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  • fan så äcklig

  • heeey,how are you doin?:)

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  • on reem

    a little bit

  • Hey Christopher!
    How are you doing?
    I just wanted to say that I love your song lyrics and It allways make me happy. Because your songs make me happy...
    You have a great voice,and I love your song "So glad"!

    And omg your so cute to,and I would really just like talking to you. And maybe someday in the future I will come and se you and you can learn me some of your dance moves? :)

    Stay in toutch,you are my biggest fan.


  • aaw i little CB !
    call me when you get older ;)

  • your cute,but you don´t look like my CB

  • on ryan

    take away that camera of your face.

  • no nothing like chris
    but that dosen´t mean he aint fly

  • your fine