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  • Woaaaaaaah! This photo is toooooooooooooo hot to describe, it's just sooo peng! I'm literally speechless! You've got the WHLOEE package! Literally! Your so hot I can't put it into words! And check the swaggg, like perlease no one can ever be as sexy or have swagg like Breeezy. Say no more!

  • Damnnnnnnnnnnnn! He looks so fine in this video! And I love this song, his voice jus sounds so incredible, I love it! :D

  • I love this album with a passion. It's everything I expected and more! There is nothing I can fault! Chris Brown is amazing and beyond. Keep up the fantastic work, and remember that fans like me and many other are always behind him 100% no matter what. Argh! I'm so in love with this album.
    Much Love, from England! :D

  • Your amazing! Of course you'll win!