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A Forbidden Love - New Story :)

Ok this is my first time writing a story so bare with me. The post might be a little slow because I got school but I'll definitely try my best to post everyday :D With that being said LET THE STORY BEGIN!!! :D

A Forbidden Love - A Ja'nice and Chris story

Well...I'm not the typical "pretty girl". I mean I'm rich, have nice things, a nice car, nice Coca-Cola body, and everything a girl wants. What can I say - daddy spoils me. But I don't like doing the "pretty girl" thing. It's just a waste of time. I'm part of the nerdy bunch at school. Yeah....the one they throw into the garbage for fun. <strong>THEY EVEN BROKE MY GLASSES.</strong> Like who hits a person with glasses?? Not cool. -_-
I mean…I could look as pretty as those other girls if I wanted to but, I rather people love me for me and not what I may or may not have. I'm in love with this boy named Christopher - Chris for short. He doesn't notice me though. Sigh. Plus he's going out with the hoe named Rebecca or should I say Becky? (lol) Oh! Where's my manners? My name is Ja'nice (pronounced jah-niece) and if you don't like or like my might just LOVE my life story (emphasize on the love) =]


Chris' Point of View
“Chris, how do you think mommy would feel about this?”
s***! I didn't even think about what mom will say. I wonder if mom even remembers her.
“Don’t worry. I’ll sort this out.”
“Would you go out with her? I mean she’s really nice, I’m sure mom would like her I mean she’s better than that Becky girl.”
“Woah! What gave you the idea that I’d date her? I mean she’s not even my type”
I saw my sister smirk at my lie.
“Yeah and Becky is TOOOOTALLY your type.”
“You don’t know anything.”
“You don’t know yourself. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so!”
“Where is she going to sleep?”
“I don’t know…”
“OOOOO! She can sleep with me!!! I have the perfect pl-“
“I think not. Ha!”
“Mhmmm ok. ‘Not my type’ Pshhh”

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i like it RUN IT!!!



ili!!! GENIUS!!!! I should put trey back in....mwuahahahahahaha prepare to be shocked :o
I might run tomorrow =}
RUN THIS STORY UP!!! Please :) && tell friends to read :)
wootie woot! lol

O s***TTT keri is her sister!!!!...well not really well yea huh because technically her dad adopted her so legally that is her father

mannn the truth just need to hurry up and come out man dang lmao

ummm what ever happened to trey? maybe you can put him in some how..
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I'm having some writer's block so ummm comments, thoughts, suggestions would be nice :) I wanna throw some my readers's ideas in it :) <3

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I love this story...glad you started running it again
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no more runs =(

np im glad dat u like it. omg i love this. so her dad is abusing her? n dont stop there plz finish i wanna know wats gon happen between ja'nice n chris while shes at his house hheheheh

That's good. I love your out look on this<3

Keri’s Point of View
I looked in the mirror to see the bruises on my face and cried. This can’t be discipline…this has to be abuse.
“FRIENDS! How many of us have them? Friends!”
“Hello?” I said scared nearly half to death.
“Hello,” I heard into the receiver.
“heyy girl – wh-wait. Are you crying?”
“Na girl,” I said through a sniffle.
“What’s wrong?”
“Nothing grah! I’m ok” I said trying to smile.
“You sure?”
“Ok. I doubt this would be the right time to ask for a favor.”
“No, no go ahead.”
“Oh no it’s not biggie”
“You sure?”
“Ye-“ I heard the door opening
“Let me talk to you later”
“Yea talk to you later”
“iight bye” and like that I hung up.
“Were you on the phone?” said a deep devilish voice that I knew to well.
“ mean yea…it was Ja’nice”
“I DON’T –“
“Honey don’t yell. The neighbors might call the police”
That b**ch of thing that I call my mother. I HATE HER! With every passion in my soul. And the man is my father. I hate him to. But I feel like an outcast of my family. They treat my sisters wayyy different. Shanae and Amie. We all look different. Only Amie looks like our father. Shanae and I look like the b****.
“You’re right Mya. [then he turns to me] Look. I don’t want you to talk to the girl EVER aga-“
Then I felt a burn on my face and tears slipped from my grasp and fell down my cheek.
“LOOK HERE YOU LITTLE b****! [then he grabbed me by my shirt] You’re going to do as I say with no questions asked do you hear me?
I stayed silent. I refuse to let him win.
“[slaps me again] DO YOU HERE ME?!”
I cried and nodded my head as he threw me to the ground.
“Now clean yourself up and get pretty. You want to get grown, I’ll give you grown,” he said as he winked at me.
I want to throw up. I felt so sick. I sat in a corner and cried my eyes out till I couldn’t cry any more.
“Don’t worry Keri. You’ll be 18 soon,” I tried telling myself. It’s time for me to get out of this hell hole. God…what did I do to deserve this?
Familiar people? What the hell? Run it!!!!
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lol i wanna find out who is abusin keri? n omg i need this. come on ppl post alreadi so she can write ill write a big comment chris and becky need to break up she is mean anyway he deserves better wen i say that i mean ja'nice. ja'nice was known as the ugly creepy geeky girl. but i think if she gets wit chris she wont n he'll probably tell her to show her sexy side more. i also think that once koby finds out dat dats his real sis he will get mad n still treat her lik dirt. n also b disgusted bcuz a few days ago he was tryna holla at her. but if her n chris end up togehta i dnt think he will b mad cuz dats his boy

I need 3 more people to run it or a big comment
&& I'll post :)

yay hurry lol RUN IT!!!

I'm about to post!
RUN IT!! :)

Uh oh! Smh that has bad idea written all over it! Awe who abusing Keri!?


awww yay<3 :D
I'll shall update later tonight cause right now I'm babysitting ={
But run it<3
I love you my faithful readers :D

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omg i love this story n wtf keri is gettn abused. i hope chris dumps becky n goes wit ja'nice n i thnk they gon hav sex while she there. RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ITTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!plz

RUN IT!!!!
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Chris' Point of View
Her answer answered all my questions. The face I see, I’ve been seeing, and that I saw were the ones of my best friend. The one who treats her the worst and the only one whose father recently told his mom about having an affair and a female child out there somewhere. The one who sworn up and down he’ll kill one of us if he found her and WE started flirting with her. The only one that would make this situation complicated…and it’s the one dating her BEST FRIEND…His name was Koby…

-end of recap-

Ja’nice Point of View
“What do you mean you know who my father is?”
“Everything will come together in due time but, it’s starting to get dark we need to get you back home.”
I stood there in silence. I refused to go back to a home that wasn’t mine even if it did welcome me with open loving arms.
“I can’t go back there…” I said merely above a whisper.
“Why not? So you telling me he kicked to out?! That son of a–”
“No. I just can’t be around him.”
“ you have a place to stay?”
Now that I think of it…where was I going to stay? I have no mother. I don’t know the family on my mother side and I doubt that they live anywhere near here let alone this city or state. I can’t go to my aunt’s…well “aunt” house…For a smart girl I’m dumb as hell. How am I supposed to run away with nowhere to go? No food to eat? No clothes to wear…*gasp*
“What about Keri’s house?” His voice broke me out of my trance.
Keri? Good idea.
“I’ll call her,” I said with a small smile.
So I called her.
“Hello….heyy girl – wh-wait. Are you crying?...What’s wrong?.....You sure?....Ok. I doubt this would be the right time to ask for a favor….oh no it’s no biggie….Yea talk to you later….iight one.”
“What did she say?”
I smirked. How slow is he?
“Well it’s not a good time for her to invite me to a sleepover”
“Oh…well is there anywhere else?”
“Not really…”
“Well you can always stay here”
Stay here? With Chris? Oh my…NOT WITH THESE HORMONES!!! Or should I say whore-moans…Uhhh I’ll make up a lie to get away.
“Uhhh I think I know a place I’ll just walk there”
“You’re not going to call first to se –“
“[talking fast] Oh no. I’m sure it’s fine”
Chris' Point of View
“You’re not going to call first to se–“
“Oh no. I’m sure it’s fine”
She started talking real fast and tried to even get out of my place even faster.
“I’ll walk you,” I softly shouted.
She froze in her tracks and looked at me…just stared…burning holes through my soul…
Ja’nice Point of View
I looked at him. I couldn’t let him follow me to the bridge. Yes. I had planned to live under a bridge.
“Listen. I know you have no other place to stay. Just stay with me. I won’t hurt you.”
His gentle smile comforted me. I nodded. His sister came down and said
“She’s staying?! YES!!!!!!”
“Get yo behind back in that room and stop listenin’ to grown folk bidness!”
I giggled at his country self and smiled that I have a new temporary home…wait what will his mother say???
Keri’s Point of View
I looked in the mirror to see the bruises on my face and cried. This can’t be discipline…this has to be abuse.

OMG!!!! My story has died!!! Time to revive it <3
New post coming in 5-4-3-2....


im sitting at my computer like nooo it cant be over
love it love it loveeeeee itttt

*New Reader* You're story is cool AF.. Run it..

New Reader!!!
All i can say is your story goes HARD!!
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whoaa that caught me off gaurd did not see that coming at all!!