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Life is not based on making, not based on above, not based on scolding blame, not belittle each other in each time, making the heart in each <a href="">links of london</a> added a scar, Each soul in each other at a lonely, links ring is very beautiful. Every time the heart in mutual blame lose a letter recognition, Each other down, you will lose confidence in them, but also beneath. Real love is so heartache.
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The steps may occasionally, but time will not stay, "hope" would not stay in the time left little trace, can only say that I wish! If not, I wouldn't have a pity, If there was a day, she should also won't recognize the vicissitudes of I, the new self, even a few grey cluster in the wind, and they carry my sorrow, let me feel only quiet, no rectification, no pain. Heart,
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Meet, hand in hand, altogether, and hope for in heaven long, but for a long time, the loss of all occupied by yourself, don't know how long can you hold out.