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Love, can not retain!

You for me is how far away ah! What I can not afford to dream of you, because your heart has never been my existence, I know I love you, pandora charms sale maybe you can feel it, do you forgive me, because love is selfish!
You are a good girl, such a thought is right, just <a href="">pandora charms</a> because you're too young, often with a young attitude towards everything; because of your pure and naive, very close to the lovely people; because of your strong and willful, and let a man know how to accommodate another person.
Feeling is quite as you happy, so I was pandora beads sale happy. From one unexpected reunion, to help but fall in love with you, I know that <a href="">pandora jewelry</a> should not have, in fact, I have been to convince yourself, because you have a strong commitment and your vows, I know how to face you all, My heart really hurts, it hurts!
Do not know when I began to fear the sun, pandora jewelry locator because the sunset you and I will herald the end of the day for a short farewell. Many would like to keep you by my side, not too much, a friendly greeting, a smile I met, but who would change the life of the law Have known you in a big crowd, although I do <a href="">pandora braelet</a> not believe in love at first sight, but I believe that soon fell in love, but it is you and me away from the barrier, I do not want to narrow the distance between us, but I do not want to let you go, I knowing that you do not belong to me, you will not accept me, I'd rather make a big bet on God, willing to lose convinced, because I believe there is no sin to pay really silly ... ...I want a million for a bunch of white lies to your <a href="">cheapest pandora jewellery</a> facial features stunning fire in the past, you fall in a pool of blood, body riddled with bullet-studded Cupid ... ... I always want to be your phone However, after the dial do not know pandora wholesale what to say, the original dial is the heart strings of love, not to play music, just to hear your voice!
Particularly bleak autumn night, really want to open <a href="">genuine pandora jewelry</a> my wings and fly to your side, will hold you in my arms, flying in the sky with you.Since then I have you a world of more, pandora jewellery wholesale sometimes sunny and sometimes rain, cloudy day, I will tell you, I love you more than the beauty of the rainbow ... ...Life can be dull, like the blue water pandora uk under the blue sky, life can be poetry, singing in the way of the Pentium in!Experienced in many things in a hurry, pandora <a href="">pandora jewelry review</a> hearts the vicissitudes of the heart not the number of wiping the memory of the future will tell you real more real, so that once the story of wind Humilis cloud, light it! And <a href="">pandora beads 2010</a> you met a dull day, do not remember what color the tree days, whether gentle wind brushed my face from you, just remember that you double-Mu deep eventuality, not exploration, not for a long time pandora gold resident.I do not want to love you but not myself with <a href="">pandora beads discount</a> pandora jewellery uk you going and who knows but also in unconsciously to give you a heart ... ...Once we spend together Legends of the Fall, we now although far apart, but will not weaken my deep thoughts for you, I hope all is well over there pandora beadsoff!
Are met parting edge, if you are destined <a href="">pandora beads sale</a> to my previous life's edge, you stood in dim light, waiting for me when I look back to that moment of chance coincidence!


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