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If this is your way to go...

First heard you to the end of August the album news
Just shrugged off the ridicule
Will <a href="">gap careers</a> you 2 years the album frequency
Give you such a short time
How could you surrender album?

The first time I saw you propaganda video
Rowdy defiant you, a face of rascal samples
Say: "don't worry, I do."
Heart knock
Not because <a href="">gap tours</a> that zhang "seclusion" later become steamed stuffed bun face
But because the "comet
This want to walk yourself's road of "comet...

First heard different melodies, different voice
Different of you
Don't know <a href="">the gap store</a> why
Former plays up the moment very want to cry
This piece of only a few months to making albums
This picture was all suspected rock and roll style
This piece of many people are watching it touches or goofy album
But the main melody in heard that moment
Instantly understand what you said
"Never mind, <a href="">gap application</a> I would"...

"The comet is a kind of existence?
The so-called looks beautiful beautiful young?
The so-called "love song" prince?
The so-called sales assurance, solo singer inside leader?
These are "comet
That is known as <a href="">gap blouse</a> the "comet
Gentle gentleman, gentle polite...
But it never seems to you know...

When the first sound question "why" comet will sing rock? Clearly is Ballad singers"
You just smiled and said, "don't want to follow the fashion, I just want to do your own music"
When someone worry sing rock "comet will not be accepted
You just said <a href="">gap men coat</a> there
"Even for this shift causes the sales volume to defeat, I also don't worry no getting out next album"
Looked at such you
Finally understand that call "" comet" you
Self-confidence clinging, adhere to the "music comet
You... Never change...
You are not no pressure, aren't you won't worry
You are not <a href="">gap blouse</a> willful suit, you not monopoly
You just want others to see the real you
Remove luxuriant appearance, get rid of your coat
A really long for music, insist on the music of you...

Proud as you, <a href="">gap</a> how can you accept others put you forever of music positioning?
Self-confidence if you, how can someone else's eyes for determination is your approval?
Persistent as you, how can give up at this the music has been full of twists and turns on the way to pursue?
Always is the hope to become "national singer" you
That said hope their singing was remember you
That say "I still like singing..." you

Looking at you <a href="">gap card</a> slowly stood up
Eyes at a distance
Screen flashing that sentence
Live and < Live
If this is your way to go
If this is your pursuit
Please rest assured go forward
Not give you protect
Not give you guard
What you <a href="">gap outlet store</a> need is never comfortable environment
But in this way of thorns support
Support your dreams, and your persistence
It is because we hope in the Angle between the slightly
So we can that directly support you want to walk
Please rest assured of self once
Tell the world
Is your <a href="">gap shirts us</a> "comet going that way
A don't care about others, if you are willing to way...