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Yo just signed up for the Chris Brown official site because I read on yahoo how he needs support to keep his career alive. I want to start by letting ya'll know everybody deserves a second chance. I to was convicted of battery on my spouse and would like to let you guys know that not everybody knows how to deal with anger. Sometimes we do need the help of professionals to help us learn how to deal with anger without the use of violence. I did a year of domestic violence classes which really help me keep my marriage together. I have been violence free ever since. To all his true fans let me know how I can help keep his career alive and for those of you who are perfect in every way and form make the Lord keep blessing you!


You are not worthy of fame and appreciation. You are a coward for hitting a woman and you'll always be a coward.
I do not consider you worthy of help till you prove you can respect people... and not beat up on them...

You have a LONG way to go before decent people can respect or admire you.

I would be happy to support you if you grow up and learn to respect the people you live in this world with.

Personally, I don't think you'll ever be able to do it...

Prove me wrong !!


A real man

Nice, it takes a real man to admit and talk about these issues. Kudos! to you. You really will make a difference it is very rare to here a man with the passion to say that. You are a gem! The only time I have ever heard a man speak like that was when I was receiving a survivor of the year award and I was seated with the one man who completely turned around his life and was humble enough to share with me. Keep being a voice you may save lives! Much respect to ya!

A Real Survivor