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Video shoot - 'Next To You' Featuring Justin Bieber - Shot 2

Chris Brown
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Love youu & love this song!!

I love youu & I love this song!!

I love youu & I love this Song!

I like that song and video

reaching for the stars? he already has! :P haha u rock, Chris Brown! ;D luv u n r songs!xXx

1 of my fav songs actually

a mi me encanta la cancion ,me fasina esa foto el simplemente es my love ,lo amo es mi universo que lindo esta !!! ayyyyy no me aguanto de la emocion LO AMO.....

beautifullll! my fav photo,although it was actuallly halarious when you danced in the next to you vid at the end but you was goood x x x

im a fan of chris brown

I love this song so much!
I have to listen to it almost everyday lol no joke.