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  • chris Brown ... U r still my man cuz u and I didn't have a official breakup. And I been through hell those years that we haven't seen eachother.I love you and I'ma keep prayin . And I know our relationship will be restored.I'm waiting on you.

  • Chris.It is me. LaQuida. I miss and love you very much. please call me boy... I just changed my phone number correctly.

    Love , Laquida.

  • don't give up baby. i'm prayin for you and i so we can be good friends again. and i believe that if God says it's okay then ...Chris you and I will be together soon again.

    Love Quida...Aka Mrs. Brown.

  • my lovey dubby chris brown

    i love you chris. and i miss you. i dont care what nobody say. they can think i'm crazy. but thats okay. cuz you's my boo.even tho you have a girlfriend. i know i am the one for you and you know it too.

    Love, Laquida .

  • Hey Chris brown...My name is Laquida Smith and I love you and not for your money or cars or other accessories...but I love you because you are so sexy and you love God number 1 and you don't just sit around being a couch are actually doing something with your life. Your living your dream as a singer and I love you for that. I love you for being my inspiration .And I would love to be your girlfriend.