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Ground down

Warm said: "I have not eaten today Showman? My dad they have forgotten my birthday."
"Let's go to eat!"
"I'm wearing pajamas! Uh, crossroads have house <a href="">gucci shoes</a> 24-hour convenience stores, where are we going bought."
Warm edge strip hacienda side to say: "my clock master do well, although is Tingyi adding a egg, but egg has multiple choice, today is simpler, hacienda."
She will strip good eggs in the noodles, optional will is full of marinades wrapped around his finger in his mouth, and then said: "clock master <a href="">gucci jewelry</a> eggs can choose Fried egg, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs and steamed egg. Next time I do to let you eat, small uncle, what would you like your eggs?"
"Want you little fool."
Say that finish his lips is unexpected ground down, and kiss on her lips, squirming lingering, hot and persistent finish, gradually plundering more and more. His tongue smoothly light touch glide, he is cast Cause, winding rip the magic <a href="">gucci handbags</a> general, will she settle, do not have completely dismissed. Like heaven and earth, space-time circulation, billowing static
When he gently loosen her, warm big of sucking gas, again long a little, she can because cannot breathe and faint, actually has fainted, otherwise, why, think each nerve is paralytic, every cell tremor. Befuddled, felling, such as continuous high <a href="">gucci sunglass</a> in the clouds. Why doesn't work.
She looked at him and keep watching, he gently laugh: "warm, next time, should shut eyes." --
Oh, my eyes closed. Why should my eyes closed? Good heavens, o earth, o my god, what happened? -- Warm head like start slowly run. Stare big eyes only looked at him in Xian laughing, and even complete sentence also vomit not come out: "you, you, and me."
"Good? Like that?" Said softly point to her <a href="">gucci sunglasses</a> lips.
He asked her if she liked. Call her next to close my eyes? He has to what did she do? Warm heart brainstorm, sudden rush on a dark the grief and indignation, want to bite, But, but, seemingly, she just not push him, no escape his, not resist him, she's such a whispered softly in his arms for his actions.
He didn't ask her if she didn't like. Just think she <a href="">gucci shoe sale</a> actually is like. She what to say, she now say what?
Grievance, violently swept. Warm hard to his feet, spoke to her lifetime regret of words: "how can you be so, how can? This is somebody else's first kiss a work, I, I, in my pajamas, stepping on slippers, braved wild hair, only brushing just. You, how can kiss me?"
Emphasized out, he also paused, immediately so brimful dozing and be laughter phonate. Warm heard his words also feel about this century most the <a href="">gucci shoes uk</a> most stupid idiot dialogue, again see him smile to unbridled, wow to cry out. If Heparin has in this world I fear it, just can only be warm tears. A see her cry up, did not dare to laugh, favor her LAN in her arms in a soft voice comfort: "sorry, sorry, don't cry, all blame me, my bad, next time, must let warm dressed mimeo"
Warm a listen to, the more chi, she actually don't mean it, balled up his fist ruthlessly blow to him hit. He will not hide, gentleness say: "it's just I'm <a href="">gucci</a> wrong, you don't cry, ok, you say how it. Don't cry."
Weep, also dozen tiredly, also without strength, he hug her in your arms, let him warm embrace it, turn to him the other also, exhaustion feebly fall in his bosom. He kissed her hair, low sigh a way: "warm, actually, you don't like what you thought to dislike me; maybe, you also not know the way to like me."
"I, I never hate you, I never like you, but you why, not, stay at small uncle position let me like you."