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  • lookin so damn hot....
    great perfomance

  • Man.....i got no words for this album
    love ya breezy.........

  • this album is also gooooood,love it so much

  • I've learned the songs from this album and i'm f*****n proud of myself.....
    I do request them on radio.....

  • What can i say,the best album of the year is out and guess who has of course.

  • He has a good heart,hope others could see that.

    You are doin just great,this knew album is...... is........dont have words to describe how authentic it is.


  • Its a new yr so lets have positive attitude toward the yr and let what happened last yr stay in the past.Look for greener pasture that can take you where you want to be.

    Do not regret what made you smile either for that short moment or long moment,keep on smilling because your one smile can make someone to have an awesome day.

    Its a new year lets celebrate it each month until another year comes along,it will be worth it as you'll be celebrating you being alive.

  • I just signed up for this website this month and um already loving it.It is so coooooool,you cant be bored when you on this website.I love everything in it........Breezy's pictures and not forgetting the "fan fiction" thing,man it is so funny.


  • Chris Breezy and Drake on stage together............damn those are so lovable.

    They did their thing and um in love with them