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i wanna go on tour with Chris............

what y'all think 'bout that??????????????????/


I would Love to go on tour with him cause he is so goofy and he would always have me laughin and i know we would just have so much fun!!!!
***Mrz.Chr!s Brown 4ever***

Chrisandjasmine... you sound like you just waiting for that moment there

I think that it would be great to go on tour with him because he seems really sweet. I would talk to him about different thingz that are personal to me and I wouldn't tell anybody else.

Princess JJ

we will have sooooooo much fun.........i would congratulate him after every show and we will be hanging out a lot...however i will ensure he gets a lot of rest but not pressuring him 2 much.......also i will support him at anything he is wiling to do once it is not destroying his character. and i will keep reminding him that GOD is everything........

love yah...peace

I think that is cool. I've never really thought about how things would be like on tour with Chris. Judging by his character, and his choice of friends, I'm sure that you'd have alot of fun.