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DO any ov ya'll ever see Chris????

Wassup ya'll!!! i waz just wonderin if any ov ya'll on the east coast ever see chris brown. I live in Va not 2 far
from Tappohanoc. I 've never seen him(i wish i did). My friend saw him in LA, i guess i'll have 2 go there 2
see my boo-boo. reply plz thx!!!!!!!!!!!


my 7 year old daughter seen him in kings dom. at his concert we were in the the 3 row

Chris aint been here since last year and i couldnt go!..SO my man cum on and hit up INDY!!..


ie never seen him cause he doesnt come to canada often.. every time i check his tours, theyre always in the states :( but yea i live in toronto... id love to see chris XD
live life <3

How the hell are all of yall seeing him. I want to see him. But since yall met him wat was he like, wat was the experience like. By the way do he still live in VA or does he live in Cali?

Yeah i did last year at his concerts.

well chris did a performence ova at da rec where i live at it waz n newark new jersey but dat was da las time i saw dat ni66a it was like a year ago


No I haven't seen him here in boston but I should go to NYC that where is record company is located and besides my friend saw him there anyway

i've never seen him in person outside of a concert or a meet and greet so i guess we do gotta go over 2 the west coast to catch him on the streets

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I neva seen him n person but i did see him at the Up Close& Personal tour in V.A. at the Virginia Amp Theatre Dat concert wuz live n i wuz supa happy cuz im from NJ n i came all the way 2 VA jus 2 see him cuz i got mad peoples from VA n e wayz


i live in Trinidad

i live in virginia = ] but he mostly comes down here for concerts bc he family live down here but he lives with his mother in new jersey but its always great when he comes down here for concertsss bc he seems really happy to be down in his homestate

i live in virginia but i dont see him:( i saw trey songz though but thats cuz he's from Petersburg, which is closer to where i live


yea in concert and tv and my uncle lives there and took pics of him there were like 90 of them my uncle is awsome.

i live in va 2, but the only time i ever see him, iz @ concerts =[

i would never see him cuz i live in the caribbean and well he aint comin here no time soon and wen i do go to Ny he dont have no tour or anything goin on to say that i can go check him out...but wait i did see him once ..he was goin into trl on mtv an i walked right past him and didnt even realise it was him till afta all the gurls started chasin him..dam i wish i would have paid more attention and met his butt then..but i have faith that i will meet him one day.. i no i
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well i live in detroit and nope i have never seen him. i remember he came to detroit once but i was out of town so.......yea,............--
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He came to Newark, New Jersey. it was December 19, 2005. it was at a Rec. Center that was literally across the street from my school. the good thing about it was that it was FREE!!=]. becuz my skool is sOoOoO kool they had special VIP cards and they did like a little raffle for 3 kids at my skool and i was one of them..yay...sO we got to sit in the first row at the show=]. the show was from 5:30 until 8:30. everyone was so anxious to see Chris...but they had all these opening battle, singers, and lil miss nana performed. then finally at around the end of his performance he started blowing kisses but he was being pulled away at the same time!!!!......that was the best day of my LIFE=].lol.

Yeaaa I alwaysss see him in NYC.. .. I saw him in NYC like 6 times.. In N.J once at palisades mall.. ummm Im suprised you have not seen him down in VA.....
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up i seen him in NYS on the we aint done yet tour and i got pics

YEAH I'VE SEEN HIM!!!!! I'VE SEEN HIM on television!!!! Duh!!! But I gets watcha sayin. I wish I would see him on tha street but then again I kinda don't cuz some otha girl myte notice him. And I don't want her all ova him. I just wanna meet him and lyke a party where errbody is cool with him being there and ain't nobody chasin him around. U kno wat I'm sayin? I kno ya'll agree.



Just saw him in concert.

yeaa i never saw him went 2 a concert or anything. i wish i could go 2 a concert maybe the next one. Chris brown needs 2 come back 2 philly so i can see him there. reply plz!

Gurl i dont think nobody see him see im from the D, detroit u no wat i mean and da only time i saw him was at him and neyo concert

gurl naw i wish i did cause you know i would have been goin crazy cuzz dats my husband lol!!
but i heard he was comin 2 greensboro maybe u should come here it's much closer well nice repling 2 u hit us all back later !!!

nope...... ii live in va, but tha only tyme i've ever seen him, iz @ a concert

Chris be every damn where. You live in VA so I'm sure YOU WILL get to see him soon mama. I live in between NY and NJ and I see him a couple times a year. Xspecially during his shows in NY, mane I'm always there.

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yea we he ws on tour in oh

yo gurl key.

yea ive seen him at his b-day party at avalon on may 6th , his cute and nice

i aint eva seen him b-4 but my friends have n i live in V.A. too