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breezy hisself

no shirt.jpg
Posted by MzThngHerself56


&& rub it all over his stomach so I can fry this toast, lol!

that theres nice cuz he got it do what ever whenever cuz he bout it that mans nice


Why he gotta be so damn
love u Chris

Chris brown is too sexy for his own good!!!!!!!!I love him soooooo much!!!!!!

s*** talk about sexiiness

on the real, i never seen his body lookin this good before! he puttin on some weight and muscle, im feelin dat....i see somebody's been hittin the weight room lately lol

OMG...look @ chris he is so sexy...nd look @ them sexy ABS!!!

LOv3 Ya Chris...CHAY!!!

Chris Brown has ABS?!I didn't know that.Go head CHris with your sexy body!