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With Chipmunk on the "Champion" Video Shoot

Chris Brown
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you look nice and handsome

my ever favourite song Chris brown (L) and Chipmunk (L)

This F.A.M.E album is one of the best i have heard in a long time.I love all your albums before but i just love this F.A.M.E album. Each and every person who listen to F.A.M.E is able to relate to a song.No matter who we are,there is some point in our life where we have done something that we aint proud of and that why we are humans. No one is perfect and majority of the time the same persons who are the first to pass judgement have done things far worst than what you have done. As the story goes where Jesus deciples wanted to stone the lady because she was a prostitute and Jesus told them that"he without a sin cast the first stone," they could not have done so because they were all sinners. I am so proud of you, I appreciate you getting up and showing others that no matter how low you have fallen you can get up and brush the dirt off you and continue on your journey. continue to put God in the mids of all that you do. The song which titled Jesus taKe the wheel, the story behind that song is that "while a mother was seeing her college daughter and friends off, she asKed her to taKe Jesus with her,the daughter reply was there is no space for Jesus only place Jesus could hold was in the trunK.It is said that while on their journey they crashed and no one was left a live,only thing that was saved in the car was a tray of egg which was in the trunK." Love God,I remain your biggest fan love always.