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Chris Wins Award 2nd Call

Chris Wins Award 2nd Call
Wish Chris a big congrats on receiving the “Second Chance At Loving Life Award” from 2nd Call for his acts of charity including his The Symphonic Love Foundation and the Unity Campaign!
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  • WOOOOOOW I am super happy for #TeamBreezy u deserve dat award n Congrats hottie. Making it dis far takes a lot of hard work n courage, n u did both. Happy4days
    by MballyToxxic on 4月 2, 2014 午前30 1:01午前
  • Congrats I knew you weren't that bad
    by AAA3 on 3月 24, 2014 午前31 11:11午前
  • congrats chris love u
    by Mrs.Breezy.1989904 on 3月 23, 2014 午後31 1:01午後
  • Chris you are AMAZING !!! So glad that you won this award. Big Congrats to :-) Keep on doing what you do best :-) Loving the WORLD !!!!!!!
    by Brittany19 on 3月 14, 2014 午後31 2:02午後
  • You deserve it, congrats!
    by LilNa on 3月 14, 2014 午前31 1:01午前
  • congratulations !!!
    by niissy on 3月 12, 2014 午後31 1:01午後
  • :* =)
    by paola_diazg14 on 3月 5, 2014 午後31 3:03午後
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  • I am so proud of u Chris. U really deserve this award. U have come along way to getting better an I am glad u r getting back to your old self again. Luv u so much Chris. An I am always gonna be a fan. #TEAMBREEZY forever
    by Sherbet on 2月 27, 2014 午後28 8:08午後
  • Congratulations you deserves the awards......TEAMBREEZY....AWESOME performer......
    by gre24 on 2月 27, 2014 午後28 4:04午後