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aww im hella madd

this iz some shady s**t i come on here thinkin im bout 2 c da new adds 4 home court advantange, my time 2 shine and king blood & lady crip and i get this s**t. this is sum bull o im hella madd how u gon have a message board with out fanfictions and then 2 top it all off u kant see the mutha f**kin replies buh i guess we gotta make the best of what we got for now(calming down) NAW f*ck that im too threw wit this o yea and shout out to all the people who took the tyme out 2 write fanfictions and i kno u put yo blood sweat and tears into it and now its gone i know yall hella mad cuz i am so shout out 2 yall ladies u feelin me right?