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here are my two favorite boys in the world!


omg here are my two favorite boys in the world the one in the back is Tahaan and the one in the front is Alkrumah. Gurls i need you to tell me which one is cuter and why please please cuz they have been argueing bout it so yeah comment away rude comments are excepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by chrisbluvs_me


the one in the back has to be the best friend you will ever have. he dont text you back right away dats cuz he is prolly playing ncaa (i can beat anyone in football ncaa and madden sooo tahaan you loose). thats ok. and alkrumah i havent seen him since 7th grade but o well. but they are the besst two guys ever i love you both forever!!!
chris loves me and
i love him 2! :^)

word wat other friends u got. and wow they fine. humm.

they both r hella fine i dnt kno which 1 is cuter though

yup yup
hey ya i need some friends can u add me to your friend list???