesha up. Once she was on her feet, He saw that Danielle was still standing there. He gave her the really look. "Danielle." He said. She smirked at Keesha before doing a 360 on her heels and heading for the door. Derick on the other hand was laughing his ass off. Maurice glanced at him and made a face. " D man take yo ass on." He ordered. As He caught his breath He stood straight up. "Ey you should teach Shorty how to take a hit." He said shaking his head, still laughing as He walked in the building.

Maurice looked at Keesha who was still holding her nose. "Let me see." He said. Lorane got her good He thought to himself. Keesha shook her head. "Ughhhhhhhhh. She f***ed my pretty face up! I should go right where she at and do her in." Keesha tried to pop off again. Yeah right, Maurice thought. "Keesha, hush. let's go so you can clean that up." He led her to the door.

They reached he and Lorane's room and as He was opening the door Keesha opened her mouth. "And you ain't off the hook neither!" she spat. He flipped on the light as they walked in. "Keesha what hook? What the hell are you talking about? Damn you been on my case for awhile now. " He argued back. "Tf? Nigga I seen the way she looks at you! Y'all sleep in the same room I know she have tried something! she a female! kill that bestie s***!  ion want you talking to her." Keesha said. "Are you f***ing crazy? She is not like other females. She wouldn't TRY nothing. and you out ya mind if you think you gone hit me with an ultimatum. I ain't gone stop talking to her. foh." Maurice said. "Oh really?? It's either her or me then." Keesha yelled. "No contest. It's her." Maurice answered bluntly.  Keesha was livid, and her eyes filled with tears as her heart sank. "Are you serious right now?" she asked choking up. "Dead ass." He reassured. Keesha couldn't believe her ears. She blinked rapidly as if that was going to change what was happening. Maurice wasn't phased at all. The minute she left He was going right to Lorane to first scold her for fighting. He didn't like seeing her fight, men do that. Secondly He was going to pronounce his affection for her in front of Everybody. He was ready for Keesha to go.

"I guess I'll see you around." He finally said. Keesha looked at him and stood up. She threw the towel that He had given her down and walked out, slamming the door behind her. Not a second later He was out the door. He dialed Cole. "Yo." Cole answered. "Open the door." He said.

Damn Kam dude you don't stand a chance to Maurice bruh he got her!!!
Dani play too much lol
Run It!!!

Aww s*** mar tryn to pull cards now smh nigga u still wit yo girl so y u worried bout if lo n kam talk smh get it together mar run it

"Girl what the hell is going on with you?" Danielle asked. "What you mean Dani?" Lorane asked back. "haha I'm just saying, the other night you was all, I'm moving out and I mean business talk. NOW you talking bout how y'all going to take it step by f***ing step! I can't! hahaha" Dani laughed at her friend. Lorane shook her head and couldn't help but laugh herself. "Ayo I'm hungry tho, let's go to the caf. " Lorane announced. "Me too, leggo. " Dani agreed.

While walking to the caf, they stumbled upon Kam. "Ey!" He yelled. Danielle and Lorane both looked up and saw Kam with his hands up in the air as if to say what's up. Lorane looked at Dani and Dani smirked. "Wassup dawg!" Danielle yelled back. Lorane eyed her and proceeded to walk towards Kam. Kam dapped Dani up, and then held his arms out inviting Lorane into an embrace. She accepted and they all walked in the Caf together.

<a href="">Maurice</a> was already at the second table to the back where they always sat. He was with two other guys, <a href="">Cole</a> and <a href="">Derick</a>, laughing and talking when they walked up. Kam's arm was draped around Lorane when Maurice looked up. His eyes went from Kam down to his arm and over to Lorane, finally landing on her eyes. He gave a look of surprise and amusement but He didn't appear to be upset.

"Hey y'all" dani greeted everybody. "Wat up Dani boo." Derick greeted back. "Yea Wassup D, Hey Raney " Cole also greeted. All the guys nodded at eachother to signify their Wassup. Kam looked over to Maurice, Maurice gave him a slight nod, and Kam returned the gesture.

<a href="">Danielle</a> sat between Cole and Maurice, while Lorane walked to the table and took her bag off. "Well ion know about anybody else, buuut I'm finna go eat!" Lorane announced. "Watch my stuff." she said to no one in particular.  Maurice looked up from the conversation Cole and Derick were having and grabbed her bag, as He got up. "I'm hungry too." He said smirking at her. Kam glanced at Maurice and then at Lorane. "Well watch my bag D." she said to Dani. Dani nodded as she continued to listen to Cole and Derrick's conversation.

Lorane walked to the line where they had waffles eggs, grits and other breakfast foods. She pulled out a plate for her and passed one back to Maurice. "You getting anything out this line?" she asked him. "Sooo, what's up with you and dude?" He asked with a slight smirk. Lorane turned and looked at him. "Nothing. We're friends." Lorane said. "He feeln you. You know that s***." Maurice retorted. "Ha! Why you trippn? " she asked. Maurice spun her around making her face him. He pulled her with his free hand by the hip. "don't start nun in this caf girl." He palmed her ass & squeezed it gently. "I know I said step by step but don't play with me." He told her. She hit him in the chest and He released her. They both moved up, once they saw a gap in front of them.

"So you telling me that the man was watching her the whole time?" Dani asked Derrick and Cole. "Hell yes! He knew exactly where to be in order to catch her slipping. I'm telling you, be careful." Derrick advised. "Yea man people crazy as hell man." Cole added. They were talking about a girl who was on the news for being kidnapped and raped. Kam had been listening all the while, but the group had his divided attention. His other focus was Maurice and Lorane. They were doing it again. Only concerned about them. He had shot a quick text to his homeboy, when He glanced up at them. Maurice had his hand glued to Lorane's ass, and she didn't seem too bothered. Kam cleared his throat and rolled his eyes back to the three that sat before him.

Minutes later Lorane and Maurice returned to the table. "Look at yo fat ass!" Cole voiced loudly. "Which one of em?" Derrick asked. "Lorane! like Maurice a dude, He pose 2 eat alot.. but damn look at her <a href="">plate!</a>" Cole joked. Lorane sucked her teeth. "Yeah but why y'all worried tho my nigga!?" she said sitting down. "Yeah why y'all worried?" Maurice chimed in. Everybody looked in Maurice's direction. Cole spoke for them all. "Oh Lord. We sorry man, we know how sensitive you get about L-" "Loraneeee!" they all cooed in unison and then burst out laughing. All except of course, <a href="">Kam</a>.

"Man shut up!" Lorane spat with a blush all over her face. "On the real tho, when y'all gone stop this fronting! " Derrick asked. It grew quiet as Lorane realized that Kam was still seated at the table with them. She caught his eye. "When y'all gone mind y'all biness!  Dang!" Dani tried to divert the question. Cole smacked his lips. "Oh no, now here she go!" "Nah dawg, here I am!" Dani beat her chest and stood up above Cole. Everybody laughed. Maurice sat back and eyed Kam with a smirk. "You mighty quiet over there bruh. You good my dude?" Maurice asked Kam. Kam shot him a evil look as He narrowed his eyes down at him. Lorane turned to Maurice. "Maurice." she called. "How about I just go." Kam said rising out of his seat still grilling Maurice. "Yeah, just do that." said Maurice. Kam's jaws clenched as He looked at Lorane. Lorane looked down at her plate. Everybody's attention was on them now.

Cole and Derrick looked between Maurice, Kam, Lorane and then Danielle. "OK so what did I miss?" Derrick pointed at himself. "Yeah Kam bruh you good." Cole said making it known that He ain't want no problem with the three of them. Kam nodded as He walked off.

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Why do they gotta be so complicated??? It's a simple problem with a simple situation.
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Maurice emptied his pockets onto his desk. As his keys landed, Lorane stepped out from the bathroom. He turned to see Lorane exiting the bathroom, that they shared. She had heard him come in and made sure she didn't make any eye contact with him once she had opened the door. She meant business and wasn't going to risk meeting his eyes and becoming trapped.

She walked over to her bed and plopped down  grabbing the <a href="">Noel vanilla bean bath and body works</a> bottle she had laying on the bed. After Squeezing an ample amount of lotion she began to apply it to her right leg and foot. Maurice was watching her every move and she knew it.

"So you just gone ignore me." He stated. She switched to the left leg and foot. "Your mouth isn't broken. You can speak whenever. " she responded. "Lorane." He called, hoping she would look up. "Maurice, look we gotta talk." she began. She closed the lotion bottle and placed it on her dresser. He continued to study her. "Im following through with this room switch." she admitted. A weight dropped on <a href="">Maurice's</a> heart. There was a couple things out of place on her side of the room, she busied herself with that so she could avoid facing him. "Lorane." He said. "Maurice." she imitated him. "Look at me damnit!" his voice boomed causing her heart to race. She stopped what she was doing and just stood there.

<a href="">Maurice</a> moved closer to her, grabbing her hand and spinning her around. She kept her head down. "I'm moving out Maurice. I can't do this." His jaws clenched. Their hands were still attached. "Let go of my hand please." she commanded. "Look at me." He commanded back. She sucked her teeth, amd tried to snatch her hand away, but He tightened his grip. "MAURICE!" SHE yelled. "Look at me." He commanded again, closing the gap between them. The <a href="">music</a> playing in the background was only adding more effect to the moment.

He moved in on her and lifted her chin up. She continued to look to the side. "Lorane, baby?" she heard the desperation in his voice and the sincerity in his tone, and He called her baby. She had tried to stay strong. The second He called her baby, her eyes found their way to his.
"Talk." He demanded. Tears were forming in the corners of her beautiful brown eyes. A crinkled cut line was forming in her heart. She swallowed in an attempt to speak. "Tell me you leaving." He taunted her.

He knew she was stuck. He knew his power over her. She had the same power over him. In his world, there was no way she was going to leave him wanting her, and she neglect him. He wasn't going to leave her either. This thing between them was strong. After admitting how He felt and having the certainty that she felt the same way, everything was different.

"Tell me you're leaving." He said again. This time He pulled her right into him. Her eyes never leaving his. "Ma-Maurice." she said. "Please stop. Let me go." she pleaded. Maurice gripped her waist. She pushed him once to get him off of her, then a second time to push him further away. "I think you have me confused. You can't control me! You're NOT going to!" she yelled at him. "If you want me, then you will do whatever it takes to have me. It's been a month Maurice! a whole 31 day month, and you're still with Keesha! then you expect me to just wait for you to end it with her, meanwhile you and I are sneaking around! And you're monitoring whoever I so much as speak to!" she finished.

Maurice narrowed his eyes on her. "Are you kidding me? Let's not forget what YOU said. YOU said if she and I break up, let it because It's just not working out! Not because I want you, not because I have feelings for YOU! You didn't wanna be the cause! So don't try that Lorane!" He corrected her. "I don't give a damn, if imma lose you I will f***ing call her up now and end it! She don't mean nothing compared to you." He continued. "I told you step by step because I don't want anything to go wrong. I didnt really know how to tell Keesha that I have feeling for somebody else, especially since that somebody else is you!"

Maurice stood in the middle of the room and Lorane was leaning on her bed with her right arm holding her left elbow. Blinking had caused tear drops to bust on her face. As she wiped them away Maurice stepped towards her. He clasped her face between his hands and made her look at him. He bent his head and brushed his lips across hers, painting them with his affection. She took to him, and placed her hands around his wrists. He pulled back and moved his hands down to her lower back.  "I'm done with Keesha, and you not going nowhere."

adding in a few.

Run it

He gon be mad that she wanna leave but he need to man up and leave ol girl before Rane walk outta his life
Run It!!!

<a href="">Kam</a> watched the encounter between Lorane and <a href="">Maurice</a>. The chemistry and nature of their relationship ran deep. The way her eyes lowered from the presence of him. How their eyes locked and basically stayed that way. She was under his spell, and He was under hers.

Danielle made her way back to the table where she witnessed the moment that was at hand. She saw the expression on Kam's face and decided to break the ice.

"Sooo, I know I been gone at least five minutes! Where the hell our drinks at?" Dani asked loudly. Everyone turned their attention to her. "I don't know where that lady went to. I know I'm not paying for nun tho." Lorane added. Danielle looked at Kam and nodded. She then faced Maurice. "Maurice." she said with a slight attitude. "Now why you gotta say it like that Dani? We got beef?" Maurice asked. She looked him over then turned back to Lorane and Kam. "Nah." she said. Lorane shook her head at her friend and chuckled. "Sooo, about that dance. " Kam leaned over and whispered in Lorane's ear. She smirked, but his face turned cold. Kam caught the disapproving look Maurice was wearing. Lorane looked at him as well. "I mean if It's cool with bruh over there." He said with sarcasm. Maurice gave Kam a evil glare. "Nah, she good. Maurice ain't nobody!" Dani interceded. Before anybody else could speak Lorane grabbed Kam's hand. "C'mon. Show me what you got." she said walking past Dani and Maurice. Maurice watched their every move, and it was getting on Danielle's last nerve. "Dawg! Like go somewhere, you iggn the hell outta me!" Dani exclaimed as she rolled her eyes. "Would you shut up already damn! You know I USED to like you Dani, we was real cool. Now you always on that trippy s***!" Maurice spat back. "All I know is Rane is my ride and die. ion gaf who you are, but nobody is going to play with her! Nobody!" she said to him sternly. Maurice c**ked his head back. "Who's playing? " He asked dumbfounded. She pointed at him. "Yo ass! you can have Lorane if you REALLY want her, but you playing. Im not for it. Keesha ain't got nuthn on Rane, but whatever you do you but leave Lorane out of it." she concluded walking off.

Kam and Lorane were battling eachother on the floor. "ugnn!  you'on want it mane!" Lorane taunted. Kam only laughed. The song switched to a slower song. <a href="">Pusha T's Trust You</a>  blasted through the club. "This my s***!" Lorane said. Kam grabbed her hand, and she turned so that her ass was towards him. She began to whine on him amd He followed her lead. She leaned forward and bent her knees slightly as she got more into it. Kam gripped her by the side giving it back to her. Lorane threw her head back to remove the hair out her face. When she looked up she saw Maurice sitting in the corner getting a lap dance from <a href="">Keesha</a>. She was going to work on him and the way He was biting his lip signified that He was enjoying it. Her heart sank and she didn't look away until He happened to look up and catch her gaze. He read her face and He nodded in Kam's direction. She blinked as she threw her head back and continued to look back as she continued throwing it at Kam. Maurice grew angry.

"Damn girl, I aint know you could throw it back like that! Make me wonder what- Ouch!" Lorane had popped him in the mouth before He could finish. "Don't you dare!" she said as if she were his mother. He laughed and took a sip of his drink. "I be right back, gotta use the bathroom." she announced. "Do ya thang in there." He joked. "Lol shut up crazy. " she shouted back.

Lorane did her do, and washed her hands then headed towards the exit. When she opened the door He was standing there. "What the Maurice!!" <a href="">He</a> threw her against the wall placing one hand on the wall beside her and resting the other around her waist. She caught a whiff of his fragrance, and became locked. "Let's go." He whispered to her in her ear. Her legs and feet turned into jello. She was melting right under him. As she began to slide down the wall, He removed his hand that was on the wall to assist the one that was planted on her waist already to pull her back up. "Damn girl." He said staring into her eyes. "M-Mauri-ce. " she finally managed to speak. He continued to stare down at her, squeezing her waist. "Maurice, pl-please let go." she demanded through clenched teeth. Reading her soul through her pupils, He wasn't convinced she meant it, so He stayed put. "Maurice!" she raised her voice. "Let go." this time she took her hand and pushed his off. She moved around him, and He grabbed her arm, but she pulled away and walked off fast.

Kam and Danielle were seated towards the exit and motioned for her attention. She caught their hands waving and proceeded their way. "You ready to go G?" Dani asked. "Uhh, Yeah. ready if you are." she answered. "Welp, we out then." Dani gulped the rest of her drink down. The three of them headed out. Kam walked Dani and Rane to their car. "Excuse me ma'am, but hand me those keys. You had a little bit too much tonight." Lorane held her hands out as Danielle reached in her clutch and handed the keys over. "Lil responsible ass." Kam teased. "Ha-ha. " she fake smiled. "But aite guh. imma see you." He extended his arms for a hug and she accepted. "Yea man." "text me sometime" He said. "Gotchu. " she nodded.

Down the road Dani turned the volume down to start a conversation. "Sooo, you good? I seen your face when  you came from the bathroom." She knew her friend. "Yeah." she said. "Like seriously I think we should go through with the rooming transfer request." Lorane confirmed. "If Thats what you have to do, do it Rane. Dude is tripping. " Dani supported. "You know He ambushed me outside the  bathroom D!? And my ol weak ass was about to give in. I don't understand, what's hard?  He claim He want me but yet He won't break up with ol girl! I am not some random chick He gone play for a fool!" Lorane vented. "exactly... and like ever since y'all have admitted and acted on how y'all feel, It's like He irresistible to you and the same goes for him. you should see the two of y'all." Dani added. "Really?" "Yes really, seen that s*** tonight when He first came over. Kam peeped it too." "How you know, He say something??" "Nah but it was All over his face!" "Yeah He and I need space. I'm not about to be the 'other woman' or no s*** like that."

They hopped out the car and made their way up to their room. "And imma tell his ass about his self tonight!" Lorane concluded. "Aite Rane, holla at me and lemme know." Dani said before disappearing into her room.

Lorane entered her room and turned the lamp by her bed on. she selected a playlist on her phone and plugged it up in the bathroom. Picking out her night attire she headed to the bathroom and hopped in the shower, maybe the music and the hot water flow would help ease her mind and ready her for the encounter she was about to have with Maurice once He got home.

That encounter would be soon, Maurice had left not long after Dani, Kam, and she did. The time was 2:10am, as Maurice turned the key and stepped into the room. At the same time Lorane had stepped out the shower...

run it

run it

Hello to my readers, thanks for joining me!! I will be adding later today in the meanwhile Run it for me ladies! please and thank you. Love to all!! ♡

Um mar think he slick smh cant hav yo cake n eat it to boo u betta choose run it

He stood holding her, just being in the moment, until his phone began to vibrate in his pocket. Lorane looked down and stepped back so that He could answer it. Maurice wasn't paying much attention  to his phone and didn't bother to see who it was calling before He answered. "Yo." He answered. "Hey baby" the girl greeted cheerfully. Maurice's face changed to one of uneasiness. Lorane noticed and her face expressed a concerned look. "Who is it?" she mouthed. Maurice put his index finger up and walked over to his side of the room. Lorane eyed him closely. "Uhh hey, what's up?" He asked the girl. "Nothing I just miss you, and I wanted to check on you. I know lately you been on edge baby." the girl said. Maurice rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah I'm cool. Thanks for caring." He told her. "That's what people do when  their in a relationship Maurice." she playfully scolded. He chuckled,  glancing at Lorane who was staring him down like a hawk. His heart sank as bats flew around in his stomach rapidly. "Look, I'm really tired. Imma call you in the morning okay?" He lied. "Okay baby. I love you. Have a good night." she said. "Okay, you too." He said. "Bae? you'on luh me?" she whined. "You know I do. Don't trip." He reassured her. "Okaay. night." she concluded. Maurice placed his phone on the charger next to his bed and He could feel Lorane's eyes as if they were physically glued to the back of his head.

"So who was that?" she finally asked. "Nobody important." He replied. Lorane folded her arms across her chest. "Mhm, I guess I look like a idiot. who-was-it?" she asked again. "Ran- " she cut him off. "Maurice stop playing man! who was it!" she raised her voice slightly. "It was <a href="">Keesha</a> ." He admitted. Lorane sat back on her bed. He noticed the shift of atmosphere. He looked up at her searching for her eyes that she was hiding by looking everywhere but at him.

"Rane." He called. She looked at him. <a href="">He</a> was so sexy and it was making her hot. "You mad at me?" He asked sincerely wanting to know. She tore her eyes away from him. "So how's this going to work. I mean what are we doing?" she asked not sure if she was clear. "C'mere" He commanded. She walked over to him and stood between his legs with his hands wrapped around her waist. "Let's just take it step by step. no rush. I don't want anything to go wrong. You know what I mean?" He asked. "Sounds like you wanna be friends with benefits." she retorted. "Lorane. Be serious, you know that's not true. I just don't want to hurt Keesha. I care about her." He reasoned. Lorane could feel the doubt in her heart and in her gut. "okay." was all she said as she broke away from his hold, climbing on top of her bed. "G'night." she said. He watched as she peeled her covers back and slid under. "Lorane." He called. She glanced at him, still getting herself ready to lay down. "Nothing. G'night." He said, climbing under his own covers and turning the light out.


"You ready dawg?" <a href="">Dani</a> asked Lorane. "Yeah, you got lotion in ya car right?" Lorane asked back. "You know it." Dani confirmed. "K, we out den." Lorane flicked the lights off and headed towards the door. Tonight she and Dani were treating themselves to a night out at the club. Club Bad that is.

"I should've put on a bra. I know my nipples fittn to be hard, and showing all through this dress." Lorane commented looking down at her attire. "Tuh! You know you did it on purpose!" Dani replied. "Whatever! hush!" Lorane said with a smirk. The line was pretty long but they found a spot close to the front where a mutual friend was standing. "Dani, Rane! up here." the man motioned for them. "Bet!" Lorane replied. "Oh y'all trynna kill tonight ain't y'all?" He asked admiring their outfits. "Oh only softly Kam baby. Only softly. " Lorane joked. "Imma get a dance tonight man? You know how you act! " <a href="">Kam</a> asked referring to Lorane. She smirked. "Maybe."

Inside the club Dani and Lorane found a vacant table where they ordered a few drinks. waiting on the arrival of the drinks, Dani left for the bathroom. Kam found his way over to their table.

"Sooo, how you been?" He asked. "Good, can't complain. What about you?" she countered. "Im cool. No complaints over here either." He said. Just as Lorane was about to say something else, someone wrapped their arms around her and kissed her cheek, causing her to tense up slightly. It was <a href="">him</a>....

aw, i love it run it

awww they both feeling each other.finally he decides to tell her cuz she's threatening to move rooms.
Run It!!!

Lorane had said bye to Danielle since she didn't have any other classes for the day. Glancing down at her phone she checked the time. It was 2:30 and she figured she'd just go to the library and work on her English paper that was due the following Wednesday.

The walk across the yard over to the library was pretty quiet, leaving Lorane's mind to wander back to Maurice. She was lowkey missing him and it was making her upset that they weren't speaking. Upon walking into the library, she looked up as she opened the door. Her eyes landed right on <a href="">him</a> . Before she could attempt to greet him He looked back down at his open book. Cold.

Lorane felt the heat rise within her and she walked over to the table He was seated at. Dropping her bag on the table she slammed her hand on his book. Maurice looked up with a pissed off expression. "Lorane what the hell is your problem? " He asked. "Your shady ass. What's with you lately? You don't speak or anything. Acting just like you and I aren't roommates, acting just like we aren't bestfriends! " Lorane hollered. Maurice shifted in his seat as He blew his breath and looked to the side, but He remained silent. Lorane grew impatient. "WELL!" she yelled, causing people to stare. Maurice only folded his hands across his lap, but never once looked at nor fixed his lips to reward Lorane with a response. Shaking her head in disbelief she picked up her bag from the table. "I miss you is all I really wanted to tell you, but nevermind I take that back." she admitted before walking to the other side of the library. Maurice watched her walk away, but pride wouldn't let him say or do anything.

Later that night around ten, Maurice was turning his key to his door, as Lorane and Danielle were approaching. He looked at Dani who had her attention on Lorane, but Lorane was looking forward. She locked eyes with Maurice and her whole countenance fell as she rolled her eyes and turned her attention to Dani. Dani noticed the change and now turned her focus in the direction Lorane's eyes had just left. Maurice pushed the door open and held it for Lorane and Dani. "Umph."<a href="">Dani</a> said to Lorane. Lorane shook her head. "Yeah. but imma see you tomorrow. Text me tho." Lorane said as she grabbed the door. "You already man." Dani replied as she continued down the hall to her room.

Lorane didn't crack her lips nor break her neck to acknowledge Maurice. He noticed. After the confrontation in the library earlier, He felt like s***. Deep down He missed his bestfriend, but He was going through something. He knew He could talk to her about anything, but not this. Especially when it had eveything to do with her. He watched as she sat at her desk pulling out different papers. His heart jumped when He saw that she pulled out one <a href="">paper</a> in particular. His mouth was way ahead of him. "You changing rooms?" He asked. Lorane shot him a cold look and then squinted her eyes in disbelief. She didn't answer him though and continued minding her business.

Maurice decided that this was over and walked over to her. "Are you?" He asked again. She looked up at him and her heart sank, when she saw the look in <a href="">his</a> eyes. How could she have missed it before. "Yes." she replied just above a whisper. Maurice rubbed his face as He leaned against the wall, never taking his eyes off of Lorane. She pleaded with her eyes for him to tell her what she now knew He had been hiding.

Breathing in and then out He went for it. "I'm sorry, okay. I'm sorry Rane. I've been tripping lately, I know that. It's just I'm dealing with something internally." He said. "You can always come to me tho, no matter what it is. You know that." she argued. "But not when it has to do with you!" He yelled. "Me?" she pointed to herself. "What is that supposed to mean?" she asked. Maurice looked her square in the eye as He pushed off the wall and kneeled before Lorane. Lorane felt her body tense up. "Rane." Maurice started. "I want you. Bad. I can't stop thinking about you,  and I've developed jealousy. I don't want to see you around other dudes, but you're my bestfriend. How can I have feelings for you." He didn't even understand himself. "I thought that time apart or if I stopped talking to and being around you would help, but it's just getting worse." He finished.

Lorane just sat there listening to her bestfriend vent about the conflicting factors that had been straining him and straining their friendship. Her heart raced. She looked him in the eye and He stared back. It was then that Maurice saw something in her eyes. Something He hadn't seen before, not in her.

A certain confidence amd certainty fell upon him, and He grabbed her by the hands, pulling her to stand. She didn't resist. Scanning her whole face, from her hair, to her eyes, nose, and finally her lips He placed her arms around his neck. Next He placed his hands around her waist. With their eyes still locked He pulled her closer to him. She didn't resist. The fragrance of his Polo Blue Eau de Toilette Cologne feeled her nostrils and she became intoxicated with lust. She wanted him. Now. Smirking at her expression He lifted her chin so that she was looking directly at him. Without any further delay, He let the introduction of his lips to hers occur. Lorane was livid. How in the world was she going to turn back now. He was her bestfriend, yes, but the way she was feeling and the way He was feeling, the things they were doing, there was no turning back. Not now.

She was receiving his affection genuinely, and returning it. Maurice was on a emotional high. His tongue knocked for her lips, requesting welcome. She opened up and let him in. Their kiss deepened and was filled with passion. She let his hands roam her body. Squeezing her butt made her moan in his mouth, causing him to jump below. The heat was high between the two.

Maurice slowed down his rhythm and as He pecked her lips a few more times He drew back. He looked down at her as she looked up at him. He ran his hand down her butt and palmed it causing her to push up against his manhood. He was big and it made her throb for him. She placed her hands on his waist and pulled him firmly back to her. He squeezed her butt once more and smirked at her. She blushed and let go of his waist, burying her face in her hand and then in his chest as she squealed. He laughed as He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.