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Can you have a harvest in autumn?

In the season of joy should enjoy harvest, my thoughts is permeated with a prior to such as are of grief, at links of london store, or ever trauma imaginary ills again raise the banner of pain, occupied the harvest <a href="">links of london charm</a> season, in which all the stronghold of the harvest season, grief is the greatest achievements.
In this world, seasons seem to be everlasting rule, this one season was a cool autumn clothes, links of london charms, but the seasons have met hot sentimental, with full season, the beautiful spring abandoned. Now recall also can be in on several unfinished ever.
Once the mountains, <a href="">links of london jewellery</a> so that the spring has ceased to exist, the quiet secluded caves have been developed into luxury brilliant area, links of London pendants, we pledge with the land change evaporated, disappeared in the sky, faded in rolling in the world of mortals.
Repeat with water to the sad eyes, Links of london heart disc charm, when running gets to the unpredictable, <a href="">links of london bracelet</a> like that of the clouds erratic washroom, since no pre-planned, give a person a kind of disorders, unfortunately, infinite scatter light worries waste.
Pity that the situation, see all the helpless, lonely only shadows alone pedantic. In this season of harvest scenery, links of london silver full of things, that is, came in heart, without spoiling all have much sorrow, sorrow, and people ask deeply pain the content in this season but particularly appear vicissitudes of life.
Listen to music, cheerful heart <a href="">links of london sale</a> can make oneself as far as possible, however is a ears but played out after the filter, links two hearts charm-red, the wisps querulous cry again like a storm, after leaving scars, prepare show barren.
Pour the full screen, alone and I to injury, but a few people can see it? With the backing moonlight, links of London friendship bracelet adds my confidence, and my lonesome sleep, and a few people <a href="">links of london sweetie bracelet</a> can understand? Who can understand none of sadness or depressed, helpless?
Dust flies, lost no tidings of old, more caring and the feeling is only turns into bitterness, alone in cool, unreal to steal miss myriad gradually eroding missing heart. However thoughts but in my heart, <a href="">links london UK</a> links london sweetie bracelet, even if the pain wounds by autumn winter, when buried impact everything, but this shall lose fat, old still missing.
Think again the intentions to realize the breeze of spring among the mountains and warm, but generally and broken hearts vicissitudes of the memories of the stalled loitered away the footsteps, blocking the <a href="">jewelry</a> lovesickness.
Recently, always recall muddled before, thought once laughter in early insipid tears in life is more clear, smoke drift, like in the heart, not because of molecularly imprinted time flies and a half minutes, links silver charms, not for years but rather joy. Over the years, bit by bit stream in this boundless heart will wash of drift.
The bailiff <a href="">links charm</a> and wiped the old. To let people intoxicated, if you sincerely, I will mutually, lifetime eternally steady! Always pursuing a magnificent and victorious, move ground of love, but forgot, love with links sweetie ring, hate is strong, when once beautiful oath naught, on a sad tears, who is broken heart in the sky, but also in the ear of the echoes sigh...
Suddenly <a href="">two hearts charm-red</a> wanted to see the blue sea, quiet, deep blue color, must fit my mood now. If the sea can take my sadness, like away every river, I may go with you. The sea boundless, links chain can be satisfied, want to also will bear with me. All the tears of sadness into joy, all laugh. Each wisp thoughts into a wave of the sea, when you see again, whether can remember me?