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Me gusta la mujeres con bonitas dedos de los pies..

yall mexicans iz sumtin and u can take that ha eva u want 2

The picture does`nt look "trashy" at all.....I`ve seen girls post more hoe`ish pictures on myspace. Their pictures on there make her look like a strict christian......This picture looks like a model shot. Its not bad, it`s just artisticly different. If you did`nt like the picture (or her for that matter) you really did`nt have to comment.

And I doubt that Chris is really gone come on here looking for a girlfriend....If he seldomly came on the old board to even say hello(he only came on to clear up that one rumor and to say thank you for supporting him; all them other times it was WEBBIE), I highly doubt he`s gone come on here to look for "wifey". He doesn`t have time for that, and he has better ways about going about doing it. I`m pretty sure if he wanted he could snap his fingers and a chick will come running. So I believe "Internet Love" would defintely be his LAST last resort.....My point is; This picture does`nt even matter, like none of these pictures does (on that level), because Chris isn`t gone come on here and see your picture and point at it like "That`s the one right there!...Man, I gotta find her."<----Hahhahaha! It would literally be a cold day in hell, Pigs gone fly, Animals are going to teach humans new tricks, And that one dog from that Bush`s Baked Beans commercial is gone finally sale the recipe (Lmao) before that happens....Don`t get me wrong I`m a fan of Chris Brown, but I`m old enough to know the difference between reality and fantasy; So I don`t live on wishful thinking.......BUT "IF" it ever does happen (because anything can be possible), come and find me then I will literally eat my words and my feet too, Lmao!

Hahahaaahaha! I wrote too much on a pic comment, I`mma go now.

chris like gurls wit class nuff said.