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  • your performance was sang extremely well. you got that fandimonium award cuz u know #teambreezy got your back chris. salute out to you

  • team breezy baby...we got this.

  • breezy i love you so much...keep keeping on babe..its hot..ur hot and so talented,u always bring out the best in your music and dance

  • Another year of enthusiastic talent...chris breezy forever

    Chris Brown the sexiest most talented artist i know. You're 24 now but you all know you got a lot in store for us with your amazing talent and voice. And with Chris Brown you should know it's gonna be big and Team Breezy got u babe. We gonna keep repping no matter what you got our love. Peace up...clymaxie

  • Happy birthday Breezy. Have a blessed sweetheart and I wish you many more to come Much love from Maxie