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  • Chris Iz a G8at3 artist and i love his work!! K33p up the Gr8t3 work And W3 r h3r3 2 support u W3 love u CB!!!<3

  • Dnt Wak3 m3 up when I'm dreaming bout Chris! I Just Lov3 Him Who can't Chris it must b3 hard b3ing that FIN3<3<3<3 ^_^ =)

  • I wish i could mov3 lik3 ChRiS u Go h3 sur3 do3s know how 2 danc3 his b3hind off Lol lov3 him tho <3!.

  • I t3ar3d Up watching *Dnt Judg3 M3*...I LOV3 U ChRiS

  • I gt 1 Qu3stion 4 u Chris y r u so K*U*T*3 n 3v3ry way?

  • Ladi3z T3 aMo Him

    W3 all Lov3<3 Chris h3 is da 1 No Li3 u know u agr33 n 2 TOP it all off h3 is S3XXYY!!! ^_^