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u look like usher alot

u sexi as hell ♥

sexxxxyy manz

I know i havent been on this for a while and posted any new pixx but you can all find me on FACE BOOK - Trey Perry

.. dont look like chris .. but hes cutee.<3

Damn...u so sexii........
FORREAL tho u look supa khuttee in this pic

my face book is

whats up howard just wanted cheak up on u bro to see how u doing i havent heard from u in a long time may be becuz u been busy but any ways my mom said hey and my bros i cant wait to see u and liza but im moven back up their when i finish school cuz thiz my last year im in the 12 and i just wanted u to knw that i havent for got about u at all love u big bro tell ur grandma and bro i said hey word up realtwak

whatsup my homie what u up to