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in so many relationships & lives,the passion for others is taken out by our judgmental tendencies,we lose the people of our dreams because we judged,at times our judgements are not even true,our facts may even be false,it's painful because this huge wheel of blame spins day in day out,it simply goes down to the fact that we shud just forgive & move on or we risk causing more pain or end up on the wrong side having judged an innocent man,u've been crucified thousands of times bro,for stuff that you might even be regretting,stuff that you didn't call into being,stuff u did because of the situation,idiots just see what things are from the outside they never look inside,I've learnt to look inside & heavenwards,judge no man lest you be judged too,I've recently been judged & I lost a girlfriend of five years,you ain't alone man,we're many,I just hope all you do not go on to judge others,to all the convicted ones let's move on from the judges' rulings & live our lives!!!

Don't judge me :D

Ahhh soy tu super fan #ChrisBrown...!!! I love you


TE amoooo chris eres lo mas lindoooo me encantas

Eres lo mejor de lo mejor Chris, naciste para hacer música y para bailar de la forma como lo haces I LOVE