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To love is not far

Who is the baby in my letter, not to write a word, just a picture. A few meters in the cartoon, to the left of the same love.when, right, bypass fountain, but men say, prinking suddenly turn the eyes.
The painting is the fountain in the central plaza <a href="">pandora charms</a> of the school should be the same. Ride bicycle passing, I intentionally slowed down. pandora rings on line Only see XuAn along the fountain, around the enclosure, seem very boring, such as in person, can I passed him, but he didn't talk with me, like he didn't see me. Perhaps he will wait, I wasn't.
Girl to the east campus building, everyday come and go, often can see DongXiaoWu on the roadside jogging, but also often see XuAn bored pandora ring charm to sit fountain. Normal school boys will be less and less class teacher, so the <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> two of them were girls often talk of scrapes. Feelings, always seems outsider. All the girls pandora rings silver think XuAn and DongXiaoWu like me, every day I went to the crossroads. I, I just like they pei my mom and dad, I suddenly very homesick, to the place is not far away, where is the hometown. I this person is fragile, not mention mom and dad, can't mention a home, and the tears would fall "11" holiday I can go home.
Who is my weak, after a long holiday, the first <a href="">pandora braelet</a> day of class, I found the book with a CD, open a computer, broadcast, unexpectedly is a short, pandora charms store locator I have read the MV elementary school and middle school, I everyday the way home, the white birch, and my small yard.At midnight, the bus to zhouzhuang several girls in position, and I sit in a vow. After, I saw the change in their back into a laugh at them, I tried. Is XuAn, as if nothing has occurredly look out pandora charms <a href="">pandora us</a> sale of the window, such as fireflies flash lamp, road Holly and hidden away, irrational. The air was a rice just finished harvesting of incense. Eve became thin thin, time slow flow.
Narrow seats, we have some distance between the, also don't talk, so their look out of the window. I DongXiaoWu sat opposite 45 degrees, some girls have been around, he asked questions.
As the day is intentionally, all the students in twos and threes in front and I XuAn and left behind. He is indifferent to follow behind me step away, pandora charms wholesale follow me LangYan across the lane, together with GuSao eat bread, rowing. On the way to travel, he let me at intersections, a man until he turned and ran, buy a pack <a href="">pandora rings</a> of smoked beans, a bucket of three liquor. "Bring my dad, he is an alcoholic." He smiled at me. This is the first time I saw him smile, and close, a little shy.
Who is the only abdomen wraps up into my desk <a href="">pandora bead</a> drawer to hide, I drew a score, it falls out. A group of girls, passed to pick up: "ha ha ha! Huzhou silk, who sent it? Who sent it? But frankly." They surrounded me, but in the eyes XuAn pandora charms online DeMiao secretly.
They burst out laughing, I tried to push on their <a href="">pandora jewellery online</a> hands, and tears fell down, I this how explanation? At that time, I saw XuAn stood up and came to my side up my hand: "I was sent." No one laughs, all of everyone looked <a href="">pandora jewellery uk</a> dumbfounded took pandora charms 2010 me by the hand, and went out.
Everybody believes that send CARDS to my XuAn was sent to me is the MV CDS XuAn, send to me is XuAn abdomen wraps up. His silence and melancholy man, rich and sensitive, hiding small universe. However, is he? He took my hand at <a href="">pandora jewellery box</a> the moment, I saw another person, DongXiaoWu. His head is deeply buried in the desk, pandora necklace chain I could not see his face, but I can see