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CB and BW


They look so goofy!!!

Posted by Anonymous


omg chrisbrown is so sexy :) I LOVE U CHRISBROWN!!!!!!!!!!!

ur the hottest but puppy love gota go.

o0o0o0o0o0o dats @ll CuT3 3v3n Do d3Y @CtiN lYk3 r3T@rDs bUt w3 No3 Wh0 oWnz D@t 1 miI HubBy ChR!s Br33Zy
=====>c dats how u noe they act lyke retards in public and still loved!!!!! jus lke mii <InS1d3R> and <Outs!d3R> sp3cial in mii way!!!!!


they are too sexy! OMG!

odushdhdush, so sexy! i like bow wow, but i love chris brown! ;@@