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I StilL DOn't Get THis Board YEt butt Okai... i'm gonna continue from where i left off last time and update it lata...

D: a yo

Jade's pov: i turned around hearin a familiar

Jade: heii what chu doin here?

D: i wass wondering the same thing wit

chu 'rubbin his nose'

Jade: just chillen wit a friend

D: stop f*ckin lyin to me! dat the same lame

a** kid i saw u wit the other day

Jade: and who is she. is that the gurl?

D:'smacks her'

Jade: 'backslaps him' don't hit me

D: o so what now? u think u grown! u think

cause he here u could do whatever the f*ck u

want. now lemme tell u something. u ma gurl,

not his. remember that

Jade: u knoe what?! f*** this bull sh*t we r

f*ckin through. i'm tired of ya lil a**

tellin me what the heck to do. i'm old

enough to make decisions for myself

D:'gets mad' punches her

in her face then in the chest and beats

her badly'

'jade's nose is bleedin, her face is

badly bruised and she's on the floor crying'

D:iight u can go but remember who was here

for u wen yo lost yo momz and u rite. dat is

the gurl and yea. i did get her pregnant. u

ain't do sh*t for me, so f*ck it! i'm

out 'and walks away'

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