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    if i wake and u here still gimme a kiss,
    i wasnt finished dreamin about your lips <3

  • omg i cant get enough of this song <3 its just to amazing (like all of hes songs ) <3

  • Im sick of Chris Brown haters

    He Learned From His Mistake And Everyone Is Making A Big Deal Over One Mistake When People That Arent Famous Make The Same Mistakes.He Always Is Going To Regret What He Did But He Knows What He Did Wrong.He Is Following His Dreams And He Is Good At What He Does.Everyone Makes Mistakes In Their Lives... I'm a fan of his and I don't care if people hate him but to go and say his music sucks and he's untalented just pisses me off because i think he's one of the most talented people in the industry today and the best performer of this generation.
    ~Team Breezy forever <3~